Networking with the Next Generation of Decision Makers


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Faced by a generation that grew up with the power of multiple technologies, how does the professional sales person connect with the Next Generation of Decision Makers?

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Networking with the Next Generation of Decision Makers

  1. 1. Kim E. Williams@WilliamsKimSandler Training @SandlerSays
  2. 2. The Digital Decision Maker…
  3. 3. Who’s The Digital Decision Maker? #SandlerTraining
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  5. 5. #SandlerTraining
  6. 6. #SandlerTraining
  7. 7. #SandlerTraining
  8. 8. Building Relationship?
  9. 9. You Have To Be Where They Are! LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Blogging? A Web Page?
  10. 10. What About Networking? SMART and SMARTER Goals Prepare Your Foundation Define Target Emotionally Engage Your Network 5-10 Key Relationships Join Strategically Personal BOD Interested and Interesting Value Register at Design for Referrals Follow Up Track and Measure Be Accountable to Your Program
  11. 11. Hand Shakes and Facetime#1: Get 5-10 Key RelationshipsIt’s Not Who You Know, or Who Knows You, BUT It’s Who You Know Knows. #SandlerTraining
  12. 12. Hand Shakes and Facetime#2: Join Strategic Organizations #SandlerTraining
  13. 13. Hand Shakes and Facetime#3: Be Interested and Interesting Kip Blakely of TIMCO
  14. 14. Hand Shakes and Facetime#4: Deliver Incredible Valueto your network. #SandlerTraining
  15. 15. Hand Shakes and Facetime#5: Follow Up: Consistently, Constantly #SandlerTraining
  16. 16. Hand Shakes and Facetime#BONUS: Remember -Be Digitally Present and Positioned #SandlerTraining
  17. 17. Hand Shakes and Facetime#BONUS: Remember -Be Present Their Pain Sales Opportunity Your Your Presence Position #SandlerTraining
  18. 18.