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Biztech is one of the leading Php Web Development companies in India providing a host of web design solutions. We have with us an immensely talented and experienced team of web developers. Our team excels in offering services like Content Management System, Php Development, Offshore Web Development, Open Source Customization, Web Designing, and Custom Web Application Development.

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Biztech Consultancy Ppt

  1. 1. The world knows India more as an appropriate place to outsource jobs,because of its affordability. This view needs to be changed, just a smallchange, the word affordability has to be accompanied by the wordprofessionalism. This is the ultimate goal we are out to achieve. Nothingexplains our vision better. Our Mission is in alignment with our vision. To take India to global heights, we have chosen to begin the work with our own development. Following are the aims which we have benchmarked for ourselves. • To integrate business with technology, hence Biztech. • To stand up to the diverse needs of clients by building competitive teams for each of those needs. • To constantly embrace the latest technology. • To improvise on our processes and policies so as to make our human resources stronger and more competent.
  2. 2. • Founded in 2007 as a small company with a big vision.• Maintained a phenomenal growth over the years.• Achieved total financial stability since inception and grown solely based on internally generated funds.• Consistent record of over 80% of business coming from repeat customers• Spotless delivery record of many successful project deliveries over the years• A dedicated team of brilliant software professionals
  3. 3. • Hardware Infrastructure : Many workstations for software development, testing and support facilities.• Internal Training Facilities: In-house staff training facility to train people at a time with LCD Projector (beamer), and other interactive tools.• Internet Connectivity : A dedicated leased line for all our development facility supported by a backup broadband cable link incase the leased line fails.• Communication Infrastructure : Facility for video conferencing/ 24 x 7 VOIP calling for onsite-offsite-client team coordination.• Contingency and Disaster Recovery : An offsite location has been created for any kind of eventuality should the main center be rendered unusable.
  4. 4. • Technology, People and Quality are the three rhythms to the saga of our work life. We combine all the three to produce a harmony that is absolutely over whelming and fulfilling. Our work starts with inquiry into the clients’ appropriate needs and ends with fulfilling them.• We adhere to the best industry standards. We simplify project management tasks by dividing large projects into smaller components. We are absolutely transparent in dealing with our clients. We accurately comprehend our clients’ diverse business requirements. Monitoring the projects is an ongoing part of our organization.• We constantly communicate with our clients on a daily basis for project status updates and other project-specific requirements.
  5. 5. People QualityTechnology
  6. 6. • Today, almost every one fights on the basis of low prices. But, a low cost does not ensure actual reduction in the business costs in the long run, quality does. We believe that a superior work quality should stand much above a low cost service. And we stick to our quality standards.• We follow strict quality standards. A documented Quality Management System (QMS) is religiously followed to ensure that software and web based services provided by us conforms to specified requirements. We follow the following Standard Quality Process. • Measuring end Customer Satisfaction. • Measuring Quality (score cards, feedbacks forms). • Providing feedback (combination of written, real-time and oral feedback sessions). • Calibrating our Quality scores with our clients and end-user Customer satisfaction data.
  7. 7. • We have done Website Development Work in various different web based technologies and various vertical industries for our clients across the globe. We combine creativity with latest web technology to find the right solution for your complex business problem.• Our aim is to ensure success for our clients and make sure that outsourcing works by increasing organic efficiencies, reducing costs and increasing profitability for your business.
  8. 8. • There are lots of companies on the internet providing IT and web development services but why go with Biztech not with some one else. We are proud to say that we have differentiated itself to be perfect offshore partner of your company.• At Biztech We provide high quality web solution by following the bets quality management procedure in our methodology to deliver web development services in a designed time frame.
  9. 9. • Our work environment is collaborative, challenging and highly empowered. This is why our employees are naturally driven to go beyond defined roles and excel in individual capacities. Through our caring and nurturing culture, you will gain a holistic experience at all levels.• If you are looking for an energetic, challenging and rewarding environment, then Biztech is the place to be.
  11. 11. • At Biztech Consultancy, we have an experienced and dedicated Team of Website Developers and programmers who make our services a sheer success by virtue of their talent and technology. We have a pool of skilled professionals to meet varied client needs.• To us, people are not resources. They are people, to be respected and to be taken care of. We believe that a person can give his best only when he receives the best. So, we try to make each day begin with challenges, demands and excitement for our employees. We make each day end with a feeling of fulfillment, inner satisfaction and appreciation for them.
  12. 12. • Global presence. •Quick turnaround time.• Skilled IT professionals. •Satisfied clients globally.• State-of-the-art infrastructure. •Consistent growth & performance.• Proven offshore outsourcing model. •Proximity to skilled manpower source.• Multi-cultural & Multi-location •Establishment work execution & delivery understanding process.• Exploit the time zone advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle.• Utilization of India’s abundant English speaking IT talent at economical rates.• Drastically reduce operating costs. Gain access to world-class software engineering skills.• Share the risks involved in development. Seek resources not available in-house.• Finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house projects.• Free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects. Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project.• Localize existing software for use in other countries & markets. High quality and cost- effective solution.
  13. 13. Biztech Consultancy Contact Person302, Shridhar Complex, Maulik Shah, CEOSardar Patel Colony, + 91-987-962-2024Naranpura, + 424-249-8324Ahmedabad - 380013. sales@biztechconsultancy.comGujarat, India.