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Lexeul Notes#04


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Published in: Business, Career
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Lexeul Notes#04

  1. 1. 16 janvier, 2009 Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR LEXEUL NOTES LEXEUL NOTES Marketing role Economic challenging times JAN 15, 2009 10:18MATIN require a focus on customer • In the 20th century, marketing was the pusher of a consumption value addiction: Madison Ave’s game was to create perceived value by “differentiating” the same razors, blades, and toothpaste. At the JAN 15, 2009 10:14MATIN Lab, we’ve found that companies who create perceived value are significantly less profitable and more vulnerable than companies • Making things look nice is not the job of a designer. Solving who are rethinking marketing to create real value. Think (the problems and providing value is one of the essential goals of design awesome) Nike Plus. Harvard Business Publishing and looking at current problems from a different perspective might just provide the insight or solution that could prepare you for the next upturn. Customer Experience Lab LEXEUL NOTES Generosity LEXEUL NOTES JAN 15, 2009 10:16MATIN Youth marketing ? • “The secret of modern branding is learning to give instead of take” JAN 15, 2009 10:08MATIN John Grant Fallon • “The last awful thing I saw a brand do in terms of youth marketing… well it’s not the specific I guess, but this always makes LEXEUL NOTES me really mad. I read a lot of fashion magazines and you know there are advertisements in those glossy pages. So I flip through Modern homogenization and I hate brands that present themselves and hip and young but JAN 15, 2009 10:16MATIN are really expensive. It just seems like such a slap in the face. It’s like “Yeah, we’re Marc Jacobs and we’re awesome and hot and hip • Let’s be clear, I love modern conveniences, including Costco and and yeah, each dress is four hundred dollars or more so actually bulk ice cream. But, how do we create the exceptional in a you can’t be this cool unless your dad has a platinum credit card.” homogenized world? How will we maintain and evolve our cultural It’s fucking ridiculous. If a brand is going to advertise themselves identity when we’re all chasing after the same next big online as hip and youthful, they need a price tag to match. If they can’t trend, clamoring for the same prized accounts and jockeying for the make that price tag, then they need to keep their fucking same top position, just inches from our competitors, on the same advertisements out of OUR magazines. I don’t want to fall in love “who’s-who” list of digital agencies? ThreeMinds with a dress and find out that if I wanted to buy it, I’d have to starve for four weeks. That doesn’t fly with me.” Sophia in Ruby want a pseudo 1
  2. 2. Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR 16 janvier, 2009 LEXEUL NOTES LEXEUL NOTES Fait réfléchir... Corporate personalities JAN 15, 2009 10:00MATIN JAN 12, 2009 03:25APRÈS-MIDI • A pack on a shelf has approximately 3 seconds to grab the audience’s • “For some reason, we - and now I mean the human race, not just attention. Bastable Advertising - want companies to be like individuals. We • For most new products, the store shelf is the first, last, and potentially want them to have a personality. Over the years, these corporate only time to facilitate a purchase decision. personalities have become more extreme”. Jon Canter • Packaging generates impulse purchases – POPAI shows that consumers enter a grocery store planning to buy about 10 items and they leave the • “It’s clear that big corporations are now trying very hard to be store having purchased nearly 20 appear small and friendly because they are worried about the • A typical package generates 570 million impressions each year. Anjeli success of the “others” column in the market share data, which shows the share of mass brands being eroded by dozens of tiny brands.” Ed Cotton LEXEUL NOTES “Design always moves where it LEXEUL NOTES is needed most” Paola Antonelli, Prise de conscience JAN 12, 2009 03:22APRÈS-MIDI The Elastic Mind JAN 12, 2009 03:42APRÈS-MIDI • “Toute marque va se comporter comme une entreprise et prendre des initiatives citoyennes. Il s’agit d’une tendance lourde et • “Design always moves where it is needed most” Paola Antonelli, irréversible. Le sociétal a cessé d’être accessoire, il plonge soudain The Elastic Mind au coeur des entreprises. Cette démarche reflète un changement significatif, le signe d’uneprise de conscience collective et générale, qui va s’accélerer à la sortie de la crise. Le soucis croissant du LEXEUL NOTES collectif définit les nouvelles générations”. Jean Marie Dru in Les Echos Vizualization JAN 12, 2009 03:36APRÈS-MIDI This issue contains posts from between • “The process of using advanced software to illustrate complicated Jan 09, 2009 07:01matin and Jan 16, 2009 02:01matin. date so that we can understand it. To change your settings, visit • There’s one simple reason why visualization is becoming so important, and that’s our desire to understand what’s happening in the world at a time when it’s becoming harder and harder to do so. • The challenge of presenting information clearly has become more difficult as the volume of data has exploded, and new types have emerged. Traditional design formulas, like graphs and pie charts, are fine for interpreting facts, but not for illustrating the complexities of contemporary life such as population shifts or the structure of an online social network. A new type of imagery was needed to depict their subtleties and fluidity. Cue visualization.” Herald Tribune 2