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Lisa's routine


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Lisa's routine

  1. 1. LISA’S ROUTINEBy Natalia Gil González
  2. 2. Yesterday was Monday.At eight o’clock, I gotup, I had a shower, Icleaned my teeth, I gotdressed and I hadbreakfast with mybrother Bart
  3. 3. Then, I went to school bybus with Bart, again, butwith my friends too
  4. 4. Finally, I came back homefrom school by bike in theevening. This is a cleanmean of transport. I chosethe smallest way because Iwas tired
  5. 5. Today it’s Tuesday. Myfavourite day! Do youwant to come with me? Iwill show you what I do
  6. 6. At eight o’clock, Lisa gets up, has a shower,cleans her teeth, gets dressed and hasbreakfast with her family
  7. 7. At half past eight, Lisa gets in the car. She isin a hurry, because her first lesson starts atnine o’clock. So she goes to school by carwith the rest of her family
  8. 8. I am studying at the librarybecause I have an importantexam at twelve o’clock
  9. 9. At twelve o’clock, Lisa does the examwith her brother Bart
  10. 10. At half past twelve, Lisa has lunch, butshe is really worried about something…
  11. 11. And when she comes back home, she asks something to Marge, her Mother… and then…Mom, can I Of course darling!have a pet, You passed theplease? exam, so you can have a pet Your name will be Tina. I am very happy!
  12. 12. At home, before she goes to bed, Lisawatches TV in the sofa with the rest of herfamily. She is very happy, because shepassed the exam and she has her new pet.What more things can she ask?
  13. 13. I finished Tuesday and I goto bed because tomorrow Iwill have a busy day. Ateight o’clock, I will go toschool. At ten past four, Iwill look after my littlesister, Maggie. Then, I willdo my homework andfinally, I will go to mysaxophone lesson!
  14. 14. And remember: youshould study. This isvery important, becauseyou will be rich in thefuture and your Momwill reward you for that.Good luck!
  15. 15. CREDITSThis presentation was made by Natalia Gil González, student of Primary Education degree in Vigo university, in Ourense