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Talking turkeys2


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Talking turkeys2

  1. 1. Talking TurkeysBenjamin Zephaniah
  2. 2. Be nice to yu turkeys dischristmasCos turkeys just wanna hav funTurkeys are cool, turkeys arewickedAn every turkey has a Mum.
  3. 3. Be nice to yu turkeysdis christmas,Dont eat it, keep italive,It could be yu mate, annot on your plateSay, Yo! Turkey Im onyour side.
  4. 4. I got lots of friends who are turkeysAn all of dem fear christmas time,Dey wanna enjoy it, dey say humansdestroyed itAn humans areout of dere mind,
  5. 5. Yeah, I got lots of friends whoare turkeysDey all hav a right to a life,Not to be caged up angenetically made upBy any farmeran his wife.
  6. 6. Turkeys just wanna play reggaeTurkeys just wannahip-hopCan yu imaginea nice young turkeysaying,“I cannot wait forde chop”,
  7. 7. Turkeys like gettingpresents, dey wanna watchchristmas TV,Turkeys hav brains an turkeysfeel painIn many wayslike yu an me.
  8. 8. I once knew a turkey called........TurkeyHe said "Benji explain to meplease,Who put de turkey in christmasAn what happens to christmastrees?",
  9. 9. I said "I am not too sure turkeyBut it’s nothing to do wid ChristMassHumans get greedy an waste moredan need beAn business menmek loadsa cash.
  10. 10. Be nice to yu turkey dis christmasInvite dem indoors fe sum greensLet dem eat cake an let dempartakeIn a plate oforganic grownbeans,
  11. 11. Be nice to yu turkey dis christmasAn spare dem de cut of de knife,Join TurkeysUnited an deyllbe delightedAn yu will meknew friendsFOR LIFE.
  12. 12. English workReading project: READ, WRITE, TELLGilles Ratao no.10Pedro Antonio no.189 D