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The Development of a Socio-technical infrastructure to support Open Access publishing through Institutional Repositories


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The Development of a Socio-technical infrastructure to support Open Access publishing through Institutional Repositories

  1. 1. The Development of a Socio-technical infrastructure to support Open Accesspublishing through Institutional Repositories Andrew Dorward 10th July, 2012 Open Repositories 2012 1
  2. 2. UK RepositoryNet+ (RepNet)What is RepNet ?•a socio-technical infrastructure supporting deposit,curation & exposure of Open Access researchliterature.What is its aim ?•To increase the cost effectiveness of repositories ofsuch literature.How will it do this?•offering a sustained and well-used suite of servicesthat enable repositories to operate more costeffectively Open Repositories 2012 2
  3. 3. Mapping the publishing landscape … Open Repositories 2012 3
  4. 4. Funder, researchers, publishers and institutions… Monograph Teacher Article Journal Reader Author Academics Publishers P.I. Subject Repository Open Access Institutional Repository Funders Repository Research Information CRIS Research Awards Management Library Faculty Institutions Research Grant Funders Office Open Repositories 2012 4
  5. 5. Rich Picture: Actors, Agency & Relationships for Report, Deposit & Access Licensed/ teacher editor monograph Academic Publisher tollgate student referee access to Publisher’s researcher Final Copy journal (PFC) P.I. author(s) Subject Deposit of metadata/text of Repository SWORD Authors’ Final Copy (AFC)Research Digital UKPMC reader metrics LibraryAward EUreporting Eval Research Outcomes Institutional NORA Repository curation CERIF micro - services UKCoRR EU RCUK Wellcome Trust stewardship budgets ARMA UK Research Library Funder CRIS HEI [OA mandate] Institution Research Excellence Framework [OA mandate] HEFCE, SFC … Open Repositories 2012 5
  6. 6. Sketch of UK RepositoryNet+ Infrastructure & Components Funders’ Subject Institutional Repositories Repositories Repositories consumers Service Support Service Desk Service Directory hacks … Rapid Innov. Service components / … … curation …Innovation micro-services hosted remote Zone UK RepositoryNet+ Production Environment Open Repositories 2012 6
  7. 7. Production, Failover & Development Open Repositories 2012 7
  8. 8. Helpdesk & Technical Support Open Repositories 2012 8
  9. 9. High-Level Plan2011 2012 2013Aug Oct Jan Apr Jul Oct Jan Mar Other JISC Programmes (Open Access Implementation Group, Research Information Management, etc.) Preparation: JISC Service Portfolio Review Stakeholder analysis Functional requirements Select components Implementation: Wave One Integrate components into a production environment Sustainability business models Implementation: WaveTwo Service enhancement Integrate new components Open Repositories 2012 9
  10. 10. Web Site/Production Environment Open Repositories 2012 10
  11. 11. Roadmap with functional areas Open Repositories 2012 11
  12. 12. Interactions with Innovation Zone Open Repositories 2012 12
  13. 13. Context, Scope and Focus Open Access Context Government policy Funder mandates Publisher practises Gold OA – payment mechanisms Scope Research data sets Co-operation with Open AIRE Executing SIPG Wave 1 business proposals Focus Data integration – working together Identifying Wave 2 ServicesRepNet products/services Open Repositories 2012 13
  14. 14. Context• Government Policy • David Willets: UK government “will make publicly funded research accessible free of charge to readers. Giving people the right to roam freely over publicly funded research will usher in a new era of academic discovery and collaboration, and will put the UK at the forefront of open research.” • Neelie Kroes (EC): 48 billion Euros for FP7 projects conditional on OA publication in lead-up to horizon 2020 (PEER and Nordbib, June 2012) • Finch Report – Gold OA recommended route to Open Access• Funder Mandates • RCUK write to University VCs in July mandating use of RoS and instructing to use RIOXX guidelines for funder info• Publisher Practises • PEER end of project report - Large-scale EC-funded project (€4.2 million, 3 year, 9 months) to model impact of Green OA on STM publishers • Green OA has positive impact on publisher downloads, Gold OA is preferred business model Open Repositories 2012 14
  15. 15. Scope• Gold OA Payment Mechanisms • Currently do not exist – will be barrier to implementing Gold OA • Cannot be entrusted to publishers • Must be run by trusted middleware broker supported by UK/European FE institutions • Must be transparent to allow APCs to be governed by free market for journals Open Repositories 2012 15
  16. 16. Scope - 2• Research Data Sets • Included within RIOXX guidelines, focus of Nordbib conference • Mandated by NERC, ESPRC • Future first step to create a registry of data sets• OpenAIRE co-operation • Projected MoU with RepNet as first step • Very interested in more closely integrated set of RepNet Wave 1 for DRIVER • Interest in co-operation on Gold OA, Data sets Registry Open Repositories 2012 16
  17. 17. Focus• Optimising wave 1 components • SIPG executing business proposals • Closer integration of existing services within data-driven infrastructure • Comprehensive set of tools: Publisher, funder policies; deposit tools; reporting, impact analysis tools• Wave 2 service components - process • Curation micro-services – in contact with U3C DCC • JISC RI Call, JISC Elevator • OR12 workshop • OARR tender • Search consultancy • Advisory Board input Open Repositories 2012 17
  18. 18. Components for Wave 1A: Aggregation, Text mining & Search D: Deposit Tools Innovation Zone REPUK RoMEO Wave 1 Innovation zone Juliet CORE Wave 1 IRS Innovation Zone Open UI for OARJ DepotB: Benchmarking, Statistics and Report RJBroker Wave 1 IRUS-UK Wave 1C: Creating Relevant Registries E: Enhancing Metadata Quality Open ITT - OARR NAMES2 Align with ORCID DOAR ITT - OARR ROAR ORI Wave 1 Open Repositories 2012 18
  19. 19. Implementation Roadmap2012 2013Apr Jul Oct Jan Apr Initial Production Environment ITIL Service Strategy ITIL Service Portfolio JISC Service Portfolio Review Service Desk Wave 1 Selection Production Environment 2.0 Integrate Wave 1 (IRUS-UK, ROMEO, JULIET) Enhance RJ-Broker, ORI Wave 2 Selection ITIL Lead Identification Guidance ITIL Service Design Package ITIL Operational Level Agreements Proto-service ITIL Incident Management Process ITIL Service Acceptance Criteria Enhance Service Desk ITIL Performance Monitoring ITIL Problem Management Process ITIL Service Level Agreements ITIL Release & Deployment Process ITIL Change Management Process ITIL Service Continuity Process Service Hosting (ROMEO/JULIET/RJBroker/ORI) Wave 2 Integration Open Repositories 2012 19
  20. 20. Sustainability• Individual sustainability plans submitted by SIPG members• Various business models: subscription, voluntary contributions, payment for use of data by commercial third parties• Aim to have sustainability plan in place for fully integrated service by March 2013 Open Repositories 2012 20
  21. 21. Service Directory Continual Service Improvement Service Third-party Design components Market Research RoMEO Juliet Service Service Retired IRUS-UK Transition Operational servicesConcepts Services ORI REPUK RJBroker CORE IRS Innovation Zone Open Repositories 2012 21
  22. 22. Wave 2 Candidates - current• Curation micro-services • Characterisation, Validation, Metadata Creation • DROID (Digital Record Object identification) • JHOVE – Java library to detect file formats Done by IR • NLNZ metadata extractor software tools • Identification • Online registry on tech file formats – • PRNOM, GDFR UDFR • Migration and Transformation • Complex, expensive, outwith scope, done elsewhere • Devise policy • Necessary if RepNet successful, IRs become central, post Wave 2• Improving Metadata • Bringing in DOIs from CrossRef • Data-mining metadata from PDFs (Uni Novi Sad) • OpenAIRE tools (GROBIT) Open Repositories 2012 22
  23. 23. Summary• Wave 1 of RepNet provides an excellent service to support Green and Gold Open Access• Full range of deposit, reporting and policy tools in place• Will justify JISC’s investment in IR infrastructure• Move to data-driven infrastructure and closer integration• Wave 2 to focus on micro-services• Sustainability plan in progress to support transition from project to service in March 2013 Open Repositories 2012 23