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Ingles bob marley


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Ingles bob marley

  1. 1. Hello, my full name is Juan Camilo Vanegas Valencia , my friends call me as the Vanegas or Cat, because my skin color is Blue; I am 16 years old, I studied in the SCHOOL LOYOLA PARA LA CIENCIA Y LA INNOVACION, I live with my family, my mother Andrea, my grandmother Irene, and my sister Luisamy pet is a dog breed pit the village of San Fernanda, in bull,her name is Antonio de Prado. I like playing Tania, she is avery good soccer and funny, pet, spending time withintelligent. the color of itsIcoat music, like my friends, loveis white, is 3salsa, rock in Spanish, and months old and American classics.
  2. 2. During my vacation I did many activities inwhich I had fun too.• The best of the activities carried out was to go for a walk to a farm together with my friends, this was an unforgettable experience as we spent very rich in this walk, I enjoyed to the fullest, very moment and play until it completely exhausted.• Pool also went to the house of my friend, I had fun there too.• I went to play football on the pitch in my neighborhood, this activity that I really
  3. 3. The singer proposed for the group one is Bob Marley, Because is a admirable man, and he have beautiful songs. He uses a message implicit in every word he uses, his songs reflect areal feeling. Accompanies us incessantly in their beautiful melodies and powerful magic Reggae.
  4. 4. • Robert Nesta Marley Booker (February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981) he was 36 years old• Musician, guitarist and composer Jamaican. • Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica
  5. 5. • Do you smoke?Yes, I smoke all days• Do you like de soccer?Yes, I play soccer in the morning• Are you sick?Yes, I had cancer• Do you aport some with the culture in Jamaica?Yes, I contributed withe the culturerastafari
  6. 6. • What do you do for their care your voice?I don’t use nothing for care my voice • Where do you like travel? I travel constatantly to Londres • Who dreackloks do you have? I have 24 dreackloks • Who son do you have? • I have 18 sons
  7. 7. Juan Camilo Vanegas Valencia 10º2 I.E Colegio Loyola Para La Ciencia y La innovación.