Soufriere Saint Lucia a magical destination


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Soufriere the ideal place to say I do and jump start your new life together,or rekindle old flames

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Soufriere Saint Lucia a magical destination

  1. 1. Welcome <ul><li>Hi! Welcome to my site. this site was designed to show case our wedding pictures . I hope that you enjoy the information that I have put into this site. There’s also a small section on items more about me…When time permits I will Endeavour to update this site. The outdoors and fishing have been a part of my life since my retirement. I look forward to sharing some of my fish stories with you soon. </li></ul><ul><li>Music by the late bishop Hudson…. </li></ul>
  2. 3. Our wedding pictures Designed by John Dorman
  3. 4. August 21 2004 <ul><li>Sophia an john took their wedding vows on an island of welcoming smiles and calming serenity, an island yet to be discovered. There is nowhere more romantic to begin our life together as husband and wife. </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>
  4. 5. A picture perfect wedding in paradise
  5. 15. Sophia and I were united in this relationship of love, compromise and understanding called &quot;Marriage&quot; on the 21 of August 2004.
  6. 21. The church was unique and beautiful that it only required a few decorations.
  7. 26. Getting married in magical St. Lucia was a picture perfect romantic vacation experience
  8. 28. Because St. Lucia was made for lovers ,Sophia and I opted to tie the knot on this enchanting Island The sunny days, balmy nights and miles of postcard-perfect beachfront have made Saint Lucia a paradise for honeymooners
  9. 42. M
  10. 63. Our reception took place following the ceremony at Mont Coubaril in Castries. We had a beautiful cake, made by Mrs. Beverly James . We celebrated with lots of friends and dancing.
  11. 79. Mr. wonderful in devine company
  12. 86. Cake was created by Mrs. Beverly James of Castries
  13. 96. Photo shoot <ul><li>Here are the pictures from our wedding that I have been promising to compile for so long! Let me start by saying everything went so well. Well… except for the unplanned weather. It rained cats and dogs we were suppose to get golden sunshine Instead we got a shower of blessing. Luckily everyone made it safely and the wedding turned out beautifully! </li></ul>
  14. 143. The END………..
  15. 144. <ul><li>I hope that you have enjoyed the presentation . I will be adding our honeymoon pictures over the next few weeks. Please check back to see what is new ……………….. </li></ul><ul><li>John Dorman </li></ul>
  16. 145. Part 2 our honeymoon pictures <ul><li>I have an affinity for Paris plus the fact that most people believed that Paris is synonymous with romance so I deem it fitting to take the wife to Paris as a honeymoon treat . She had her own plans She wanted a cruise aboard the Golden Princess I had no other choice but to comply. </li></ul>
  17. 146. Our Caribbean Cruise <ul><li>The Caribbean is beautiful and this cruise took us to some colorful, refined, rugged and spectacular Islands. The pictures in this presentation will suffice to depict some of the spectacular destinations we rediscovered </li></ul>
  18. 147. Day 1 aboard the Princess
  19. 148. A fun filled day
  20. 151. Mr. .wonderful is fixing to have a cappuccino and 2 brioche prior to going to the disco
  21. 153. Tonight’s meal was a perfect 10 it took our breath away . It was sumptuous dining we both had smoked Salmon claudine ,cream Caroline, tomato salad ,Duckling A L ’orange and Apple tart tatin
  22. 154. We are in Cozumel
  23. 155. Today we are touring St.Kitts
  24. 156. We are having a world-class experience aboard the Golden Princess.
  25. 157. Mr. wonderful is elegant tonight
  26. 158. A touch of elegance
  27. 160. Cozumel
  28. 161. Wandering in Cozumel
  29. 163. San Juan
  30. 164. St. Kitts
  31. 165. While in St.Thomas we took the ferry to St. John to spend quality time with a dear and special person
  32. 173. St. Kitts
  33. 182. Each morning we were greeted with coffee and fruits in bed.
  34. 183. Belize
  35. 185. Wandering in Saint Kitts.
  36. 186. Spending a little time at Fort Young resort in Dominica
  37. 189. A toast to my good fortune
  38. 193. Margarita Island
  39. 199. The Golden Princess
  40. 200. St Kitts
  41. 201. John and Sophia in Saint Kitts
  42. 204. The Golden Princess in Dominica
  43. 205. Our tour director is also a Md.
  44. 210. St.Kitts
  45. 211. The Golden Princess in Dominica
  46. 215. Margarita Island
  47. 217. Aruba
  48. 218. ARUBA
  49. 220. Chilling in old San Juan
  50. 222. Tonight we decided to go sample the local dishes in San Juan. Sophia had mufungo which she claimed was heavenly
  51. 225. St.John
  52. 228. Spending quality time in St John with my dear sister. She will kill me for displaying this picture……………
  53. 232. In the back-drop is Margarita Island
  54. 234. We are having an extravagant and intimate adventure at sea .
  55. 235. Aruba
  56. 238. Aruba is 4 lovers
  57. 239. Aruba Sophia basking in Aruba
  58. 241. Aruba
  59. 242. Sophia and Mr.Wonderful in Aruba
  60. 243. Aruba
  61. 244. A memorable honeymoon cruise aboard the princess, has all of the makings of an adventure of a life time.I am having a blast
  62. 245. A special thanks to those that played a vital role in shaping my life <ul><li>Thanks to the Schneeberger family, The Paul family, the Lopez family, Ida Miller and Crystal, The Burdiak family, The Terrell family and my dear friend Officer George Hudson and family………….. </li></ul><ul><li>A special thanks to Hereford for teaching me all about computers and power point presentations </li></ul>