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Published in: Data & Analytics, Travel
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  1. 1. Lennart Fleschhut EcoSystem - Travellers
  2. 2. Segments KNOW W HERE KNOW HOW DON’T KNOW HOW DON’TKNOWW HERE Family: 2-5 traveller 1-2 organizer several schedules low flexibility constraint budget College-Group: 4-10 traveller 2-4 organizer same schedule low flexibility limited budget Adventurer(s) 1-4 travellers 1(-2) organizer different schedules medium flexibility inconsistent budget Whenevers: 1-4 travellers 1 organizer different schedules high flexibility hardly limited budget reqular Traveller affected by offers last-minute repetitive vacationing early planning By plane By train By car
  3. 3. Who are they FamilyCollege Group This segment consists of young people between 17 and 25. Their schedule allows them to travel in specific times. Those are Winter and Summer Break, Spring and Thanksgiving Break. For this group it is really important to have at least 2 to 3 plan- ners, who take control and realize the trip. It depends on those to gather a group and keep them updated, in order to make a trip happen. Based on their budget, they usually travel within a small radius. A large focus lies on the experience as a group. Within a family it is usually the father or the mother that mainly does the research and the planning. Families need to combine several schedules, with the main determinators being the children’s school schedules. The focus lies rather on the time spent together with the family than on the final destination. Vacations are great chances to stregthen family bonds. At the same time, destinations should offer a variety of activity to please the different fami- ly members and prevent conflicts. A vacation should contain chances for great memories to made and afterwards to be told to friends and other family.
  4. 4. Whenevers are very spontanious and thereof indeterminable in their vacation times. They are very likely to make use of last-minutes deal, without learning or even knowing much about the destination place. They don’t re- quire a planner, as the travelling group is small and the vacation is not planned ahead of time. It is the tingling of experiencing the unknown that drives this group. Their trav- elling behavior is a reflection of their daily, constantly looking to experience new food, subcultures, events and social connections. WheneversAdventurers Adventurers are people between 24 and 36, coming together to experience new places and cultures. Trips are mostly planned ahead of time to coordinate differ- ent schedules and find supporting deals. Adventurers don’t travel frequently but regularly. Great focus lies on specific vaca- tions and the trip is planned in tiniest de- tail before started. Related Lonely planet books are purchased and evaluated.
  5. 5. Recommendations 1. If you are planning to increase the amount of cars rented for travelling, you should mainly focus on college groups, as they have a limited budget and they seek for cheap holidays at close places. This segment is followed by Whenevers, because they are firstly flexibel timewise and also spon- tanious towards all kinds of free time activities.Closely followed by families, for whom it is usually the cheapest and also the least stressful way to reach their destination. The least likely are Adventourers, becaues those mostly look for extraordinary places that require a flight. 2. Airline: If you want to react on a decrease on long distance flights to vacation places, I would recommend to highly focus on Adventurers, be- cause they have an unlimited budget, travel in small groups and are enthusiastic to experience new places. The Whenever segment follows, because they also have a hight budget and they are willing to go over long distances, as long as the whole package requires a low amount of self-planning. Lastly I would recommend to put some focus on families, because they might have the required budget and plan ahead early. I would ignore College groups, because their budget is too small. 3. If you plan to promote Last-Minute Deals, I would recommend to focus on Whenevers, because they are flexible in their budget and their sched- ule. They are also flexible in where they go and how they get there. They are followed by Adventurers, as seek they seek to expore new places. They tend to look for offers, as their budget is inconsistent. I would not recommend to focus on families or college groups, because their schedules usually don’t allow spontaneity.