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Presentation on Mobile/Tablet Design


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Week 4 Project for Fundamentals of Web Design Class.

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Presentation on Mobile/Tablet Design

  1. 1. Project 4: Presentation onMobile/Tablet DesignVincent Napoleone06/01/2013Fundamentals of Web Design
  2. 2. Reasons For ImplementingMobile and Tablet DesignFor1-800-Charity Cars
  3. 3. Mobile Growth
  4. 4. Tablet Growth
  5. 5. Impact of Mobile/TabletUsage:O Mobile/Tablet usage has causeddesigners to rethink how they makewebsite.O Mobile design is now taking precedenceover desktop design.O Mobile/Tablet design is a diverse realm ofmany different browsers, screen sizes,and connection speeds.
  6. 6. Current Technologies:O User Agent Detection –User Agent Detection allows for websites toautomatically detect mobile devices andredirect them accordingly.O Mobile Analytics API –Google Analytics has expanded its mobilereporting capabilities.
  7. 7. Example of a Good Mobile Site:URL:
  8. 8. Example of a Bad Mobile
  9. 9. The Worst Mobile Site Design?… Not having one.
  10. 10. Recommendation #1:Mobile Application
  11. 11. Recommendation #2:
  12. 12. Conclusion:O Mobile/Tablet users will inevitablycontinue to rise.O Either get with the times,orget left in the dust.
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