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Key west 2010


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Father & son trip to Key West preceded by a few pics of Kaitlyn and her H.S. band.

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Key west 2010

  1. 1. The Amazing Summer of 2010
  2. 2. Kaitlyn
  3. 3. Here Comes the Northview H.S. Band
  4. 4. Here They Are
  5. 5. There They Go! Kaitlyn’s in here
  6. 6. Parker’s and My Trip to Key West
  7. 7. Sunset on Our First Evening Photo taken from the beach of our resort, the Hyatt Beach Resort
  8. 8. On Our First Day, We Toured Key West in a Conch Tram
  9. 9. We Saw Historic Buildings
  10. 10. The Bar Where Hemingway Used to Hang Out
  11. 11. Jimmy Buffet’s Place
  12. 12. Parker’s New SharkTooth Necklace
  13. 13. Entertainment On the Harbor Walk The Fire Juggler
  14. 14. Entertainment On the Harbor Walk The Fire Juggler
  15. 15. The Tightrope Walker
  16. 16. Parker Posing for a Pic on the Harbor Walk
  17. 17. We Did Some WaveRunning in the Gulf
  18. 18. Some Deep Sea Fishing in the Atlantic
  19. 19. Caught About Five Fish Like This Grunt It Was Dad’s Job to Bait the Hook with Dead Fish or Squid
  20. 20. Still Trying to Figure Out What This One Was
  21. 21. Sold It to a Restaurant
  22. 22. Parker and His Little Cousin Jacob Hit It Off
  23. 23. This Guy At the Delta Counter in Tampa Looked Like Uncle Ivan From Behind
  24. 24. Laura and I Set Out for Grand Rapids, Michigan for a Wedding Unfortunately, We Got Held Up in Traffic on I-94 and Couldn’t Make It On Time
  25. 25. But We Got This Photo While Waiting at This UnderPass