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Pizza preparation steps


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Pizza is the quick and yummy recipe loved by all age people. the step by step pizza preparation method is narrated in these slides

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Pizza preparation steps

  1. 1. Pizza Preparation Steps
  2. 2. Pizza • Pizza is the suitable food for this busy world. pizzas are the trend setter and this simple dish is been the attractive feature among young population. • Pizzas are not the difficult dish to prepare, they are very quick dish which can be prepared within few minutes. • The main ingredient of pizza always remains to be cheese and vegetables. • Spices are added based on the preferences.
  3. 3. Pizza Base • Preparing pizza Base dough seems to be toughest task, but they are very easy if all the ingredients are available. • The pizza dough is prepared with Maida floor, salt and instant yeast. • The yeast can be replaced by curd, baking soda and backing powder. • The dough should be kept for several hours before making a base. • Pizza base dough recipe -
  4. 4. Pizza Sauce • Pizza sauce is the main ingredient for this recipe and they are prepared easily at home. • Many alternative sauces are opted in place of pizza sauce but the taste differs. • They are prepared keeping tomato as the main ingredient. • Onions, salts, sugar are added for taste. • Pizza sauce recipe - sauce.html
  5. 5. Pizza Toppings • The toppings can be anything like veg or non veg. the toppings are used either after cooking or they are cut into slices and used as toppings. • The toppings are preferred based on the requirement. • The cheese is the main ingredients for pizza and they are placed as slices above the toppings which gets melted on heating.
  6. 6. Pizza Seasoning • Seasoning is important for any kind of dish which enhances the flavor. • The pizza seasoning is done with few healthy herbs and they are minced well and sprinkled above the pizza. • The spices are added here based on the preferences. • Pizza seasoning - seasoning.html
  7. 7. Whole veg pizza • After making base, sauce, toppings and seasoning, the pizza is ready to get its completeness. • Roast the base well in top, bottom and all around. • Spread the pizza sauce over the upper portion of the base and add the toppings and cheese. • Bake it several minutes, the cheese melts and as the final step add seasoning which enhances the flavor. • Veg Pizza recipe - pizza.html
  8. 8. • These are the steps to prepare the pizzas at home. • A to Z food recipes ( is the site which showcases on likewise recipe preparation in step by step manner. • The variety of Indian food with the clear preparation tips and the required ingredients are depicted with very precise note.