Tórshavn, føroyar


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Tórshavn, føroyar

  1. 1. Tórshavn, Føroyar (Faroe Islands) September 2011
  2. 2. My foggy welcome to Føroyar
  3. 3. Tórshavn – Population 12,352 and capital of Faroe Islands
  4. 4. Stadium – 3 hours before the Italy-Faroes FIFA soccermatch. An astonishing match ending Italy 1, Faroes 0.
  5. 5. Western Harbor
  6. 6. Traðarmaðurin. Bronzesculpture by Hans PauliOlsen, 1984
  7. 7. Many homes have traditional turf roofs
  8. 8. Havnarkirkja
  9. 9. Exploring Tinganes, the oldest section of Tórshavn
  10. 10. Lane leading to the Prime Minister’s office (2nd door on right)
  11. 11. Eastern Harbor
  12. 12. Early morning on Tinganes Peninsula – dividing the two harbors into east and west
  13. 13. Tinganes – oldest section of the city. Former warehouses and now home to theHome Rule government of the Faroe Islands.
  14. 14. Løgting – ParliamentThe first Viking þing (parliament) metin Tórshavn in 1000 ce. However, theFaroes came under Norwegian andthen Danish control forcenturies, starting in 1035. Denmarkimposed a trade monopoly from1535 to 1856. With the fall ofDenmark to Nazi Germany and theAllied occupation of the islandsduring WW2, the Faroeseindependence movementgrew, leading to more autonomy in1948 as a self-governing nationwithin the Kingdom of Denmark. ThisHome Rule allowed the Faroes to optout of joining the EU when Denmarkbecame a founding member.
  15. 15. Saturday morning Red Cross flea market
  16. 16. Tutl – the record label and music store. A great place to listen to CD’s and discover themusical genius of the Faroese – everything from folk to alternative to rock to pop.
  17. 17. A soccer-mad country
  18. 18. Viðarlundin – city park full of sculptureSkyggen, bronze by Hans Pauli Olsen, 1987
  19. 19. Hans Pauli Olsen, 2000 bronze ofFaroese author William Heinesen’s“elf girl Tarira”
  20. 20. Oldest street inTórshavn
  21. 21. View from Skansin Fort
  22. 22. Skansin FortBuilt in 1580 by merchantMagnus Heinason to protectTórshavn from pirates. At thetime, pirates plied the NorthAtlantic waters. Turkish piratesattacked the south island ofSuðuroy in 1629. Skansin sawaction in 1677 during a raid onTórshavn by the French, andagain in 1808 when the BritishHMS Clio attacked during theNapoleonic Wars.More recently, the fort wasused by the British during WW2as the local headquarters of theoccupying Royal Navy.
  23. 23. Guns used by the British in World War II
  24. 24. Fríða, bronze and granite by Hans Pauli Olsen, 2004
  25. 25. Tórshavn’s annual marathon
  26. 26. Hoydalar – farm and walking paths in the middle of the city
  27. 27. National History MuseumAn impressive collectionof Viking-era artifacts,including a rune stone,the precursor to thewritten language of theNorse.
  28. 28. View of Nolsoy Island from the museum
  29. 29. An open boat used by local sailors for fishing and whale-huntson the North Atlantic as recent as the 20th century.
  30. 30. Medieval national treasure of the Faroes – thewoodwork of Kirkjubøur, the Viking-era cathedral.Dating from the 1400s. When the cathedral wasrenovated in the 19th century, these pieces ofFaroese cultural heritage were sent to Denmark.After years of asking for them back, Tórshavn finallywelcomed the Kirkjubøstólarnir home in 2002.
  31. 31. Madonna & Child, 1250St. Judas Thaddeus pew end
  32. 32. Hoyvíksgarður – 19th century farm, now an open-air museum
  33. 33. Inside the 1920s farmhouse
  34. 34. Cowhouse and haybarn
  35. 35. Haybarn, where thewinter feed was storedfor the livestock.
  36. 36. Soccer and a horse pasture – everyday neighbors in Tórshavn
  37. 37. Tórshavn nightlifeChoices are limited, but weekends in Tórshavn are a city-wide party in cozypubs, where the action starts at midnight and continues to dawn. Weeknightsare more subdued – here Café Nátur draws a Wednesday crowd for quiz night.
  38. 38. Café Hvönn A trendy café of French press coffee, artistic desserts, and occasional live music. Great for conversation with new hostel friends Mike and Geoff.
  39. 39. A blues band heats up Café Hvönn
  40. 40. Hal at the Irish Pub.A quiet place for cheap pubmeals on weekdays.Transforms into a hive ofdancing and laughter onweekends when a live folkband performs.I left the camera at thehostel on the weekends, buthere I engaged in the mostfascinating conversationswith locals over half liters ofsmooth, rich local beerbrewed in Klaksvík.
  41. 41. Even sheep itch….
  42. 42. Nordic House, 1983Designed to merge with the landscape and host to concerts and cultural events
  43. 43. Inside the Nordic House
  44. 44. Gry knits in the Nordic House. If I lived in Tórshavn, this would be my favorite spotto spend hours writing and reading.
  45. 45. Claire on my last photowalk of Tórshavn
  46. 46. Harbor storage shed for traditional Faroese rowing, a national sport. The open rowboats were once used for fishing, and are now raced in summer competitions.
  47. 47. Claire with a harborsculpture of a womanwashing fish.
  48. 48. My last moments in the Faroe IslandsA fish hatchery on the drive to the airport.