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Tasty carrot recipes to increase vitamin a nutrition

carrot contain rich source of vitamin A which is good for skin and the eyes. the slides here shows some of the simple dishes made with carrots.

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Tasty carrot recipes to increase vitamin a nutrition

  1. 1. Tasty Carrot Recipes To Increase Vitamin A Nutrition
  2. 2. Carrots • Carrots are one of the colorful vegetables which are liked by all age group. The carrots can even be consumed as raw. • Carrots have the rich source of vitamin A which are good for the eyes, they are good to control the blood pressure, boosts the immune system and increases the digestion level. • Carrots have the less calorific level of 2% and they can be consumed for the dieting process. • Some of the simple and tasty recipes on carrot is showcased on the further slides.
  3. 3. Carrot Juice • This sounds to be the simple dish but they have enormous beneficial effect. • To add flavor to the carrot juice few folks wish to add milk which enhances the energetic effect. • This juice can be consumed even without the sugar, as they are contained with required amount of natural sweetener in them. • Daily consumption of carrot juice decreases the melanin content of the body and brightens the skin. Diabetic patients can consume this juice based on the recommendation from the doctor
  4. 4. Carrot Halwa • This is very simple sweat dish which are prepared within short duration. • The carrot is finely sliced as thin as possible and they are added with more quantity of milk, sugar and ghee. • The carrot halwa is the colorful dish which gives mouth watering appearance when served with the garnished nuts, almonds and resins. • Carrot Halwa recipe -
  5. 5. Carrot soup • Carrot soups are rarely preferred by human but they are contained with more healthy factor. • This soup is prepared in two varieties – either boiling the carrot with the other vegetables in small quantity and serving the broth with some sliced carrots • In the second option, the carrot is formed as puree with the onions and they are mixed with cream. This mixture is boiled adding broth and served.
  6. 6. Carrot Kanji • This carrot kanji is prepared keeping the carrot along with beetroot as the main ingredients. • This is done without the help of the fire. This recipe is prepared naturally keeping Sun as the cooking medium. • The carrots and beets are cut into pieces and they are added with chilies, salt and water. This mixture is stored covered and left under the sun for several days and served. • Carrot kanji recipe - ki-kanji.html
  7. 7. Carrot Cake • The cakes are done in many flavors with rich creams. Though they produce excellent taste, the health beneficial factor is very less in the cake recipe. • This carrot cakes has carrot as the main ingredient, and makes folks to experience delightful taste without any compromise in the health benefits. • Nuts, resins ad almonds are also added to the maximum to enhance the taste of the cake. • Carrot cake recipe - carrot-cake.html
  8. 8. Carrot rice • The rice is often preferred as the afternoon meals. • To make the meal interesting, different varieties of rice are prepared with different vegetables. In carrot rice, more quantity of sliced carrots are taken as main ingredient. • Thcarrot is finely sliced and they are cooked with onions, green chilies, jeera, curry leaves, coriander, etc… • Then the cooked rice is mixed with it, this gives crunchy carrot rice.
  9. 9. • The above are some of the recipes which are prepared keeping carrot as the main ingredient. • A to Z food recipes ( showcases on similar kind of recipe with many healthy vegetables and fruits. • The required ingredients are mentioned clearly with the step by step preparation methods.
  10. 10. Thank You!!!