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My school- Gimena Matzen


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3rd. "C"

Published in: Education
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My school- Gimena Matzen

  1. 1. Hello Ema: how are you? I´m Gime i´m 15 yers old, I from In the center of neuquen, Iive with my family a brother. I have got brown eyes, and hair black.. I have got wear glasses in my free time i watch tv and listening to music.. Ilike the band Vilma Palmathere´s very good , i like his music. my favorite food is Pizza.
  2. 2. In 2008, I wasn´t at this school. I was at Primary school n° 12there were only twenty-threestudents in my class. Mr Paola was my teacher for all the subjets. She was great. My favouritesubjets were art and maths.
  3. 3. Here´s the picture in my school C.P.E.M.N° 3 Secondary school in Zapala There arenineteen students in my class, Four Boys and fifteen girls. We´ve got fifteen teachers a different teacher for each subjets. My favorite subjets is P.E
  4. 4. I have twofriends theirname areLujan andElisa.
  5. 5. Is Emanuel..He is great..!!Enjoy everymoment, wemet in 2010and neversplit up…