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10 Keys to Success for Pipelining and Proactive Recruitment in EMEA | Talent Connect London 2013


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Amp up your recruiting success and become proactive in your recruiting efforts. Click through to learn how to integrate pipelining into your daily routine from LinkedIn and Luxottica.

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10 Keys to Success for Pipelining and Proactive Recruitment in EMEA | Talent Connect London 2013

  1. 1. 10 Keys to Success for Pipelining and Proactive Recruitment Jerrold Pelupessy Wesley Hendriks Leonardo Intriago
  2. 2. Agenda 10 Keys to Success for Pipelining and Proactive Recruitment Set your self up for succes. Lay the foundation. Build a solid pipeline process Don’t forget to find new leads and build a long term relationship Luxottica sharing pipeline Best Practice Q&A
  3. 3. Set your self up for success
  4. 4. Research shows that TA leaders are saying that pipelining talent is in their top 5 priority list What is at the top of your peers’ list for 2013? 2013 Top 5 Priorities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Recruiting/sourcing highly-skilled talent Improving quality of hire Employer brand Pipeline talent Improving sourcing techniques Priority is #1 44% 30% 25% 25% 18% Germany India Nordics SE Asia Australia “Think about your talent acquisition organization's top priorities for 2013. Which of the following choices would you consider to be the most important and least important areas of interest for your organization?”
  5. 5. Know where your organisation is.. Strategic Foundational Established metrics and benchmarks Data driven decision making Post-and-pray Jobs on niche boards and social platforms Targeted engagement to attract highly qualified candidates Talent segmentation and prioritization Reactive, over-reliant on agencies Build internal capabilities to focus on passive talent Talent Acquisition siloed from HR Engage HR counterparts and Hiring Managers Engage with strong pipeline of leads and ‘silver medalists’ Strong collaboration with Marketing, PR, Communications Talent Acquisition Team Skills and Capabilities Team-wide pipelining with engaged talent communities Strategic business advisor to C-Suite Sourcing Influential talent brand engaging employees and candidates Jobs Defined employer brand strategy Brand Understanding of employee value proposition Partnership Traditional Brand Developing
  6. 6. ..and why you should go there Strategic Foundational Developing Traditional t Reactive: High cost Labor-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process Strategic: Low cost Efficient Quality of hire focus Proactive pipeline-based process
  7. 7. For what kind of roles can you recruit/pipeline for? Succession planning gaps New Projects High Attrition Roles Hard to fill roles Internal Mobility Campus Recruitment
  8. 8. How to build a solid pipelining process
  9. 9. Projects, Tags, Sources & Status Projects   Create uniformity. Use naming conventions: Jobtitle – Country – City – Recruiter Initials Financial Controller – UK – London - JP    Tags are used to easily identify skillsets of candidates Have the recruiters create tags No more than five per role Status Sources Tags   Keep track of the source of every candidate Use existing sources    Shows you where the candidate is in your Pipeline This determines the overall workflow of your team. Take your time to determine all the steps in the process before you implement
  10. 10. Reduction in Time to Hire Three facets for an efficient pipeline workflow Prospecting    Search Refine Organise Developing    Reach Interest Close    Build Interest Close Sourcing
  11. 11. Create a clear and open process Direct Sourcing Sourcing within the database Short-list Add Project Folder Linkedin Database CV Management Tool Call/InMail  Define all the steps in the pipeline process. From Search to closing the candidate  Get involvement from your team. Ask them to help determine the correct flow in Recruiter  Communicate not only with your team, but also with the business and clearly explain their role in the process
  12. 12. Also don’t forget pipelining during events with LinkedIn Checkin
  13. 13. Manage the relationship with your candidate Candidate Relationship Management
  14. 14. “Continuously and systematically build relations with potential employees, current employees and alumni with the goal of identifying and creating mutual opportunities”
  15. 15. Track leads and keep in contact  Hunt per job opening  Select per job opening     Build a clear proposition Build relationships Use own employees as ambassadors Share knowledge and opportunities
  16. 16. Different types of candidates require different rules of engagement Interested Hot leads (followers, subscriptions) Applicants, silver medalist, E mployees, A lumni Low level of engagement. Contact via newsletters and social media updates. Medium level of engagement. Contact via newsletters, social media updates and Inmails. High level of engagement. Keep contacts warm, by not only using Newsletters and social media but by reaching out personally.
  17. 17. Few months later
  18. 18. 3 So what are the 10 keys to Success for Pipelining and Proactive Recruitment?
  19. 19. Three Keys to Success for Pipelining and Proactive Recruitment  Set yourself up for success. Lay the foundation.  Build a solid pipeline process  Don’t forget to find new leads and build a long term relationship
  20. 20. Best Practices from Leonardo Intriago Recruitment Product Consultant Antonio Fornaroli HR Director Luxottica Corporate & Retail Sun & Luxury
  21. 21. 1 >75MN Group Over 50 years of excellence: Key figures >45 Brands Manufactured Frames 70.000 >8MN >60MN People OneSight Patients Costumers 5 >7.000 130 Creative Hubs Stores Countries
  22. 22. Luxottica’s people at glance 20,000+ 4 new colleagues in the last 6 years Generations working together 75% 35 Full engaged Employees* Spoken languages
  23. 23. Our characteristics IMAGINATIVE ENTREPRENEURIAL We continuously look ahead and think of new ways to serve and inspire our customers and each other. Innovation, quality and creativity are the foundation of our success and the way we work. We are pioneers of change. We see opportunities that others don’t and understand the value of taking risks so that we continue to be the innovators of our industry. Respect, accountability and transparency model the way we lead. PASSIONATE SIMPLE AND FAST We love what we do and we care about our people. We do believe our work makes a difference to everyone’s lives wherever they are. That’s what inspires us to constantly improve ourselves and our work, by engaging the hearts and minds of others. We see the essence and focus on priorities that matter most. We strive for simplicity and value being straightforward, uncomplicated and accessible so that we can quickly drive change to deliver results and quality.
  24. 24. The best Brand Portfolio in the Industry House brands License brands
  25. 25. Manufacturing… where we are Agordo (BL) Foothill Ranch Sedico (BL) Lauriano (TO) Cencenighe (BL) Pederobba (TV) Rovereto (TN) Campinas 50% of the production is Made in Italy Bhiwadi Dongguan
  26. 26. Retail network: Global leader in Optical and Sun Retail Approximately 7,000 stores worldwide Leading premium optical retailer in: - North America - Central & Latin America - Europe - South Africa - Greater China - Asia - Pacific A strong and diversified retail brand portfolio OPTICAL SUN & LUXURY
  27. 27. The Luxottica Talent Pipeline Strategy with LinkedIn
  28. 28. LinkedIn Project Overview An employer branding and recruiting global channel to attract new talents: 8 1 1 Company Pages Brand Channel
  29. 29. Our presence on LinkedIn today UK & IRELAND FRANCE ITALY USA IBERIA CHINA INDIA MEXICO Colombia Ecuador Peru Chile BRAZIL AUSTRALIA
  30. 30. LinkedIn Talent Solutions: 3 main objectives 1 RIGHT CANDIDATE, ALL OVER THE WORLD: High recruitment efficiency in finding the everywhere in the world spending less time 2 best talent HR TEAM ALIGNEMENT: Database Management allows the entire global HR network to map the sourcing and selection process 3 RECRUITER LICENSES TALENT PIPELINE STORY TELLING: Attracting and nurturing talents through our daily life; attract and engage with passive candidates as well as job seekers. One hub, one voice, one place JOB SLOTS AND CAREER PAGE
  31. 31. From Head Hunting to LinkedIn NEED TO MANAGE INTERNALLY THE RECRUITING PROCESS => LinkedIn became the Sourcing & CV Management tool of Luxottica HQ and a customised work-flow model was designed for this Career Day 1 Job posted on LinkedIn Internal Referral Direct Sourcing SOURCES Resumes HR ACTIVITIES: 2 ACTIONS 3 RESULTS - Real Time recruting - Build Talent Pipeline - Talk with and engage Talent Luxottica DB Mapping Process with Talent Pipeline: status, tags and sources
  32. 32. Results
  33. 33. HQ: in just 4 months we have achieved significant goals TALENT PIPELINE:  682 Searches  2161 Profiles Viewed 12 Hired  305 Profile Mapped  +300 profiles collected via Checkin at University fairs JOB SLOT:  7 Jobs posted in 4 month 21.000 Resumes