Basic Recruitment Process


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Recruitment is key function of HR. It is bridge between job seeker & employer. Today, technology plays big role into the recruitment. This presentation is describes about basic process of Recruitment, Types of Recruitment, Recruitment methods , job consultant cycle in Recruitment & factors affecting recruitment.

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Basic Recruitment Process

  1. 1. Recruitment & Selection
  2. 2. Sun Solutions Agenda Meaning of Recruitment Why we should Know it ? Recruitment Strategy Methods of Recruitment Recruitment Process Factors -Affecting Recruitment Recruitment As a Career
  3. 3. Sun Solutions Meaning of Recruitment
  4. 4. Sun Solutions Meaning of Recruitment The activity that links the employers and the job seekers. A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. Recruitmentisacontinuousprocesswherebythefirmattemptstodevelopapoolofqualifiedapplicantsforthefuturehumanresourcesneedseventhoughspecificvacanciesdonotexist. It is the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the requirement
  5. 5. Sun Solutions Why we Should Know it ?
  6. 6. Sun Solutions Why we Should Know it ? •To Update CV •To be best prepared •To choose best •To get a response •To know skills & Experience requirements
  7. 7. Sun Solutions Recruitment Strategy
  8. 8. Sun Solutions Recruitment Strategy •You must determine your firm's business goals and then what recruiting can do to contribute to each of objectives. •Some Common Reasons for new hiring…. –Replacements for turnover –Current or future business expansion –Upsizing the caliber of talent because top talent has become available –Limiting the talent available in the market in order to hurt a competitor's ability to staff adequately –Learning from other firms –Increasing the capability of your firm by adding new skill sets
  9. 9. Sun Solutions Recruitment Types •PLANNEDi.e. the needs arising from changes in organization and retirement policy. •ANTICIPATEDAnticipated needs are those movements in personnel, which an organization can predict by studying trends in internal and external environment. •UNEXPECTEDResignation, deaths, accidents, illness give rise to unexpected needs.
  10. 10. Sun Solutions Methods of Recruitment
  11. 11. Sun Solutions Methods of Recruitment •Recruitment by Campus method •Recruitment by Job Centers •Head hunting •Recruitment by Advertisements •Database search on job sites •Employee Referral •Contract Staffing •Free online ads •Internal recruitment
  12. 12. Sun Solutions Recruitment & Selection Process
  13. 13. Sun Solutions An effective recruiting process must include enough variation and personalization to meet the unique needs of diverse individuals from around the world. Also focus on soft skills and not only on expertise, experience, and education
  14. 14. Sun Solutions Recruitment and Selection Process Requirement Job AnalysisJob DescriptionPerson Specification RecruitSelectInduct
  15. 15. Sun Solutions Recruitment Agency Process
  16. 16. Sun Solutions Factors -Affecting Recruitment
  17. 17. Sun Solutions Factors -affecting Recruitment Recruitment External Factors •Supply and Demand •Labor Market •Brand Image •Political –Social –Legal Environment •CompetitorsInternal Factors •Recruitment Policy •HR Planning •Size of the Firm •Cost •Growth and Expansion
  18. 18. Sun Solutions Recruitment as a Career
  19. 19. Sun Solutions Recruitment as a Career •Update –The HR professionals are expected and required to keep in tune with the changing times •Thanks but not thanks –Recruitment is considered to be a thankless job. Even if the organization is achieving results, HR department or professionals are not thanked for recruiting the right employees and performers.
  20. 20. Sun Solutions Recruitment as a Career •Process analysis –Speed of recruitment –Cost –The process should be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the immediate requirements. •Strategic prioritization –The emerging new systems are both an opportunity as well as a challenge for the HR professionals. –Therefore, reviewing staffing needs and prioritizing the tasks to meet the changes in the market has become a challenge for the recruitment professionals.
  21. 21. Sun Solutions Recruitment as a Career •As a Marketing •As a Finance •As a HR
  22. 22. Sun Solutions Question & Answer
  23. 23. Sun Solutions Best Of You… Presented By Sanjay Parmar E mail : | Skype :