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How technology killed marketing march 09


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How technology killed marketing march 09

  1. 1. March ’09 Newsletter1 ©‘Nous nous engageons sur des résultats opérationnels’HOW TECHNOLOGY KILLED MARKETINGTime was that marketing was glamorous. The heyday of marketing can beviewed every week in the television show MadMen. In that world, marketing was seen as theengine that drove sales. Clever ideas andmemorable brands, expressed through priceyadvertising, created business success.Marketing “created demand” and the salesgroup was simply a means to fulfill thatdemand.But now technology has killed Mad Men marketing… by making demandcreation measurable. You may have read the stories about newspapers goingbankrupt. It’s been positioned as part of the meltdown, but in fact suchbankruptcies were inevitable, because advertising sales for printpublications have been declining for years.TTHHEE RREEAASSOONN?? TTHHEE IINNTTEERRNNEETT..When you run a print ad, you have no idea whether or not it has any impacton anyone. While that impact was taken for granted in the Mad Men era,the truth is that almost nobody reads newspaper advertisements.And here’s another dirty little secret. Ever since the invention of the remotecontrol, nobody has watched television ads unless they were backgroundnoise.By contrast, when you run an Internet ad, you know exactly how manypeople click on it and then you know exactly what they do afterwards. Ifyour ad generates a lead, you can track that lead, in detail, all the waythrough to the closing.For years, marketing groups were only corporate organizations allowed tomeasure themselves. The Mad Men myth was so pervasive that most firmsautomatically funded marketing, simply because it was assumed to becrucial to success.But with the Internet, marketing is now completely measurable….
  2. 2. March ’09 Newsletter2 ©‘Nous nous engageons sur des résultats opérationnels’No longer can a marketing group pretend that revising a logo, running an ad,or spouting “brand strategy” has automatic value. No longer can theypretend that they’re “driving sales” by spending 2 percent of a company’srevenue.Ironically, back in the days of the Mad Men, there was one kind ofmarketing that WAS measurable: direct mail. And direct mail was thearmpit of the marketing group, the sad sacks about whom the masters of theuniverse made disparaging jokes.But now that marketing is measurable, ALL marketing is like direct mail.The marketeer of the future will be a quant, a scientist, a functionary whoactually does what the Mad Man was supposed to be doing — generateleads.welcome to the new world….