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Digital literacy


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Apresentação realizada no âmbito do projeto DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP. Este projeto envolveu alunos de duas turmas de 10º ano, os quais, em conjunto, organizaram uma palestra dirigida a alunos de 9º ano onde apresentaram o resultado do seu trabalho.

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Digital literacy

  1. 1. • Digital Literacy is the ability to use modern day technologies to find, evaluate, select and use information. • It is also the ability to manipulate this kind of information and data digitally. • Schools all around the world are embracing this subject. • It is necessary to have digital competence if you want to make a good use of these technologies.
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  3. 3. 350000 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 123456 12345 123456789 Password
  4. 4. •By using such simple and obvious passwords you’re putting in jeopardy your account(s). • If you have a big digital footprint the danger is much higher since there are more people aware of the existence of your account. •The act of not logging out also influences your e-safety. If you forget to do this while using a public computer the chances are that your account is going to be hacked.
  5. 5. •Digital footprint: all the traces a person leaves behind about herself in a digital environment. •Your digital footprint, no matter how small, is always very hard to erase. •The more accounts you have the bigger your digital footprint is.
  6. 6. To use digital tools and technologies properly it is necessary to know how to be safe while using them. This is e-safety. Most sites on the Internet have security methods to protect your privacy as well as modern anti-virus systems. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Most people think a relatively simple password will stop every hacker or malware out there. But they soon find out that is not the case. According to recent studies the number of accounts hacked that used Adobe encryption were approximately 150 million!
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  8. 8. • A digital citizen can be defined in only a few words, it´s basically a person that uses the internet regularly and in an effective way. • A digital citizen makes use, very often, of information technology, which is the application of computers to manipulate, store, transmit and retrieve data, to engage in politics government participation society among other subjects.
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  10. 10. Work by: Ali El-Zein No. 2 Eduardo Silva No. 13 João Pedro No. 17 Pedro Machado No. 23