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Meet The Containers


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Meet the Containers presentation from Google I/O

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Meet The Containers

  1. 1. Meet the Containers Google I/O May 28, 2008
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction - Patrick Chanezon 2. Current Containers: hi5 - Paul Lindner iGoogle - Kevin Tom imeem - Sachin Rekhi MySpace - Max Newbould Orkut - Manu Rekhi 3. Upcoming containers: A surprise....well, maybe not anymore.. :) LinkedIn - Brandon Duncan Netlog - Pieter De Schepper Ning - Jay Parikh Yahoo! - Xavier Legros Friend Connect - Kevin Marks 4. Q&A
  3. 3. OpenSocial overview 74 days old 275,000,000 users 66,000,000 installs 2,000+ apps 20,000 developers 10,000,000 daily app users
  4. 4. hi5 #1 social network in 26 countries: Latin America & Caribbean Africa Europe Mexico Cote d'Ivoire Portugal Venezuela Peru Ghana Romania Costa Rica Nicaragua Tunisia Greece Honduras Dominican Republic Cyprus Ecuador Cuba Asia Malta El Salvador Jamaica Thailand Albania Guatemala Barbados Mongolia Macedonia Luxembourg 80M+ registered members 40M WW monthly uniques
  5. 5. hi5 — Truly Global Social Network hi5 Traffic Across the Globe 25 15 % % 20 10 % % 30 %
  6. 6. hi5 User Demographics
  7. 7. Platform Results Production launch March 31st Full launch to 100% of users one week later 65 applications at launch 647 today in 21 categories Averaging > 1 million new installs each day 10 apps with > 1 million installs, 8 more with > 500k installs Top apps getting > 1 million daily canvas views Over 6m daily canvas views 53% of active users have at least one application installed Active users average ~3 apps on every profile, with as many as 23
  8. 8. Production Shindig Stats Currently 42 API/Shindig servers Over 30 billion requests in the last 30 days Servers processing on average 200 req/s, 4-500 possible Overall Traffic peak > 10k req/s Significant efforts invested in making shindig work well with caching in the browser and on Akamai. Learnings contributed back to Community
  9. 9. Coming Soon! Volunteer Translation system for and OpenSocial Apps. Beta version of 0.8 today Allow devs to test with production/beta gadget server Extending REST API Messaging, More... OpenID Provider OAuth FriendConnect
  10. 10. iGoogle Google's Personalized Homepage Each page is as unique as the person who creates it Private page focused on content The original home of gadgets iGoogle Users Tens of millions worldwide One of Google's fastest growing products the past two years 50% in the US and 50% outside Supported Languages and Countries
  11. 11. iGoogle
  12. 12. iGoogle Ads Any provider, only in the canvas view Soliciting feedback from users Updates 5 per user per day Test with the sandbox developer tools Notifications (requestSendMessage) 10 per user per day Coming to the sandbox
  13. 13. iGoogle Sandbox Progress and Roadmap 4/21: Sandbox launched 5/19: UI improvements pushed to sandbox Coming soon: Updates to the Themes API As available: OpenSocial API updates Consumer Release Plan June: Canvas view and updated UI Later this summer: OpenSocial, Updates, Notifications More details as we approach releases
  14. 14. iGoogle Sign-up for the Sandbox Stay up-to-date Feedback and Discussion Chat on IRC
  15. 15. imeem imeem is the leading social network where users can discover, interact and express themselves with media, including music, video and photos. Audience • Third largest social network in the US (comScore, Quantcast) • 24 million unique users each month to Personal Expression through Music and Media • Upload unlimited amounts of music, video and photos to customizable user profiles • Free on-demand and interactive streaming • Create custom playlists (music, video and photo) • Connect with fans with similar media tastes • Embeddable playlist widgets for any third party site (Facebook, Friendster)
  16. 16. imeem Media Platform
  17. 17. imeem Media Platform
  18. 18. imeem Media Platform Developer Home Developer Documentation Developer Forums Developer Blog
  19. 19. MySpace Overview OpenSocial on MySpace – now 7 months old, soft-launched back in February Supporting REST APIs – over a year old #1 social network in the US (source: Nielsen) 110+ million active users 12% of all Internet minutes are spent on MySpace (source: business week) Not just the 14-25 market, 45% of users are over 35, 40% of all mothers in US have profiles (source: business week, 5/21/2008) Twice the size of nearest competitor (source: Media Metrix / comScore) MDP supports 24 languages currently
  20. 20. MySpace Platform Status Currently moving towards OpenSocial 0.8 Application Communication Channel debuting soon – Invites, Notifications, Custom Activities and more! requestShareApp Activities Encouraging a shift in apps, from fun and whimsical to useful and valuable – lengthen application usage life span and increase user engagement Major focus on scaling and performance Release notes with each build Increasing transparency into forthcoming features What’s coming? Remote container package to run apps on remote domains with full functionality Client libraries (AS3, .Net) OpenSource Add-Ons UI Widgets - FriendPickers JS Libs - Commonly used OS/MySpace bits
  21. 21. MySpace High Level Stats (as of 5/23/08) 14,425,894 application installs 1400 applications created 10,289 average installs for an application 57,804 approved developer accounts Too many caffeinated drinks to count
  22. 22. MySpace Fostering the Ecosystem All groups in MySpace Developer Platform actively monitoring channels Developer Site and Forums – IRC – #myspacedev Email – Twitter – MySpaceDevTeam DevJams – Range in length from 2-8 hours, devs bring their laptops and get first hand instruction and help from MDP team members Recent DevJams – Mexico City, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Berlin, Seattle, Stockholm, San Francisco Upcoming DevJams - UK, Italy, France, Russia Free Application Press Releases Apply at Editorial Picks in Featured Apps
  23. 23. MySpace Policy and Guidelines Finely tuning application guidelines and terms of service to best fit our user’s experience (most recent changes were personally done by Tom!) That’s right - We don’t allow 'incentivizing' viral methods Viral methods require user action and are modally blocking (1 per action only) Manual review process in full effect to catch contextual and obfuscated violations (CSRF, Adult/Offensive Material) 100% monetization of canvas view goes to developer
  24. 24. MySpace OpenSocial Extensions - MyOpenSpace Videos Photos Photo Albums Blog Comments Profile Bulletins Indicators (new messages, notifications, invites, etc) Mood Status Friendship More to come!
  25. 25. Orkut: Stats 11th largest website in the world (source: Alexa) >60M active users (source: Comscore) Significant presence globally. Dominant in Brazil and India OpenSocial Stats: OpenSocial available to ~50% of users Directory contains 120+ applications Millions of apps installed
  26. 26. Orkut: OS Timeline To Date.... November - Sandbox launched December - v0.6 January - v0.7 March - Limited release April thru May - Launch to ~50% of all orkut users Coming soon..... June - Complete rollout to all users Q3- Release support for v0.8
  27. 27. Orkut: OpenSource Foundations Shindig Gadget rendering service Tens of millions requests per day for Orkut Active community Home of the reference implementations In the works.... Harmonized RESTful API & OpenSocial JS OAuth services for gadgets Better security through Caja We do minimal customization Quickly replacing lots of custom code
  28. 28. Orkut - Developer communication Reference ( Blog ( Forum ( Recommendations Latency - Less than 5 seconds on the canvas and less than 2 seconds on the profile Security - Use signed makeRequest calls and escape all info entered by the user (including profile fields!) Respect the user - No auto-play, auto-activities, or sharing information
  29. 29. And now the secret is out.....
  30. 30. LinkedIn is the leading network for experienced professionals >22 million members Fastest growing social network: 361% YOY (source Nielsen) 9 million unique users visit each month (source Nielsen) Representation at the Executive-level from all Fortune 500 companies Average household income $140,000 (source NY Times)
  31. 31. Our Philosophy LinkedIn serves a community of professionals Our members want productivity apps, tools to assist in their professional lives This leads us down a different path than other containers Leverage our proven monetization model to provide a compelling business opportunity for developers
  32. 32. LinkedIn OpenSocial Platform Built on Shindig (currently spec level 0.7) Leveraging existing LinkedIn RESTful APIs Support RESTful server-to-server calls Sandbox available for partners Q2 Public launch Q3 Several key launch partners have committed to date
  33. 33. Partners Currently selecting partners Criteria: productivity apps, extend professional profile, targeted verticals, etc. We will open up over time as we build experience and support infrastructure Interested developers may contact us now:
  34. 34. What is Provided Home, Profile, and Canvas views Access to User Profile & Connection data Access to 1-1 messaging Post to Network Updates feed LinkedIn Extensions: Expose degree distance in Person object Expose number of connections in Person object
  35. 35. THE NETLOG USERBASE More than 35,000,000 members More than 35,000,000 unique monthly visitors More than 4,000,000,000 pageviews/month Alexa Top-100 / ComScore Europe Top-10 ranking More than 20 languages More than 20 countries Market leader or challenger in most European countries
  36. 36. Our philosophy? USER IS KING
  37. 37. Our goal? QUALITY APPS
  38. 38. OUR GUIDELINES We’ll whitelist apps, because ... we dislike autoplay (in profile view) no ads on “profile” view no spam apps Localisation & translation We can help you!
  39. 39. APPLICATION ECOSYSTEM App integrates with the user through blog, photos & videos (developer powered) to eg. inform about upcoming releases Direct communication with app-users improve usage and poll dedicated users
  40. 40. CREDITS ECONOMY Your app can charge credits per install / certain actions / timeframe Payout of 65% of net revenue of your app’s credits Based on credits exchange rate One of the features of the Netlog OpenSocial extension
  41. 41. ROADMAP Now: OpenSocial Sandbox public June 5th: Deadline first applications June 9th: Soft launch on English distribution June 23rd: Full launch on English distribution Shortly after: other distributions
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Ning Ning is a mainstream Internet service for creating your own social network for anything.
  44. 44. OpenSocial on Ning Gadgets can run on 285,000+ social networks that reach over 27M uniques per month Members can add Gadgets to their profile pages and – uniquely – the social networks Gadgets can take advantage of Ning’s viral features to quickly spread across both users and networks
  45. 45. OpenSocial Status on Ning Live in production with OpenSocial 0.5 since Nov 2nd 0.7 support expected in late-June Look for announcement details on http://blog.ning. com
  46. 46. “My Page” Gadgets help members express themselves with more personalization and customization Gadgets can be added to Profile Pages, just like any other Ning feature
  47. 47. Canvas The Canvas View provides Gadgets with a full page view within the network This additional space lets the Gadget expose more functionality and content to members
  48. 48. Yahoo! Yahoo! Open Strategy & Open Social
  49. 49. Why Yahoo! 600M UU 10B relationships 180B page views #1 in 7 verticals
  50. 50. Yahoo! Open Strategy Yahoo! Social Technologies Yahoo! Application Platform
  51. 51. Yahoo! Social Technologies Social Directory: User data + connections Updates Presence
  52. 52. Yahoo! Social Technologies Social Directory Updates Presence
  53. 53. Yahoo! Application Platform
  54. 54. Yahoo! Application Platform App = bundle of views Small view and Full page view Search Monkey available now OpenSocial in full page view Working on 0.7 spec Development choices
  55. 55. Yahoo! Application Platform Development choices: Developer hosted Yahoo! hosted SimplePHP HTML + JS + YML
  56. 56. Yahoo! Application platform
  57. 57. Yahoo! Application platform
  58. 58. Yahoo! Application platform
  59. 59. Yahoo! Open Strategy Open for Innovation Developers Welcome
  60. 60. Google Friend Connect
  61. 61. Google Friend Connect Users ... more ways to do more things with my friends Site owners ... more (and more engaged) traffic for my site App developers ... more reach for my apps sign up for the preview release
  62. 62.
  63. 63.
  64. 64. my blog
  65. 65. Q&A