Tablet pc’s presentation


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Briefly understanding where the Tablets are coming from. Having an understanding on how an android tablets works using an example of a MID Tablet. Very interesting for beginners on how-to scenarios.

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Tablet pc’s presentation

  1. 1. TABLET PC’S
  2. 2. WHAT IS A TABLET PC? A tablet PC is a wireless, portable personalcomputer with a touch screen interface.Thetablet form factor is typically smaller than anotebook computer but larger than asmartphone.
  3. 3. HISTORY OF TABLET PC The first patent for an electronic tablet usedfor handwriting was granted in 1888. The first patent for a system that recognizedhandwritten characters by analyzing thehandwriting motion was granted in 1915.
  4. 4.  The first publicly demonstrated system usinga tablet and handwriting text recognitioninstead of a keyboard for working with amodern digital computer dates to 1956.
  5. 5.  In 1987 Apple Computer started its tabletproject, which considered release of devicesof three sizes, with the one eventuallyreleased in 1993, Apple Newton, being thesmallest (yet it was quite substantial devicewith 6" screen and 800 grams of weight).
  6. 6.  In 1994 media company Knight-Ridder madea concept video of a tablet device with a colordisplay and a focus on media consumption. The company didnt create it as a commercialproduct because of deficiencies of weight andenergy consumption in display technology.
  7. 7. MICROSOFT TABLETS In 1999, Microsoft attempted to re-institutethe by-then decades-old tablet concept byassigning two well-known experts in thefield, from Xerox Palo Alto ResearchCenter, to the project
  8. 8.  In 2000 Microsoft coined the term MicrosoftTablet PC for tablet PCs built to Microsoftsspecification, and running a licensed specifictablet enhanced version of its MicrosoftWindows OS. MicrosoftTablet PCs were targeted to addressbusiness needs mainly as note-takingdevices, and as rugged devices for field work. In the health care sector, tablet computers wereintended for data capture – such as registeringfeedback on the patient experience at thebedside.
  9. 9.  Tablet PCs failed to gain popularity in theconsumer space because of unresolvedproblems. The existing devices were too heavy to be heldwith one hand on extended periods, the specificsoftware features designed to support usage as atablet (such as finger and virtual keyboardsupport) were not present in all contexts, andthere were not enough applications specific tothe platform - legacy applications created fordesktop interfaces made them not well adaptedto the slate format.
  10. 10. APPLE IPAD The tablet computer market wasreinvigorated by Apple through theintroduction of the iPad device in 2010
  11. 11.  AWi-Fi only model of the tablet was released in April2010, and aWiFi+3G model was introduced about a monthlater, using a non-contract data plan from AT&T. Since then, the iPad 2 has launched, bringing 3G supportfrom both AT&T andVerizonWireless.The iPad has beencharacterized by some as a tablet computer that mainlyfocuses on media consumption such as webbrowsing, email, photos, videos, and e-reading, eventhough full-featured, Microsoft Office-compatible softwarefor word processing (Pages), spreadsheets (Numbers), andpresentations (Keynote) were released alongside the initialmodel.
  12. 12. NON-APPLE, POST PC TABLETS Competitors to Apples iPad in the market fortablet computers not based on the traditionalPC architecture were the 5" DellStreak, released in June 2010, and the original7" Samsung GalaxyTab, released inSeptember 2010. Hewlett-Packard announceditsTouchPad based on theWebOS system inJune 2011 For more tablet reviews click here
  13. 13. MID TABLET
  14. 14.  Switching on the MIDTablet There is a power button on the top surface ofthe table Press the power button,Tablet will switch on Unlocking theTablet There is a lock icon that you will uponpowering up the tablet Press the icon and drag icon to the left The MID tablet will thus be unlocked
  15. 15. INTERFACE HOME SCREEN The MID tablet has five home screens. On the topcentre of the screen you will see which screen youare in.
  16. 16.  Moving in between the screens swipe your finger from left to right motion or viceversa.
  17. 17.  All home screens have a Google short cut onthe top left of screen.This will enable you toquick access the Google home page so youcan search anything of your choice. The Microphone icon allows you searchGoogle by speaking to the device. It is voiceactive. {insert image
  18. 18.  OnTheTop right of the ScreenYou will see the App Launcher/Applications Icon and the + icon. Application’s icon (Apps), allowsyou to view and thus access all the applications that are installed onto your device. The + icon allows you to arrange the applications to be inserted ondifferent Home screens.
  19. 19.  Inserting an application on a home screen click and drag an App icon to the chosen homescreen
  20. 20.  Bottom of Every Home screen there is aTaskbar.
  21. 21.  TheTask bar includes a Back icon. It will help you move back previouslyvisited screens. Home Icon will allow you to browse back to the home screen fromwhich ever window had been opened. A View Opened Window icon will allow you to view all openedwindows, i.e. all running applications. The Menu Icon allows you to control the MidTablet by adjusting thesettings, changing the wall paper etc. Volume icons allow you to increase or decrease theVolume of thedevice. Notication area, notifies you of incoming messages via email, socialmedia that you have subscribed to etc. IT also showing you an iconrepresenting the antivirus protecting you device. {insert image} The System tray shows the time, battery levels and networkconnectivity.
  22. 22. THE MENU
  23. 23.  Inserting a widget Tap the menu icon on taskbar or Menu button on top surface of tabletlabelled M. Tap the Add icon Tap widgets Tap on a widget of choice Chose the size of the widget ClickOK
  24. 24.  The WALLPAPER icon allows you to Insertwallpaper on your home screen. Inserting a wall paper from theWallpapergallery Tap the menu icon on taskbar or Menu button on top surface oftablet labelled M Tap wallpaper Choose the wallpaper gallery Choose the wallpaper by tapping it Then tap set wallpaper icon
  25. 25.  Moving theWidget in the screen Press the widget till it vibrates Press and drag icon to a place of your choice onscreen. Deleting a widget PressWidget till itVibrates Press and drag to the trash top Centre of thescreen
  26. 26.  The SEARCH icon allows you to search theNet for Information. Searching Using the Search icon on the menuicon Tap the menu icon on taskbar or Menu button ontop surface of tablet labelled M Tap the Search icon. (Google search text boxappears) Type the keyword of your search Tap on the Search arrow
  27. 27.  The Manage Applications icons is likeTaskManager on A windows System. It allows youto view running applications, force stoppingrunning applications, uninstall updates etc. The Settings icon allows you to change thedevices system time, date networkconnectivity etc.
  28. 28.  Changing Date andTime Tap the menu icon on taskbar or Menu button on topsurface of tablet labelled M Tap settings Scroll down to Date &Time andTap the menu (Ensure the Check box under the menu Automatic ischecked off) Tap Set Date, then set your date Tap SelectTime Zone then choose theTime Zone Tap SetTime, then set time Choose whether you want a 24 Hour time format or not bychecking or un checking the Checkbox. Tap the Select Date format, then select the date format asyou choose.
  29. 29.  Launcher Settings helps you manage howyour device opens and close widgets etc. Italso allows you to back up and Restore datain your device.
  31. 31.  Its important to note that the tablet can workon its own independently from the internetconnection, e.g. when working with officedocuments, watching movies, playing musicetc. But Internet connectivity enhances the use oftheTablet Pc. Its therefore essential to beable to connect theTablet to the internet
  32. 32.  There are two ways to connect theTablet to theInternet. Using the 3G Dongle/Modem orWi-Fi. Connecting Using 3G modem Connect your USB Modem on the USB port Wait till you see a network Icon on theTaskbar {insertimage} Once the Network icon shows a green colour, youmust know that there is internet connection. Click on your preferred browser to access the internet.
  33. 33.  Connecting usingWi-Fi Tap the menu icon on taskbar or Menu button on topsurface of tablet labelled M Tap the Settings Icon TapWireless & Networks menu Ensure that the Wi-Fi check box is checked TapWi-Fi Settings TapAddWi-Fi Network Add the SSID, Security type, password of the Networkwhen required. Once accepted, you will see the Wireless icon on thetaskbar with a green colour. Under the Network settingsthe name of the network will be shown as connected.
  34. 34.  NOTE: Its very important that you note thatthe MIDTablet can also serve as a Wi-FiHotspot.That means that other devices willconnect to a network/internet using theTablet as a wireless connection point. Toachieve this under the Wireless & Networksettings tap the Portable Hotspot sub menuoption.
  36. 36.  TheTablet pc is as good as the Applications ithas, or can have and thus can run.The MIDTablet comes with some Applications preinstalled with the Android OS. To check whichVersion Of Android you are usingin yourTablet follow these steps: ViewingTablet Information. Tap the menu icon on taskbar or Menu button on topsurface of tablet labelled M Tap the settings menu Scroll down to tap About MID
  37. 37.  Accessing Applications On the Home screen, tap the App Launcher icon/Appicon on theTop right of screen Under the ALL tab, you will see all the Applicationsinstalled in the tablet Under the My Apps, you will see all the Applicationsthat you have downloaded from the Internet Running an Application On the Home screen, tap the App Launcher icon/Appicon on theTop right of screen Tap anApplication of choice to run.
  38. 38. GOOGLE
  39. 39.  It was built essentially as a search Engine. Butlately it is bigger, much broader than that. For more info about the Company Please clickhere OR visit the Following site:
  40. 40.  Android is a Smartphone, mobile DeviceOperating system created by Google.The MIDTablet uses Android Operating System tofunction. In order therefore to fully utilise all the GoogleGoodies you have to create a Google account.This Google account will enable you to be able todownload Apps, have a free email account(Gmail), Google + (Social Network) etc.
  41. 41.  Creating a Google Account On the URL type: Fill in the Form that you will see displayed Upon successful registration, you will then be ableto access all the Goodies Google has to offer
  42. 42.  INSTALLINGAPPLICATIONS Log in to Google e.g. log in to gmail Tap the App Launcher icon Tap the Market Icon on theTop Right of the screen Google Play pops up, Browse to your App of choice, tap on it todownload Tap the Install icon,Tap the accept the terms tocontinue download
  43. 43.  NOTE: Its important to note that there areApps that are for free, and there are thosethat one has to pay for. The ones that you pay for, you will need acredit card to do the transactions, else aDebit card with a VISA or MAESTRO sign. You will be guided on the process of buyingby the Application.
  44. 44. USING APPLICATIONS This depends on the different app you areusing, just as different games you play themdifferently. Now you know how to access the applicationson the MIDTablet so now all systems go!!
  45. 45. CONCLUSION ATablet Pc will greatly help you in yourmobile computing needs. Not only will it helpyou on the corporate side but also as anentertainment tool (games, music andvideos). Note: ATablet is just like a mini computer. Its thereforeimportant to Protect your Device fromThreats likeViruses.A free yet powerfulAV is AVAST. Butobviously we all are subject to our own opinion