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Apresentação realizada no âmbito do projeto DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP. Este projeto envolveu alunos de duas turmas de 10º ano, os quais, em conjunto, organizaram uma palestra dirigida a alunos de 9º ano onde apresentaram o resultado do seu trabalho.

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  2. 2. What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is the use of cell phones, messages, e-mail, chat rooms or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to threaten or intimidate someone.
  3. 3. Types of cyberbullying? The most common methods of cyberbullying are: • Flaming • Denigration • Exclusion • Outing • Trickery • Impersonation • Harassment • Cyberstalking s/11-facts-about-cyber-bullying 3/hackers-enviaram-mensagem-notwitter-da-associated-press-sobreexplosoes-na-casa-branca/
  4. 4. Signs of cyberbullying The signs that a child is being cyberbullied vary, like: • When they use the internet or the phone they feel stressed. • They appear nervous when they receive a text message or an Email. • They don’t want to go to school or go out in general. • Mood swings and isolation. • They are careless about their marks and their school work. • At home with their parents they act aggressively.
  5. 5. Effects of cyberbullying Cyberbullying victims feel: • overwhelmed • vulnerable and powerless • exposed and humiliated • disinterested in life • alone and isolated • anxious and depressed • ill • suicidal
  6. 6. What can the victim do? • Ignore • Record • Reach out • Cut off the bully • Go high-tech • Don’t -sink to the bully’s level. • Don’t forward bullying content or messages. • Don´t believe the bully
  7. 7. Emblematic cases of cyberbullying Ryan Patrick Halligan: • Ryan was cyberbullied because he presented learning difficulties • The bully spread a rumor that Ryan was homosexual. • Ryan committed suicide when he was only 13 years old.
  8. 8. Emblematic cases of cyberbullying Amanda Todd: • She fell in love with the man and she sent him a picture of her with her upper body naked but this man was a paedophile. • She was bullied every day. • She finally committed suicide, she hung herself when she was only 15 year old. cartas-de-toronto-bullying-nao-novidade-mas-cyberbullying-e-470231.asp Video:
  9. 9. How can we prevent cyberbullying? • Make the most of privacy settings. • Think before you post. • Keep personal information personal
  10. 10. The other side of the story Reasons people cyber-bully: 1. Revenge 2. Power 3. Entertainment 4. Stupidity 5. Problems at home
  11. 11. Cyberbullying is a virus! Video: Q
  12. 12. Webgraphy: • sources/Files/DangersCyberspace.pdf COUNSELING_MS/Counseling_Resources/Files/DangersCyberspace.pdf • • • • • • •