Professional development


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Professional development

  1. 1. School Designs Professional Development School Quality = Leader Quality + Instructor Quality • Career management tools include EdisonLearning’s EdisonLearning provides educators with the resources, proprietary Leadership Evaluation Matrix and Professional training, and ongoing support they need to improve Growth Plan for each principal and lead teacher. their skills and increase achievement in their schools. Our professional development program ensures leaders and Supporting Effective Teachers instructors perform at the highest level through training, EdisonLearning’s instructional staff development is unique conferences, coaching and career management tools. because the training is comprehensive and ongoing. New teachers receive pre-training that immerses them in our Building Strong Leaders School Designs model and provides them a solid foundation High-performing principals and lead teachers excel as for future growth. From there, we continually develop instructional leaders, culture builders, business managers, teachers through: and motivators. EdisonLearning’s professional development is • Annual Instructional Leadership Conference (ILC). a focused, inclusive program designed to increase leadership capacity. • Teaching Academy for new teachers. • Pre-service training prepares new EdisonLearning principals • Teaching quality tools including career ladders, performance to be effective leaders on the first day through: rubrics, and professional growth plans. aOrientation provided by the assigned Regional General •A school organization which promotes dedicated Manager and Vice President of Educational Services. individual planning periods to support intentional, rigorous instruction – Academies based on grade level aA four-day national principal professional development which are further organized into Houses of cross-grade event. teams of 4 to 6 teachers with a lead teacher for each House. aThe launch of a two-year Principal Mentorship Program in which every new principal is assigned a successful • House teams support each others professional growth through peer observation. veteran principal for support and guidance. • National conferences offer unmatched opportunities for In the EdisonLearning design, teacher training is continuous. Principals and lead teachers to learn, network and expand It happens at periodic formal gatherings and conferences, upon their pre-service training. These events include: and – as in the case of daily House meetings where teams aThe bi-annual EdisonLearning Leadership Development plan and solve problems together – it happens each and Academy (ELDA) for all principals every day. aThe EdisonLearning Leadership Team Training (ELTT) to help new schools get started on the right track Convenient, Flexible and Personal aNational reach provides not only training, but a unique The scope and scale of our Professional Development opportunity for Principals to meet, share best practices program is a distinct advantage of EdisonLearning® School and connect with their EdisonLearning colleagues Designs. Our emphasis on leadership development and support for effective teachers are contributing factors • Coaching and mentoring programs provide individual to the proven success of our School Designs model. In on-site coaching and consultation, and smaller gatherings addition, our flexible distance learning approach augments are led by field teams under the guidance of the Vice our traditional face-to-face solution by offering convenient President for Educational Services. webinars and flexible anywhere, anytime online programs. “EdisonLearning has some of the best professional development I’ve encountered in my career – always innovative and cutting edge.” - Jamy Jackson, Principal Helen Thackson Middle School, York, PA
  2. 2. Webinars Webinar offerings for English Language Arts, Math, Special Education, ELL, Library and Technology increase New distance learning Professional the reach of Professional Development by offering a Development provides greater more convenient, long distance solution. Each webinar is one-hour in length; and, teachers attending webinars opportunities for flexibility and in select states may now receive CEUs, CLUs and PLUs for customization for educational recertification credits. Webinar participants will receive a leaders and teachers. Certificate of Completion for submission to relevant State Departments of Education. a ebinars for long distance learning and W greater reach. Online Professional Development aake courses at times convenient to you. T More than just a flexible solution, online PD helps accelerate learning by presenting instructional concepts a ork at your own pace. W in the same manner in which we’ve become accustomed a ollaborate with other interested C to interacting with the world. Professional Development professionals. will be delivered via EdisonLearning’s online learning platform and presented modularly. Each module contains a unit that will be divided into four lessons; Essential Instruction, Re-teaching, a forum or blog or extension activities, and Check for Understanding sections. All units will provide a toolbar that provides instructional video, a podcast, handout materials, and an online notebook. Take self-paced courses at a convenient time and place. Find Out More For more information about EdisonLearning® School Designs please call us at 1-877-I-CAN-LEARN (1-877-422-6532), e-mail us at or visit us online at Working together for student success™ © 2010 EdisonLearning, Inc. All rights reserved EdisonLearning® and the EdisonLearning logo are registered trademarks of EdisonLearning, Inc. Offering details are subject to change, and may vary by individual client engagement. Student and school performance depends on many EdisonLearning, Inc. variables; as such, specific results are not guaranteed and may vary. 485 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017 EL09.10