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Impact Apprenticeships Powerpoint


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IMPACT Apprenticeships Apprenticeships Training and Employment Service overview

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Impact Apprenticeships Powerpoint

  1. 1. About UsIMPACT Apprenticeships is a joint venture company and partnershipof MEGT (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of MEGT (Australia) Ltd andLoughborough College, Loughborough.Loughborough College and MEGT (UK) Limited have partnered tobring the strength of a successful Australian based apprenticeshipemployment concept, called in Australia a ‘Group TrainingCompany’. In the United Kingdom the National ApprenticeshipsService (NAS) has called a similar concept the ApprenticeshipTraining Agency (ATA).But there are some gaps that are unique to the Group Trainingmodel and that IMPACT Apprenticeships is pleased to now offer toyou in the United Kingdom by combining the strengths of bothMEGT and Loughborough College.
  2. 2. Why use IMPACT Apprenticeships•We are your safety net•Reduced risk•Reduced paperwork•Reduced downtime•Economical•Reduced turnover•High Quality control
  3. 3. Eight steps to successStep 1We take a recruitment brief from you so that the apprentice you hire, is the right one for the joband the right one for your team.Step 2.We design the job descriptionStep 3.We advertise the position and short list applicants by assessing against the recruitment plan andusing aptitude testingStep 4.Each successful candidate undertakes a workplace pre-employment induction that includesworkplace health and safety, their responsibilities, requirements and obligationsStep 5.We organise their training, including negotiating with College/s to assure the best delivery modelfor the company and the apprentice.Step 6.Your Field Officer then oversees the progress of the apprentice/s throughout their apprenticeship,regardless of the number of employers they work with.Step 7.If appropriate, we will outplace or rotate your apprentice with other employers. In some casesthis may be because the apprentice and employ just don’t work out together. It may be becausethe work runs out. Or it may be to the benefit of the apprentice to gain cross-industry experience.Step 8.Your Field Officer is your day-to-day point of contact. They take the worry out of recruitment andemployment.
  4. 4. QualityIMPACT Apprenticeships operates in line with the Australian Group TrainingCompany quality standards and includes the minimum National ApprenticeshipServices (NAS) ATA operating framework.To ensure that we provide the highest quality service IMPACT Apprenticeshipshave combined both the Australian Apprenticeship Agency standards with theUnited Kingdom National Apprenticeship Service Framework for Apprenticeshipagencies. IMPACT Apprenticeship standards cover the following:Standard 1: Systems for ATA include management of hostingStandard 2: Compliance with regulatory requirementsStandard 3: Effective financial management proceduresStandard 4: Effective administration and record management proceduresStandard 5: Effective corporate governanceStandard 6: Access and equityStandard 7: The skills of ATA staffStandard 8: Ethical practiceStandard 9: Quality
  5. 5. ComplianceIMPACT Apprenticeships will comply with all employmentlegislation and law including that pertaining to privacy, freedom ofinformation and trade practices;IMPACT Apprenticeships will adopt all Heath & Safety Executive(HSE) standards pertaining to the employment of apprenticesIMPACT Apprenticeships operate under 9 quality standards asoperating an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)IMPACT Apprenticeships will comply with the NationalApprenticeships (NAS) framework and Skills Funding Agency(SFA) requirements.IMPACT Apprenticeships will comply with the Agency workersregulations
  6. 6. Contact usAshley LangdonExecutive 401089Laura ParkerBusiness 517 016Radmoor Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3BT