Tablet pc will be the future of computer


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Tablet pc will be the future of computer

  1. 1. TABLET PC WILL BE THE FUTURE OF COMPUTER GROUP MEMBERS Shafia Nadeem Syed Muhammad Talha Muhammad Shehriyar Khan Sana Farooq Muhammad Omair
  2. 2. 04/23/14 TABLET PC: A LITTLE HISTORY  The first attempts at building computers that we would think of today as tablets started in the eighties, but all the attempts were fairly large.  In 1999 Microsoft tried to create a tablet. Unfortunately they ran into the same problem as their predecessors had, they could not make their tablet small enough.  While attempts were being made to build a tablet smart phones were also being developed.  In 2010 Apple introduced iPad which was the first successful tablet.
  3. 3. 04/23/14 INTRODUCTION TO TABLET PC A tablet, or tablet PC, is a wireless, portable personal computer that uses a touch screen as its primary input device. Most tablets are slightly smaller and weigh less than the average laptop. While some tablets include fold out keyboards. Others, such as the Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom, only offer touch screen input. Modern tablets are operated by fingers, and a stylus is an option, whereas earlier tablets required a stylus.
  4. 4. FEATURES….  TOUCH SCREEN  No traditional keyboards and mouse for input  Support human touch input.  Instead of double-clicking most applications open with a single. tap.  CAMERA  Most tablets come with one or two cameras.  One will be for using the tablet as a camera.  The other will be for use as a webcam, or front-facing camera.  APP STORE  Tablets has large number of apps available with it.  WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTIVITY  Wireless internet connectivity (usually with Wi-Fi standard and optional mobile broadband). 04/23/14
  5. 5. TYPES OF TABLET PC…. 04/23/14 •Slate  More like a notepad  No keyboard  USB ports available for external keyboards •Convertible  Converts from a Slate style tablet to a notebook computer
  6. 6. TYPES OF TABLET PC…. 04/23/14 • Rugged  Got an excellent feature of shock-proof internal hard drive.  Used in harsh natural environment issue. • Hybrid  Combination of Slate and Convertible type tablet.  Contains feature of detachable keypad + feature of stylus pen
  7. 7. USES OF TABLET PC 04/23/14 • In Business  Used for conferences, events and trade shows • In hospitals  doctors can enter patient chart data quickly
  8. 8. USES OF TABLET PC 04/23/14 • Entering Forms  Tablet PC works like a pad of paper to fill forms.  Data also be filled through speed recognition. • Artistic Use  Make Sketches through stylus pen or by using fingers
  9. 9. USES OF TABLET PC 04/23/14 • Educational Use  Students able to note and make their lectures on tablet quiet easily.
  10. 10. TABLET vs. COMPUTER… 04/23/14
  11. 11. SCREEN SIZE 04/23/14 Tablet Smaller screen sizes, range between 5” to 10”. Computer Connected to large screen monitors, which consumes more space.
  12. 12. PORTABILITY 04/23/14 Tablet  Light Weight  Portable  Fit in any Purse or Bag Computer  Due to large size, not easy to move around anywhere.
  13. 13. STORAGE 04/23/14 Tablet  Comes in Built in storage, Ranging From 8 GB to 128 GB.  Also Support External Storage. E.g: SD card, Portable Hard Drive, USB drive. Computer Supports Hard Drive over 1 Tb.  Also Support External Storage devices. E.g: SD card through Card reader, USB drive.
  14. 14. OPERATING SYSTEM 04/23/14 Tablet Computer
  15. 15. ACCESSORIES 04/23/14 Tablet  Comes with charger, data cable, hand free, OTG cable etc. Computer  These are basically peripheral devices like headphone, mic, joystick, webcam etc.
  16. 16. BATTERY LIFE 04/23/14 Tablet  Long battery life as compare to Laptop pc.  Efficient battery management system.  Most of the tablet has battery back up of more than 5 hours. Computer  Laptop pc has low battery timing. Runs hardly up to maximum 3 hours. Desktop pc does not have battery back up system.
  17. 17. DATA ENTRY AND USER INPUT 04/23/14 Tablet  Difficult to input data as compare to desktop and laptop pc.  On-Screen touch keyboard is difficult to use because of small size. Computer  Data Entry is very easy and comfortable.  Uses keyboard and mouse for entering data.
  18. 18. DRAW BACKS OF TABLET PC 04/23/14 LIMITTED FOR SOME PROFFESSIONAL WORK Difficult to use for: Technical drawing Presentation arrangement Heavy researching
  19. 19. 04/23/14 Thin glass screens not made for absorb heavy impacts ERGONOMIC DISCOMFORT FRAGILITY Repetitive strain injuries Back and neck pain
  20. 20. 04/23/14 OVERHEATING PROBLEM Compact nature of tablet pc makes the cooling impossible. LACK OF PORTS Not have a VGA port. Not have card reader port.
  21. 21. 04/23/14 HIGH PRICE More expensive than other types of computers. You have to pay a premium price to get them.
  22. 22. FUTURE OF TABLET PC 04/23/14
  23. 23. 04/23/14
  24. 24. CONCLUSION 04/23/14 Tablet pc will be the future of computer because they are Pc’s too.
  25. 25. 04/23/14