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Introduction to Leiden University Libraries & Special Collections


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A general introducation to the strategic plan of Leiden University Libraries and highlighting some of its services.

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Introduction to Leiden University Libraries & Special Collections

  1. 1. Kurt De Belder University LibrarianDirector Leiden University Libraries & Leiden University Press
  3. 3. Presentation Background UBL Strategic plan overview, approach, etc. With 4 selected topics: physical space, virtual research environments & datalabs, infrastructure in the cloud, special collections.Tour of the libraryPresentation of special collections
  5. 5. Its significance for European culture cannot beoverestimated: it is a part of a small number ofcultural centres that gave direction to thedevelopment and spread of knowledge during theEnlightenment. The importance of these centreslies in the simultaneous presence of a uniquecollection of exceptional sources and scholars. Christiane Berkvens-Stevelinck: Magna Commoditas, 2001
  6. 6. An essential benchmark [...] not only for the teeming collection ofextraordinary materials it has scrupulously gathered and maintainedover a sustained period of time, but most of all for being the worldsfirst scholarly library in a truly modern sense. The litany of firstsrecorded at Leiden is dazzling - the first printed catalogue to beprepared by an institution of its holdings, the first attempt to identifyand maintain what today are known as special collections, the firstsystematic attempt to develop a corps of influential friends, patrons,and benefactors throughout the world, the first universal library, thelist goes on and on - and underpinning it all is a humanistic approachto education and discovery that has figured prominently throughoutits history, along with an unbending belief in the limitless potential ofhuman inquiry. Nicholas A. Basbanes
  7. 7. LEIDEN UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES East Asian Library Law Library Library Learning Centre Campus The Hague Science Libraries Social and Behavioural Sciences Library University LibraryA modern research library supporting research & teaching
  8. 8. LEIDEN UNIVERSITY LIBRARIESA quick look back
  9. 9.  1st strategic plan For Research and Education 2006-2010 2006: reorganization of the University Library (UB) 2009: University Library and all the institute libraries and faculty libraries under one leadership 2010: creation of one organization: Leiden University Libraries (UBL) 2011: new strategic plan Partner in Knowledge 2011-2015
  10. 10. LEIDEN UNIVERSITY LIBRARIESSome figures (2011)
  11. 11. 6 library locations12 research groups supported by Virtual ResearchEnvironments20 fellows at the Scaliger Institute94 hours/week open (University Library location)117 lectures & presentations by staff173 staff members (124 FTE)289 courses given500+ databases750 subscribers to Snapshot service (18/year)1.417 work spaces3.945 students attended courses5.736 visitors to local exhibitions15.687 publications in repository16.000+ opening hours (all library locations)
  12. 12. 40.000+ e-journals65.158 questions answered237.857 items circulated340.510 unique website visitors930.000 downloads in Institutional Repository1.000.000+ e-books2.500.000+ consulted articles in e-journals4.000.000+ searches in catalogue4.200.000+ books
  13. 13. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESStrategic Plan – Partner in Knowledge Goals Focus areas
  14. 14. Leiden University Libraries – Strategic plan 2011-2015: Partner inKnowledge
  15. 15.  UBL is at Leiden University the knowledge intersection where information is produced, curated, used and shared, as well physically as virtually. The UBL collections serve as raw material for research and teaching The embedded library: students, teaching faculty and researchers should have limitless access to the UBL collections and services – however, wherever, whenever. Innovation: the UBL looks forward and prepares its users to the new developments and possibilities within Knowledge organization: the UBL provides a stimulating working environment.
  16. 16.  Library to become expert centre digital information for research and teaching A partner for research and teaching faculty Library Learning Centre Digital information skills Relationship Special Collections and research and teaching Societal relevance: Cultural Scholarly Program (UBL, Scaliger Institute, Leiden University Press) Fundraising Collaboration
  17. 17.  New areas of expertise / tasks in research support: o Research registration (CRIS) (in production) o Virtual Research Environments (=> production) o Data management & curation (pilots) o Text & data mining (exploring project) o Copyright (in production) o GIS (exploring project) o Publication support (exploring project) o IPR and patents (to be explored) o [further areas to be identified through in-depth focus group discussions with researchers]
  18. 18.  New areas of expertise in teaching support: o Advanced digital information skills o Thesis Repository (also for accreditation purposes) o VRE’s in education (relationship research and teaching) o Excellent physical work environment for students (physical space) o Multimedia, teaching repositories and open courseware Digital has preference (4/5 of collection budget allocated to digital materials). We want to do more with collections than making them available for reading by human beings (raw material).
  19. 19.  Digital library is an embedded library, part of the digital work environment of our users Virtual Research Environments DataLabs Mobile Cloud computing and webservices Chain cooperation
  20. 20.  Important for Leiden University Libraries: o One organization in 2010 o Strategic plan developed with library staff o Changes in function profiles (e.g. subject specialists) o Within appointments time explicitly allocated for development of new expertise o Focus on working in projects o Sufficient funding for staff training and development
  21. 21.  Approach o Expertise approach (not subject approach). o Balance between own expertise and mediation. o Collaboration is central: with researchers, research groups, computing centre and external partners such as SURF, national data archives (DANS & 3TU.Datacentre), Microsoft Research. o Bottom up but accompanied by strategic discussion at leadership level of university.
  22. 22. Collaboration with LURIS Leo Waaijers: The DARE Chronicle: Open Access to Research Results and Teaching Material in the Netherlands, Ariadne, 53, Collaboration with CWTS Publication advice Founding member OAPEN Publication pages of faculty Harvesting of repository Collaboration w. national data archives Collaboration with e-Depot October 30, 2007. Faculty Digital ArchivesResearch life cycle Digital Author Identifiers (DAI) Current Research Information System Leiden University Press Institutional Repository Copyright Office Data Information Office DataLabs Virtual Research Environments
  23. 23. Research life cycle Collaboration with LURIS Collaboration with CWTS Publication advice Founding member OAPEN Publication pages of faculty Harvesting of repository Collaboration w. national data archives Collaboration with e-Depot Faculty Digital Archives Digital Author Identifiers (DAI) Current Research Information System Leiden University Press Institutional Repository Copyright Office Data Information Office DataLabs Virtual Research EnvironmentsLeo Waaijers: The DARE Chronicle: Open Access to Research Results and Teaching Material in the Netherlands, Ariadne, 53,October 30, 2007.
  25. 25. Ambitious programme started in 2007University Library Wireless access throughout the building (December 2007) Opening Special Collections Room Dousa (March 2008) Fire protection systems in closed stacks and special collections vaults installed and in use (July 2008) Information Centre Huygens in use (December 2008) Classrooms and conference room (2009) Entrance and Café (December 2009) Exhibition Space (March 2010) 1st floor study area, special collections reference collections (2012-2013) Creation Media Centre (2013) Asian Library as additional floor on University Library (2015)
  26. 26. Sciences Libraries Refurbishment Gorlaeus Library (2009) Opening refurbished Snellius Library (October 4, 2012)East Asian Library Integration of Chinese, Japanese & Korean Libraries (2010)Campus The Hague Opening new Library Learning Centre (September 3, 2012)
  27. 27. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESPARTNER IN KNOWLEDGEVirtual Research Enviroments & DataLabs
  31. 31.  Largest holdings of Dutch medieval manuscripts Internationally renowned Near and Far Eastern collections of manuscripts and books Major holdings in early western printed books Oldest and most complete photograph collection in the Netherlands Print room: substantial holdings of prints, drawings and portraits The complete University Archives Extensive private archives (authors, scholars, societies and organizations) Extensive maps and atlases collection
  33. 33.  Connect researchers with our special collections Close collaboration between University Libraries and faculties Scaliger professor Scaliger, Brill & Elsevier fellowships: > 150 scholars from > 25 countries in the past 11 years Symposia, lectures, research projects, winter school, publications, exhibits
  34. 34. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESSPECIAL COLLECTIONSSCALIGER INSTITUTESampling of Fellows and their publications resultingfrom their residence at the Scaliger Institute
  35. 35. Prof. dr. Anthony Grafton (Princeton): "I have always loved theHoly Tongue": Isaac Casaubon, the Jews, and a Forgotten Chapterin Renaissance Scholarship (2011) (with dr. Joanna Weinberg)Prof. dr. Andrew Pettegree & Dr. Malcolm Walsby (St.Andrews): French vernacular books. Books published in theFrench language before 1601 = Livres vernaculaires francais. Livres ̧imprimes en francais avant 1601. (2007) ́ ̧Dr. D. van Miert (Huygens ING) & Paul Botley (WarburgInstitute): The Correspondence of Joseph Scaliger (1540-1609), 8vols (forthcoming 2012)Dr. Florike Egmond: The World of Carolus Clusius. (2010).
  37. 37. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESSPECIAL COLLECTIONSFACILITIES & SERVICESMaking collections accessible Extensive cataloging efforts (often with external funding) Use of new techniques and international standards (Mass) digitization Digitization on demand
  38. 38. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESSPECIAL COLLECTIONSFACILITIES & SERVICESIntegrated in teaching and research Seminars Clusius Research Project
  39. 39. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESSPECIAL COLLECTIONSFACILITIES & SERVICESCaretaker of human memory Specialized conservation department UNESCO Memory of the World Safe environment
  40. 40. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESSPECIAL COLLECTIONSFACILITIES & SERVICESSocietal Outreach Events, lectures, symposia In house exhibitions Collaboration with major museums
  42. 42. City of Books. Seven Centuries of Reading in Leiden.Museum De Lakenhal22/02/2008 – 01/06/2008
  43. 43. “Leiden book history; ‘City of Books’ is agem”NRC Next, 25 April 2008“We knew Leiden was a city of refugees, ofmuseums and of discoveries. But today onemore aspect has been added: Leiden - cityof books. […] scores of exquisitely illustratedbooks and unique writings.”Leidsch Dagblad, 21 February 2008
  44. 44. Toward the Golden Age - Hendrick Goltzius & Jacob deGheyn IILimburgs Museum28/11/2009 – 28/02/2010
  45. 45. “Not large, but great”Dagblad De Limbuger, 1 December 2009“Goltzius made virtuoso and flawlessengravings”NRC Handelsblad, 7 December 2009
  46. 46. Photography! A special collection atLeiden UniversityThe Hague Museum of Photography23/01/2010 – 18/04/2010
  47. 47. “It’s all about these surprises.”De Volkskrant, 29 January 2010“It is for the very first time that thephotograph collection of Leiden UniversityLibrary is exhibited on such a grand scale.[…] Internationally the fame of the Leidencollection is tremendous.”NRC Handelsblad, 23 January 2010
  48. 48. “The treasure trove of Leiden. LeidenUniversity manages a world classphotograph collection.”Focus 97, February 2010“Paean to the spirit of the age in 170photographs.”Het Parool, 25 January 2010
  49. 49. In Atmosferic Light. Picturalism inDutch Photography 1890-1925Museum Het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam01/04/2010 – 20/06/2010
  50. 50. “The treasures of Leiden were never beforerevealed on such a large scale. […] In short,a feast of recognition.”Trouw, 23 April 2010“There are many mysteries in the exhibition[…] many ‘double entendres’, many thingsthat are different from what they appear tobe.”Vrij Nederland, 15 May 2010
  51. 51. Erwin Olaf: Relief of LeidenMuseum De Lakenhal & Leiden University Library29/09/2011 – 08/01/2012
  52. 52. “An image that can compete with historypaintings with regard to dynamics,composition, tempered light and reducedcolours.”Trouw, 29 September 2011“Olaf’s interpretation of the Siege is harder,darker, probably more realistic, than those inthe traditional idealized history paintings. Withhis images of plague doctors, he shows thatthe plague – according to the latest researchfrom Leiden University – led to more deathsthan hunger.”NRC Handelsblad, 28 September 2011
  53. 53. LEIDEN UNIVERSTY LIBRARIESCOLLABORATION & PARTNERSHIPSMemberships NVB, the Dutch Association of Information Professionals UKB, the Dutch consortium of university libraries and the National Library FOBID, the Netherlands Library Forum LIBER, Association of European Research Libraries IFLA, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions OCLC, Research Library Partnership
  54. 54. More information: @KurtDeBelder