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Lexeul Notes#06


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Lexeul Notes#06

  1. 1. 30 janvier, 2009 Aujourd’hui sur Tabbloid INFOS PERSONNELLES LEXEUL NOTES is because no one trusts them. Why should they trust them? They weren’t transparent. They lost trillions of dollars. They created Bill Bernbach “Rules are what instruments even they didn’t understand.” - Laura Tyson, economist the artists breaks; the memorable never emerged from LEXEUL NOTES a formula” “Advertising needs to inspire JAN 29, 2009 09:17MATIN more than mass consumption, it Avis Rent A Car Advertising Philosophy needs to communicate ideas 1. Avis will never know as much about advertising as DDB, and DDB will never know as much about the rent a car business as Avis. that... 2. The purpose of the advertising is to persuade the frequent business renter (whether on a business trip, or renting an extra car at home) to try JAN 28, 2009 11:40MATIN Avis. 3. A serious attempt will be made to create advertising with five times the • “Advertising needs to inspire more than mass consumption, it effectiveness (see #2 above) of the competition’s advertising. needs to communicate ideas that inspire action, and participation. 4. To the end, Avis will approve or disapprove, not try to improve, ads The good news is the internet is one of the best mediums ever for which are submitted. Any changes suggested by Avis must be grounded the propagation of remarkable ideas, and at their best ad agencies on a material operating defect (a wrong uniform for example). create great ideas that inspire above and beyond the act of passive 5. To this end, DDB will only submit for approval those ads which they as consumption…” Karl Long an agency recommend. They will not “see what Avis thinks of that one.” 6. Media selection should be the primary responsibility of DDB. However, DDB is expected to take the initiative to get guidance from LEXEUL NOTES Avis in weighing of markets or special situations, particularly in those “We are a nation of spenders areas where cold numbers do not indicate the real picture. Media judgments are open to discussion. The conviction should prevail. that needs to become savers”.B Compromises should be avoided. Morrissey LEXEUL NOTES JAN 28, 2009 11:31MATIN “Governments can borrow. • “We are a nation of spenders that needs to become savers”.B Morrissey Banks cannot. The reason they cannot is because no one trusts them.... JAN 29, 2009 09:06MATIN • “Governments can borrow. Banks cannot. The reason they cannot 1
  2. 2. Aujourd’hui sur Tabbloid INFOS PERSONNELLES 30 janvier, 2009 LEXEUL NOTES Ce numéro contient les articles publiés du Jan 23, 2009 07:02matin au Jan 30, 2009 02:01matin. “You have to satisfy three Pour modifier les paramètres, consultez le site groups of people if you want an ad to work. the people who make... JAN 27, 2009 10:42MATIN • “You have to satisfy three groups of people if you want an ad to work. the people who make the ad. The people who pay for the ad. And the people who read the ad. If you aren’t smart enough to satisfy all three groups, the whole thing will be a bummer.” Carl Ally LEXEUL NOTES Intégration,les bonnes questions à poser à votre agence JAN 23, 2009 02:05APRÈS-MIDI • Is the agency team that leads brand strategy as adept and knowledgeable about the digital space as it is the traditional space? (And vice versa.) • Where will the work be done? • What percentage of the agency’s business is online versus offline? • What is the agency’s process? • How highly respected is technology within the agency organization?Adweek LEXEUL NOTES Prophétie autoréalisatrice JAN 23, 2009 10:10MATIN • “Nous entrons de plus en plus dans un univers économique qui, justement, adopte ce type de comportement. A force de voir l’ensemble des acteurs de l’économie redouter le pire des scénarios, il finit par se réaliser. Certes, il peut y avoir une part d’objectivité dans la récession qu’on anticipe. Mais si tout le monde anticipe au même moment un recul d’activité, il se réalisera non pas parce qu’il devrait se réaliser mais simplement du fait que tous pensent qu’il va se produire” Olivier Bouba-Olga in Libé 2