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1 of 2 Delivered to NAILD Convention 2012 in West Palm Beach at National PGA Resort

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1 Naild Digital Marketing Overview Web (2)

  1. 1. DESIGN MARKETING TECHNOLOGY Social Media An Executive Overview
  2. 2. About
  3. 3. The Evolution of Marketing ChannelsCourtesy of Exact Target
  4. 4. Search Optimization Paid Advertising Email CampaignsSolid Hosting Google Analytics Mobile Strategy Great Website Social Marketing Pillars of Success
  5. 5. Elements of Digital MarketingSearch Marketing – “Sugar Free Gifts” PPC SEO
  6. 6. Google SEO Regional ExampleSearch Marketing – “HVAC Winston Salem” PPC SEO
  7. 7. Elements of Digital MarketingPaid Placement
  8. 8. Elements of Digital MarketingEmail Marketing
  9. 9. Elements of Digital Marketing • SMS text message marketingMobile Marketing • Mobile website strategy • Mobile friendly design • Mobile platform
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing
  12. 12. “revolution” Understanding & embracing social network marketing is mission critical.Video: Social Media Revolution.mp4
  13. 13. Revolutionary Marketing Advertising Social Media•Push •Permission•Announce •Conversation•Authoritative •Opinion•Convince •Sharing•Control the Brand •Evolve the Brand•Sell •Incentive•Invasive •Invitational•Directive •Grass Roots
  14. 14. Impact of Social Media Note that social media sources score HIGHER than a company’s own web site when considering what influences the buying process.
  15. 15. Impact of Social Media• Social Media is growing very fast in small, mid and large size firms• Every company should have it as part of their marketing strategy (even if just a small part)• Social media strategies provide better results than other web marketing strategies you may already be using (especially SEO)
  16. 16. Digital Marketing - Barriers to Success• Staff lacks knowledge of digital marketing3 (or knows the pieces, but not how they fit together)4 Staff lacks time “for one more thing”•• Management lacks understanding of digital2 marketing & appreciation of benefits to bottom line1 Management has HUGE fear of loosing control•• Absence overall of a Digital Marketing Strategy5
  17. 17. All of these barriers tosuccess are VERY fixable !You’ve just started that process.
  19. 19. Stay In TouchTwitter.com/WilliamsKim linkedin.com/in/kimevanswilliams