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Risk factors of lung cancer


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there are many risk factors hidden in this world which hinders the health of the person and causes lung cancer at very faster rate. almost all the possible risk factors of lung cancer is detailed in these slides

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Risk factors of lung cancer

  1. 1. Risk Factors of Lung cancer
  2. 2. Lung Cancer • Lung cancer is one of the malignant tumors which hinders the health of the patients gradually. • Lung cancer cannot be notified at the initial stage symptoms till the presence of lung cancer are confirmed through Biopsy testing. • This disease indulge into the body due to various reasons ( cancer) and some are preventable and some are non- preventable. • The further slides shows list of lung cancer causing sources.
  3. 3. Smoking • Though there are many symptoms, responsible for the lung cancer, smoking occupies the first position in the list of cancer causes. • Since the cigar and other tobacco products are available at affordable rate, addition happens very faster. • There are number of harmful chemicals combined along with the tobacco( tobacco-is-major-cause-for-lung-cancer) in cigarette preparation. • This effects the immune system of the body and the lung are the first part to get affected, as the inhalation and exhalation takes place in the lung.
  4. 4. Radon • The soil has the natural Uranium to the certain limit. This is odorless, tasteless and colorless gas and it cannot be recognized. • Since the radon emerges from the soil, they get trapped indoor and causes adverse reaction on human being. • Frequent inhalation of the radon gas creates the wide open gateway for the lung cancer disease. • Thus, it is wise to check for the radon level in the soil before the start of construction work.
  5. 5. Air pollution • Air pollution are the rare source lung cancer cause but they are responsible for some other lung disease which has almost same effect as lung cancer. • The micrograms in the air enter into the lung and spoils the lung health. • people with less immune disease and breaking problem are more prone to the lung cancer, when they expose to the air pollution( cause-of-lung-cancer-in-bharatiya-females.html) over a longer run.
  6. 6. Family history • Lung cancer causes may also comes due to the family genetics and such causes are mentioned as non-preventable causes. • This arises even if the person is devoid of smoking, radon and air pollution. • Recognizing this, the person should implement the preventive measures at very early stage. • It is recommended to avoid the habits which affects the lung.
  7. 7. Secondhand Smoking • Active smokers are not the only person to get the lung cancer, there are some unfortunate situation that the person who exposure to smoking will also get the lung cancer disease. • This can be prevented effortlessly without any strain both physically and mentally. • All that the person need to do is prevent themselves from the smokers regardless of the house and the working places.
  8. 8. Asbestos • Asbestos is the type of hazardous mineral present in fibers and some construction parts like pipes, insulation materials, etc… • The person working in the construction field are more exposed to the asbestos. • Knowing the risk, this mineral has been banned in some countries. Despite, they are used in some parts. • This cause is preventable, that the user need to check the asbestos level with the special equipment and proceed the work.
  9. 9. Lung surgery • Tumors happens due to the unhealed wounds in the specific part. • The person who are underwent with the lung surgery should cure the wound as soon as possible, else the persistent wound may change into lung cancer. • The diabetic patients should be given extra care, since the wound healing capacity is very less among them.
  10. 10. Chemical Exposure • The chemicals are found in all the manufacturing unit and the person who are working in manufacturing portion of the certain products have high risk of lung cancer. • chemicals like arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, diesel exhaust, coal, nickel, etc… responsible for the lung cancer. • Have some preventive aids to protect yourself from such hazardous chemicals
  11. 11. Lung diseases • Lung cancer is not the only disease which affects the breathing. There are several diseases occurs in the breathing system. • Some of lung diseases include pneumonia, pulmonary disorders, fugal infections, etc… • They soon develop into lung cancer, if they are not treated properly.
  12. 12. Food Habits • Lung cancer may also arise due to the daily eating habits. • There are certain foods which are likely factor for the human despite its hazardous factors. • The spicy foods and certain chemicals added to the trendy food have many health ruining agents. • Cancer causing foods - which-you-eat-daily.html
  13. 13. • These are the risk factor of the lung cancer and folks have be aware of it in order to prevent themselves from such a deadliest disease. • Lung cancer blogs( shows various information regarding the lung cancer causes, symptoms, treatments and the types.