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US Metal Crafters Rep Information


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An overview of the services offered by US Metal Crafters to its reps.

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US Metal Crafters Rep Information

  1. 1. Welcome andThankYou forTaking theTime to Join UsToday! We will keep it short and yet informative.
  2. 2. Who/What is US Metal Crafters? • New Company established on the base of a 34 yr old ‘mom and pop’ operation who were ‘probably’ operating in the$2-3Million range. • 134,000 sq ft • ~27 employees • One of the ‘US-’ Companies • US- Duct/US-Tubing • 75 employees • $18 Million in sales • Selling Industrial Duct and Sheet Metal Products primarily related to Fugitive Dust/Fume/Smoke/Mist and light phase pneumatic conveyance • Sells exclusively through rep groups (if at all possible) • US- Enhanced • Personnel and Placement Agency • Established to Support Duct and now supporting Metal Crafters.
  3. 3. What is our vision for US Metal Crafters? • To build upon the 34 years of fabrication experience and knowledge and grow into a major manufacturing/service business. • Rapid profitable growth through the ‘alignment with’ and extraordinary ‘servicing of’ rep groups who can use us to provide a broader and enhanced offering to their customers. • We believe our future lies in quality, fast delivery, broad offering, our network and… • Continuous improvements in delivery times, equipment, personnel and pricing. • Fast Competitive Quotes, Faster Delivery, Communication and On-Time Commissions
  4. 4. Our uniqueness? • 6* production centers that can operate independently or in collaboration to provide a FULL range of metal services and products. 1. Stamping 2. Roll Forming 3. Fabrication/Form 4. Laser Cutting 5. Die Making 6. Machining (*These are often combined to provide further services such as assembly, complex forming and finished products) • ISO Certified • Quality Manager • Many years of experience (more to follow)
  5. 5. Our Objective Today – • To acquaint you with our capabilities so as to help you identify opportunities- with your current customers and as you visit new ones. • Our Current Customers • Game Change Solar- Solar Farms (stamping, roll forming, assembly) • GE- (stampings, rolling rings) • Hubble Electric- Lighting (rolling rings) • KI – Furniture Parts (stampings, fabrication) • High Point Furniture- Furniture (stampings) • Leggit- Furniture (laser, forming) • Kaba- Locks (stampings, forming, laser) • Wood Products- Tobacco Barrels (stamping, assembly) • Syntec (stamping, forming, machining)
  6. 6. Stamping • 65 presses- 15 of them set up to run automatic • 5-200 Ton • Multiple Opening/Bed/Strokes/Speed • Largest- 200 ton with 30”x72” bed with 16” height • Air and Servo Feeds (depending on tolerances) • Servos up to 18” wide • Multiple Coil Lines/straighteners • Largest 12,000 lbs/30”x 3/16” or 20”x ¼” • Capabilities • Light to ¼ “ Mild steel • Yes we do SS but lighter • Tolerances to .002” • Single and Progressive Dies • Short or Long Runs
  7. 7. Roll Forming • 15 Roll Formers • Ranging from • 1” shaft- 8 stands • 2.5” shaft- 16 stands • 14” wide- 14ga • 12” wide- 8ga • Light to Heavy of various materials • Short to VERY Long parts • Up To 6 In line Stamping Stations • Flying Cut-offs for fast production
  8. 8. Fabrication/Forming • Mig/Tig Welding • 5 Tube Benders up to 3” • Multiple press brakes – up to 12’- 175 ton • 2 Trump Turrets- 22 ton and 28 ton • Wet Paint Line • Powder Coating Available • Most Materials • Simple to Complex
  9. 9. Assembly/Integration • There are times when more than one process is just not enough to fill the customers needs. • US Metal Crafters is uniquely equipped and staffed with knowledgeable personnel to coordinate the various areas • For Example: • Laser and Breaking • Stamping and Breaking • Stamping and Roll Forming • Stamping and Roll Forming and Assembly • Stamping and Forming to Finished Product • Etc, etc, etc
  10. 10. Clamps- a fledgling area • Within Fabrication/Forming (but also utilizing stamping and roll forming) • The previous owners made bands and clamps for years but as a side product. • Tobacco Bands • Rim Channels • Hubble Electric • US Duct was using them to help make their clamp for US-Tubing- a heavy duty over-center and adjustable clamp. • We believe this has further market but again- IT IS NOT A MATURE product line but one we where we see a market and a need.
  11. 11. Laser • Current CO2 4000W Laser • Up to ¼” mild steel • Just Purchased—New Mazak 3000 W Fiber Laser
  12. 12. Die and Machine Shop • VITAL!!!! Discovered early on that this was a necessity! • One of the biggest investments • 3 new Die Makers (hard to come by) • New EDM • All in an effort to increase delivery time • Roll Forming tooling designed AND made in house. • Also a future profit center • US Duct already owned a machine shop that is now being incorporated into our operation. • 2- Engine Lathes • 2- CNC Turning Mills • 2-CNC Lathes • 3- Surface Grinders • 2- Bridge Ports
  13. 13. Quality • Quality is not viewed as just a necessary requirement. IT IS A CULTURE. • While we do not pursue high quality/low tolerance work, it is because of the accompanying issues associated with that work and not the quality requirements. • Current solar customer has very tight requirements (.020 in 24’) Our quality engineer not only checks these things but works with the customer’s engineers to enlighten them and design solutions. • Quality is about safety and respect.
  14. 14. BobbyWheat 16 years as Quality Engineer and R&D.Yellow Belt in Six Sigma. ISO Administration.
  15. 15. Material Control • As a ‘Toll’ Operation • We are currently handling and controlling 2.5 million lbs. of coil for Game Change. (various gauges, widths and heat ranges) • Kanban system • Our E-2 software package allows us to closely monitor inventory • 12,500 lb Tow motor • Over Bay loading hoist for long material
  16. 16. People! • No presentation would be complete without talking about our people. • Knowledgeable • Dedicated • Enthusiastic
  17. 17. Dale Greenwood President David Ernest Sales Engineer
  18. 18. Invitation US Metalcrafters invite you to visit our facility for a first hand look at who we are and how we can become your low cost provider in the metal working needs for your visit.