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A Journey from Reactive to Proactive: Building an Integrated Recruitment Strategy | Talent Connect 2013

To successfully move a recruiting organization from reactive to proactive, talent acquisition leaders need certain qualities: fearlessness, strategic mindset, determination, crack influencing skills, and more. Air New Zealand and Kellogg share how they moved the needle building integrated recruitment strategies and employment branding that drives results.

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A Journey from Reactive to Proactive: Building an Integrated Recruitment Strategy | Talent Connect 2013

  1. 1. A Journey from Reactive to Proactive: Building an Integrated Recruitment Strategy Angela Farrelly Strategic Sourcing Leader Air New Zealand @AngelaFarrelly Sheila Delargy Senior Director, Global Recruiting Kellogg’s @SheilaDelargy
  2. 2. Right Here Right Now #intalent
  3. 3. Dramatically changed landscape #intalent
  4. 4. #intalent
  5. 5. #intalent
  6. 6. #intalent
  7. 7. Online and all the time #intalent
  8. 8. #intalent
  9. 9. Accessibility of talent #intalent
  10. 10. Sourcing candidates has changed #intalent
  11. 11. #intalent
  12. 12. #intalent
  13. 13. #intalent
  14. 14. #intalent
  15. 15. Best candidate or the best applicant? #intalent
  16. 16. Talent engagement strategy #intalent
  17. 17. What we learned the hard way Research Business Strategy = Talent Strategy Collaboration Budget Agile Technology #intalent
  18. 18. The seven deadly sins #intalent
  19. 19. #intalent
  20. 20. The future  Mobile  Gamification  Industry Changers  Augmented Reality – Google Glass  The Cloud & Big Data #intalent
  21. 21. Scene from a shopping mall #intalent
  22. 22. Key takeaways #intalent
  23. 23. Kellogg’s
  24. 24. #intalent
  25. 25. The Kellogg Company Our Vision To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter Our Purpose Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive
  26. 26. Reactive to Proactive! YESTERDAY • • • • Limited global consistency Reactive recruiting High costs to the business Talent Gaps TOMORROW • • • • Global consistency Proactive recruiting Growing our internal talent Winning the “war for talent” #intalent
  27. 27. Need new photo as this was taken from Google #intalent
  28. 28. And the World Had Changed Too… • Escalating War for Talent • Competitor innovation in talent acquisition was raising the bar • Changes in employee demographics meant skills shortages and increased competition • Social Media in recruiting is a game changer
  29. 29. Changes: Next Exit #intalent
  30. 30. New Recruiting Strategy Grow & Develop More Talent From Within Recruit the Best Position Kellogg as a Global Employer of Choice Improve the Time & Cost to Hire #intalent
  31. 31. Our New Global Employer Brand GROW WITH US #intalent
  32. 32. 47 Different Global Sites
  33. 33. Presenting A Unified Face to the World
  34. 34. Launching A Global Assessment “Whatever success I have had in business has been a result of my good fortune in selecting employees who could do their jobs better than I could have done them myself.”
  35. 35. Proactive Talent Attraction & Sourcing Picture of talent , and or social media
  36. 36. New Global System & Process
  37. 37. Helping Recruiters to Succeed
  38. 38. Recruiting Scorecard 2013 Target Greater than 85% of managers agree "I am pleased with the quality of my new hire" Recruit the Best Retention of new hires = 95% in 3 Months; 90% in 12 Months (Salaried) Grow & Develop our Internal Talent # of Internal Promotions & External Hires are equal (excluding interns) # of Diverse Applications & Hires (Female, Ethnic Background, Veterans) Position Kellogg as an Employer of Choice Increasing # of Unique Career Site Visitors & Social Media Followers Greater than 85% Offer Acceptance Rate Greater than 85% satisfaction rate " I am satisfied with the Kellogg Recruiting Process" Q2
  39. 39. Lessons Learned… Don’t underestimate the Change Management!
  40. 40. Managing The Change 1. Bring the Future to Life 2. Inspire Deep Commitment 3. Show the Value 4. Build Plans to Sustain Changes
  41. 41. Gr-r-reat Results Global Reach Significant Reductions in Cost to Hire Big Data Insights Happy Managers, New Hires & Candidates !