Intro To Premiere Feb 2010


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Intro To Premiere Feb 2010

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  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Our Service 3. Cordant Group 4. Employed Worker Status 5. Competitive Pricing 6. Accreditation 7. Compliance 8. Equal Opportunities 9. Recruitment Process - Attracting the Best 10.Volume Recruitment 11.Bespoke Recruitment Funnel 12.Service Level Agreement 13.Escalation Process 14.Account Management Team 15.Continuous Improvement 16.Information Technology 17.Why Premiere Page 2 of 12
  3. 3. 1. Introduction Established in 1983, Premiere People operate a network of branches throughout the UK and Ireland specialising in complete staffing solutions. Premiere People supply quality staff for temporary and permanent vacancies across a broad range of skill sets in both the private and public sectors. We are able to offer a comprehensive contract management service, supplying staff as needed, providing training where necessary, supervising staff in post and handling all administration. We were acquired by the Cordant Group in 2007 and our long term aim is to offer the best of both worlds, Corporate compliance and Local quality of service. In addition, Premiere People branches operate a "worker is king" policy. All consultants at Premiere People undergo REC training to MIRP level, and are trained in how to manage our workforce. This policy ensures that our Workers are treated ethically and fairly regardless of origin or age. We also have a confidential helpline that ensures our workers have the ability to speak to a member of Premiere Peoples audit and compliance team should they have any issues with any aspect of their experience with Premiere People. Workers are paid accurately and on time, every time. We had an error count of 0.4% in 2008 with some 125,000 timesheets processed. Any errors that occurred were rectified quickly and efficiently. 2. Our Service Temporary, Interim & Permanent Recruitment • Ad-hoc supply • On-site managed services • Master vendor • Recruitment process outsourcing • Outplacement & redundancy management • Consultancy Page 3 of 12
  4. 4. We Can Support With These: • TUPE transfer of all or part of a workforce • Supplier change management • Recruitment agency rationalisation • Standardisation of agency pay and charge rates • High volume bespoke recruitment and selection campaigns 3. Cordant Group Established 1957, an Independent family-owned business within the Business Support Services sector. Cordant Group plc operates 3 distinct trading divisions: Recruitment - £300m turnover Cleaning - £65m turnover Security - £48m turnover Cordant Group plc Recruitment Division Dynamiq Cleaning Securiplan (Advance) Security Services Premiere People Abacus PMP Provista Primetime Judy Fisher Cordant Group Statistics 108 Branch Locations 132 On-Site Locations Top 25 UK Recruiters Average 17000 Temporary Workers Employed weekly Page 4 of 12
  5. 5. 4. Employed Worker Status Premiere People are one of the few recruitment agencies who engage their temporary staff on a contract of employment and not a contract for services – therefore giving them full employed status. By Premiere People employing the temporary workers on a contract of employment this de- risks you ‘our client’ of being deemed your workers employer. This has been a grey area in employment law, but recent case law has leaned towards finding the client to be the employer. Experience has shown that employing staff on a contract of employment encourages loyalty and continuity of service from the temporary worker. Benefits to workers include:  Only Agency employer contributing pension in UK  Reward gateway benefits with discounts at over 1300 stores  Eye care  Personal accident insurance  Premiere People Travel Scheme  Confidential helpline 5. Competitive Pricing Premiere People are an extremely cost focused company and have developed very efficient back office processes. Coupled with investment in information technology, we have managed to reduce our back office overheads considerably. Due to the fact that we are part of a £400m group we have the buying power to significantly reduce the cost of consumables such as PPE and office machinery, and services such as phone costs and training. The result of this focus allows our service to be delivered at highly competitive margins, with high retention of staff - keeping recruitment costs in check. Page 5 of 12
  6. 6. 6. Accreditation Premiere is accredited as an Investor in People and is therefore committed to training and developing all members of staff. Premiere People recognise that a committed and motivated workforce is paramount to the success of our company. We are proud that in 1993, to be one of the first four recruitment agencies and one of the first 1000 organisations in the UK to attain the Investors in People accreditation. Premiere consultants undergo a mandatory training and induction schedule accredited by Recruitment Employment Confederation. Premiere People are a Corporate Member of the REC, and as such we adhere to their code of practice which governs the service we offer both to clients and applicants. We abide by all equal opportunities legislation and adhere to all regulations included in the Employment Agencies Act. Premiere People consultants undergo a mandatory training and induction schedule accredited by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. On completion of training, all consultants sit an exam to achieve the Certificate in Recruitment Practice which is accredited by the REC. Staff have to demonstrate competence working with applicants and clients in order to be successful. We are proud of our 100% pass rate. Premiere People are members of the Association of Labour Providers. Premiere People have been 'Accredited Contractor' since October 2006 to the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme Premiere People are members of the Freight Transport Association. The FTA represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. As a member of the FTA we regularly receive updates on legislation to ensure our compliance. Premiere People have been awarded the Positive about Disability Two Tick symbol as we have demonstrated to the Department of Work and Pensions (Job Centre Plus) that we have achieved, and are committed to, continually achieving 5 commitments relating to the employment of disabled people. The 5 commitments are to: Interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for the job Ensure a mechanism is in place to discuss, at any time, but at least once a year, with disabled employees what can be done to ensure that they can develop and use their full abilities Make every effort to ensure that when employees become disabled, they stay in employment Page 6 of 12
  7. 7. Take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make these commitments work 7. Compliance Premiere People view ourselves as "guardian of your brand", and as such always endeavour to ensure that your brand is portrayed in the best possible light to all prospect candidates and to the wider marketplace. In line with this policy it is imperative that we are 100% compliant with employment legislation in all areas, and that by association, our Clients are perceived as a responsible user of Temporary workers. Our compliance and best practice team audits branches and on site contracts on a regular basis. They are conducted both online and in the branch and on-site network. In addition to auditing the compliance team are also an invaluable resource in relation to advising the branches on immigration and employment legalities. Our client base is wide and varied and we put all candidates through the same recruitment and audit process. We are audited on a regular basis by both public and private sector organisations and to date have a 100% pass record. Recent audits include the GLA, Commensura and the NHS (Buying Solutions). 8. Equal Opportunities - Training And Development All employees will receive training at Induction and written handouts on the key aspects of Equal Opportunities legislation, such as the Race, Sex, Age and Disability Discrimination Acts. The training will ensure that: a) Employees recognise their legal obligations. b) Employees develop their skills to translate the policy into practice. The criteria for selecting employees for training and development opportunities (including career development and progression) will be non-discriminatory. These will be based upon the employee’s merits and abilities, business needs and the availability of appropriate training and development activities. Whenever practicable, training will be arranged so that all categories of employees may attend e.g. part-timers. The Company’s training programmes will be designed to support the aims of the Equal Opportunities policy. All employees are encouraged to discuss training and development opportunities with their line manager on an ad-hoc basis, or during any formal performance review. Company policy dictates that all employees receive a minimum of one formal review of their performance annually. Page 7 of 12
  8. 8. 9. Recruitment Process - Attracting the best High Street Locations Recommendation Jobs Fairs Internet Job Boards Employed Worker Status Market leading benefit schemes Bespoke volume campaigns using multi-media 10. Volume recruitment Premiere People specialise in volume recruitment, as part of our labour pool management programme we can deliver volume recruitment solutions with immediate effect. We have the facility to recruit and induct up to 100 staff per day from individual branches and can call upon the resources of our sister companies if required. To ensure successful delivery of all staffing requirements we work closely with our clients to ensure that we have adequate resources available for all peak requirements, on top of this we will always carry some spare resource. For example if your peak of business is around 200 Temporary Workers we will ensure that we have at least 255 within the labour pool. 11. Bespoke recruitment funnel Premiere People develop a bespoke recruitment process for all Clients. This ensures that we get the best possible match between Client and Temporary Worker. This increases the lifespan of the worker, reduces our costs and delivers increased productivity to our Clients. During the contract implementation process it is vital that we get a full and thorough understanding of our Clients Business, this is to ensure we can fully brief prospective Temporary Workers. The standard process would be as follows, designed to meet individual client requirements: Telephone pre-screen - to ensure prospect workers meet minimum criteria Formal face to face interview Work history check Page 8 of 12
  9. 9. Temporary worker logged onto Matchmaker (our front and back office IT systems) All right to work paperwork and legislation checked Payroll number issued Worker Handbook issued Temporary worker calls back at pre-agreed time to request first shift Temporary worker induction /training ( this can be pre-employment or on the first day of employment? 12. Service Level Agreement Upon successful award of contract Premiere People will develop a bespoke Service Level Agreement for our Clients. The purpose of the agreement would be to clarify each parties roles and responsibilities within the terms of the agreement. This ensures that we have clear guidelines and have pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators to benchmark our service against. The following KPI are examples only and would be agreed for Client during contract negotiation. We would measure our service against these KPI and Management Information relating to our performance would be communicated to Client on a weekly/monthly basis. Example KPI % 98% - 100% 95% - 98% Less than 95% Timekeeping Attendance Invoice Accuracy Performance Attrition (weekly) KPI are bespoke to the client and would be agreed at the start of the contract, any KPI falling below 95% would automatically start the formal escalation process. Page 9 of 12
  10. 10. 13. Escalation Process In the event of service issues or day to day problems we would propose the following: Performance * Temporary *Employment Amber Service Red Service Level Issue Worker Business Level Performance Performance Timescale for Same Day Same Day Same Week Same Week meeting Timescale for Same Day Same Day Within One Week Within One Week resolution Premiere Account Account Manager Dave Cottington - Lindsay Prince - People Manager Senior Manager MD, Contact/s Account Manager Dave Cottington Senior Manager Account Manager Client Contact/s Relevant Relevant Relevant Relevant Managers Manager Manager Managers * This relates to minor service or performance issues that do not result in the service levels falling into the amber or red bandings. Any service level issues that fall into the amber or red bandings would be followed up by a report from Premiere People with a proposed plan of action to ensure that the issue does re-occur. We would also propose a monthly meeting to discuss previous months performance against KPI and continuous improvement. 14. Account Management Team Premiere People customer service adds value to your contract. We have an established senior team responsible for supporting locations and for regular liaison to ensure customer satisfaction. Our in-house training program and support team ensures that all staff are aware of their responsibilities, service performance objectives and the agreed service level criteria for each service user. Focus upon customer service as a priority is maintained throughout the group by on-going staff development, training and participating in workshops and seminars. Page 10 of 12
  11. 11. Through cross fertilisation of ideas and best practice within the Cordant Group, we ensure that we deliver an innovative service. 15. Continuous Improvement Premiere People are conscious of the need for continuous improvement, and are constantly seeking methods and processes that will make Premiere People and our clients more efficient. There are many aspects of a service that can be targeted for improvement, from worker mentoring and training to timesheet hour’s verification. The Premiere People Account Manager will work closely with the customers management team in order to identify areas of improvement in our service. This will be completed using our formal 3D approach to improvement: 3D Improvement Process – Diagnose, Develop, Deliver Diagnose – Work with the customer and Premiere People account teams to diagnose areas of improvement. Develop – Use best practice from experience throughout the Cordant Group to develop processes and procedures which will improve the targeted area. Deliver - Deliver the improvement ensuring that there are measured KPI’s to determine success. 16. Information Technology Accutime time and attendance system The system Utilises both Swipe Card and fingerprint technology providing real time data, and has the flexibility and capability of recording multi shift patterns. It also acts as a fire register and records lateness, absences and holiday. In addition this system can streamline the admin process and can eradicate the need for manual timesheets saving many hours of administration. MatchMaker - Front and back office admin system Matchmaker is our front and back office IT system. It contains our worker database and will prompt when updates are required i.e. licence copy, updated references, visa renewals etc. We can do a variety of different candidate searches to deliver prompt results. It also intergrates with our Accutime T&A system delivering real time management information and e-timesheets. Page 11 of 12
  12. 12. 17. Why Premiere? We can offer a one stop solution, with one point of contact and one invoice for all of your recruitment needs. As part of the Cordant Group we are one of the market leading recruitment agencies in our field, with a group turnover of £400m. This gives us the resource to develop the products we offer, and to train and recruit the best consultants in the business. Our Temporary Workers have employed status. This delivers very low attrition and protects our clients from new employment legislation. Due to the lean management structure of the business and our embrace of technology, we can offer a very competitive pricing structure. We have tried and tested e-process systems that can be implemented with minimal disruption. Our service is bespoke and at the start of a new contract we spend lots of time gaining a thorough understanding of your operation. We call this process a Client Needs Analysis, the process normally takes anything from two days to a week and enables us to gain a proper understanding of your business and culture. This process would also give stakeholders within your business the opportunity to voice any concerns over previous service and to shape the service moving forward. We are a safe pair of hands in the recruitment industry with a stable financial history, low internal staff turnover, and lots of experience in your sector. Page 12 of 12