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My school lucia troncoso


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Published in: Education
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My school lucia troncoso

  1. 1. My School
  2. 2. Hi! My name is Lucia..I’ am 17 years old. I’ am from Zapala in Argentina.
  3. 3. Zapala is the city in thecontre of the province of Neuquén. Visit the park
  4. 4. I live in smaill house, with my mum, my cat Nana..
  5. 5. My cousins
  6. 6. My best friends is Karina Dutsch
  7. 7. My favourite singers are Bon Jovi and Wisin y Yandel, my favourite actor is Vin Diesel.
  8. 8. Vin Diesel
  9. 9. Wisin y yandel
  10. 10. My favourite dancing is “Tango”, a typical Argentinian Dancing
  11. 11. I go to C.P.E.M N.3Secondary School
  12. 12. I’m in class 3° B. There are nineteen students in my class, eight boys and eleven girls..
  13. 13. We’ve got fourthen teachers a different teacher for each subject. My favourite subject is Science.
  14. 14. My School friends
  15. 15. I go to the disco with school friends
  16. 16. My Primary School N° 148
  17. 17. I’m 2006, i wasn’t at this school. I was at N° 148 Primary school. There were only twenty-four students in my class.
  18. 18. Mrs Elba Crechet was my teacher for lenguage and History, she was great. My favourite Subject was P.E
  19. 19. Bye For nowLucia!