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2 Million LinkedIn Groups

There have been more than 2 million Groups created around almost every topic imaginable -- from entrepreneurship, philanthropy and careers to social and digital marketing. These communities have become places where our members are exchanging and sharing their experiences, business knowledge, interests and ideas with other like-minded professionals daily. Learn more:

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2 Million LinkedIn Groups

  1. 1. 7 Groups On average, members join 7 Groups- whether it's for professional growth or to learn more about a passion, LinkedIn Groups deliver. 8,000 Groups CAN LINKEDIN GROUPS WHAT GROUPS CANDO FOR YOU did you did you knowknow 4 times that people who post or engage in Group dicussions get an average of 4 times as many profile views? More than 8,000 Groupsare created every week – and it's easy to start one! 200conversations There are more than 200conversations happening each minute 2 million Professional discussions have been core to the LinkedIn experience. There have been more than 2 millionGroups created on LinkedIn for professionals to share and exchange information.