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10 Questions to the translation company

here are 10 questions to be asked to the translation company. choosing of good translation company meant be getting high quality translation.

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10 Questions to the translation company

  1. 1. 10 Questions to the translation company before hiring them
  2. 2. Translation company • The translation companies are those whose main job lies in translation of files and documents from various fields from source language to the destination language
  3. 3. Need of translation company • Gives accurate translation in the specified time • Act as the hiding source in increasing the reputation of the company • Takes the company to the global market, eradicating the obstacle called “language”
  4. 4. How to hire the best translation company? • Since translation is the only source in solving the language related problem in global market or between two countries. The responsibility of the company is more. So folks have think a lot before making the decision. • Here are some questions to be asked to the translation company for checking their loyalty and the work history.
  5. 5. Question #1 • Does you have certified translators? • This is the first most question among all the folks. Though the translator is talented, the certification is important, since it is the literal proof of their efficiency
  6. 6. Question #2 • Can you show the records of translation? • Most people hesitate to ask this question to the translation company. • Though the services of the translation company is been mentioned in the website. It is good to see the records of the company
  7. 7. Question #3 • What are the languages you will deal with? • There are companies which deal with multiple languages and some companies are specific to some particular language. • So it is essential to get the details about the language they are dealing with.
  8. 8. Question #4 • What are the other services provided by you? • Most of the translation agency provides additional services like transcription, interpretation, etc…. it is beneficial to opt for such concerns
  9. 9. Question#5 • How about the confidentiality? • This question is most often asked by the large business concern, as they deal with confidential papers and agreements.
  10. 10. Question #6 • What is policies and condition of your company? • The terms and conditions for the customers may be too complicated. So it is necessary to check for it and proceed.
  11. 11. Question #7 • Will you provide assurance for the quality of the translated document? • Though the complete responsibility lies in translators, some skip by showing simple mistake in the preparation of source document and format of the source file.
  12. 12. Question #8 • Does your company hold any restrictions? • Some company doesn’t attempt to translate confidential and government papers as they bring big problem when translated with single mistakes.
  13. 13. Question #9 • Does your company have proofreader? • Proofreaders does the final check of translation, thus quality of the files increases. Thus it is necessary to check for the presence of certified proofreaders.
  14. 14. Question #10 • What kind of quote will you offer? • This differs based on the concerns and some people frame it for word basis and some for sentence basis. So check for the quote at the same time keep the quality in mind.
  15. 15. • These are some of the basic questions to be asked to the translation company before hiring them • All these questions should be asked without any hesitation, as customers are payers to get high quality translated document.
  16. 16. • Waterstone Translations is one of the translation service providers with many translation services like Chinese translation services, document translation services and legal translation services, etc… • To know more visit
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here are 10 questions to be asked to the translation company. choosing of good translation company meant be getting high quality translation.


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