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Brochure - Lindesnes Lighthouse - Norway

  2. 2. Index Lighthouse station 3 Mountain Hall LINDESNES FYR • Founded in 1656 • First order lens, 1854 • Cast-iron tower from 1915, 16.1 metres (53 ft)high • Height of the light: 50.1 metres (164 ft) above sea level • In clear weather the light can be seen from 20 nautical miles away (37km/23 miles) • Characteristics of the light: white light flashing every 20 seconds 6 Exhibitions 8 10 Shop Food Service Scenery 14 Staying overnight Miscellaneous LINDESNES FYR 12 16 17
  3. 3. Lighthouse station On 27 Februar 1656 Norway’s first lighthouse The name Lindesnes comes from Old Norwegian, and means was lit at Lindesnes. It consisted of 30 cand- «where the land sinks into the sea». The coastal waters around les at the top of a three stage tower. This was not a good solution, and after a stream of the southern tip of Norway are also known as “Suffering Point”. Here where two seas meet, and currents and wind and weather rule over life and death. complaints from seafarers, the lighthouse was closed after only a few months’ in operation. It was not until 1725 that operation of the lighthouse began again. HISTORY LINDESNES FYR 3
  4. 4. 4 Lighthouse station BERGEN OSLO STAVANGER KRAGERØ SANDNES RISØR BRYNE TVEDESTRAND ARENDAL EGERSUND FLEKKEFJORD GRIMSTAD KRISTIANSAND LILLESAND LYNGDAL FARSUND MANDAL LINDESNES THE COASTAL WATERS LINDESNES FYR Ever since the Middle Ages the seaway between the countries of the North Sea and the Baltic lands has been one of the most significant trade routes in North Europe. Along with Skagens Odde at the northernmost point of Denmark, Lindesnes was the most important landmark for navigation in and out through the Skagerrak.
  5. 5. Lighthouse station The cast iron tower at Lindesnes, at 16.1 metres, is not particularly high, but even so, the height of the light is 50.1 metres above sea level and it can be seen for 20 nautical miles (37 km) in clear weather. The lens is one of the largest known, a so called first order lens of French manufacture. Under extreme conditions the sea can wash over both the engine house and the tower. THE LIGHTHOUSE LINDESNES FYR 5
  6. 6. 6 Mountain Hall FILM LECTURE In the public area inside the hill there is a film theatre and concert hall, an exhibition space, café and toilets. Every day we show a film program here for our visitors, and it is here that most of our special events take place. LINDESNES FYR
  7. 7. Mountain Hall EXHIBITIONS CONCERTS Every month, all through the year we hold different special events at Lindesnes lighthouse. There are concerts, lectures, a Bicycle Day, focus on food and mealtime culture, and of course events with themes from lighthouse history and coastal culture. LINDESNES FYR 7
  8. 8. 8 Exhibitions FOTO I FJELL Rune Nylund Larsen LINDESNES – den levende fyrstasjonen... RNLplakat30x42.indd 1 RIKSVEI 1 LINDESNES FYR 28-07-09 10:23:57
  9. 9. Exhibitions FYRENES verden Med denne utstillingen ønsker vi både å vise fyrenes mangfold og å understreke at hvert enkelt fyr er en del av et verdensomspennende navigasjons- og kommunikasjonsnettverk: det første ”world wide web” Vi vil også påstå at fyrene tilhører verdens mest vennligsinnede byggverk: De er utelukkende reist for å tjene andre, for å redde skip, verdier og menneskeliv, og de er blitt bygget på noen av klodens mest værbitte og utilgjengelige steder om sikkerheten for de sjøfarende har krevet det Kanskje er det derfor mange av oss også opplever fyrene som vakre? verdens RAMINE FYR DIE WELT DER LEUCHTÜRME DIE LEUCHTTÜRME DER WELT Mit dieser Ausstellung möchten wir die Vielfalt von Leuchttürmen aufzeigen und hervorleben, dass jeder Leuchtturm ein Teil des weltweiten Navigations – und Kommunikationsnetzes ist: das erste ”world wide web”. Wir finden eigentlich, dass Leuchttürme zu den sozialsten Bauwerken gehören: Sie sind ausschliesslich erbaut zum Nutzen anderer: um Schiffe und Güter und Menschenleben zu retten, erbaut auf den wetterhärtesten und unzugänglichtsten Orten, wenn die Sicherheit der Seefahrer es erforderte. Kann es sein, dass wir sie deshalb so schön finden? Courdouan ist vielleicht der berühmteste aller Leuchttürme. Er wurde 1611 vom französischen König Henri III erbaut, um die wichtige Weinausfuhr von Bordeaux zu sichern. Cordouan ist bekannt als der Leuchtturm des Königs und der König der Leuchttürme, oder einfach ”das Versailles des Meeres”. Hier wurde 1822 auch die erste Leuchtturmlinse der Welt montiert. THE WORLD OF LIGHTHOUSES LIGHTHOUSES OF THE WORLD In this exhibition we hope to tell not only about the variety of lighthouses, but also to point out that every single one is a part of a worldwide navigational and communication network: the first “world wide web” We also hope to convince you that lighthouses are among the world’s most friendly constructions: They have been built only to serve mankind, to save ships, cargoes and human lives, Cordouan er kanskje verdens mest berømte fyr. Det ble opprettet av franskekongen Henri III i 1611 for å sikre den viktige vineksporten fra Bordeaux. Cordouan er kjent som ”Kongens fyr og fyrenes konge”, eller rett og slett ”Havets Versailles” Her ble også verdens første fyrlinse montert i 1822. FYRGRYTA_2000x1900.indd 1 - Riksvei 1 - Neset - Norges Fyr - Uthuset and they have been built onsome of the world’s most exposed andinaccessible places when the safety of those at seahas demanded that. Is that the reason that so many of us experience lighthousesas being beautiful? Cordouan is perhaps the world’s most famous lighthouse. It was built for the French king Henri III in 1611 to safeguard the important export of wine from Bordeaux. Cordouan is known as “The King’s lighthouse and the king of lighthouses”, or, more simply, as the “Versailles of the Seas”. This is where the world’s first lighthouse lens was installed in 1822. 15.06.11 13.25 - IBaugen - Bakrommet - Fyrgryta LINDESNES FYR 9
  11. 11. Shop At the Museum Shop we sell tickets, and there is tourist information and toilets. The shop can tempt you with quality products and a large selection of literature related to the sea. The mini-gallery IBaugen is also here. MATMINNER F O O D M E M OR A B I L I A LINDESNES FYR 11
  12. 12. 12 Food Service THE MUSEUM CAFÉ Take time to sit down in the café with a cup of coffee, a slice of lighthouse bread or a rhubarb muffin. Take a dive into history with a look at the Exhibition “Highway 1”. There are toilets and a room for attending to your baby. Free internet. LINDESNES FYR
  13. 13. Food Service FYRGRYTA At Fyrgryta our own «oven watchers» will make you a tasty meal while you enjoy the view. The restaurant also stocks kiosk items and products from local food producers. Here we show the Exhibition «The world of lighthouses – Lighthouse of the world». In the peak season the restaurant Fyrgryta Open from 22 June to 18 August is open every day. LINDESNES FYR 13
  14. 14. 14 Scenery THE WEATHER The beautiful scenery and the everchanging weather will ensure that every time you visit Lindesnes lighthouse will be different. A still light summer evening or a stormy autumn day with sea spray will give you memorable experiences. LINDESNES FYR
  15. 15. Scenery ROM WALKING TOURS LYNGDAL KVAVIK til E39 nd rsu Fa ROSFJORD E39 GRØNSFJORDEN The southern tip VIGELAND REME of Norway offers many and varied oppor- SPANGEREID tunities for walking. There are marked walking tracks starting from Lindesnes Skibmannsheia – a former telegraph station with a wonderful view. lighthouse. By bicycle you can get to the southern tip from both east and west. VÅRØY TURSTIER Or drive around and discover our many treasures and their wide variety. By boat you can experience the archipelago to the east and west of the point. LINDESNES FYR 2 km A special walkers’ map with descriptions of the different possibilities for tours is available at the Museum Shop. LINDESNES FYR 15
  16. 16. 16 Staying overnight LIGHTHOUSE HOLIDAY The Assistant’s cottage was formerly accommodation for two lighthouse assistants and their families. Nowadays one half of this building has been equipped as a holiday cottage, where those who wish to stay at the lighthouse can rent accommodation. Ring or send an email for further information or check our website for available times. LINDESNES FYR
  17. 17. Miscellaneous Tungenes fyr, Jærmuseet Dalsfjord fyrmuseum, Sunnmøre Museum KYSTVERKMUSEA Lindesnes lighthouse is a part of the Norwe- Lofotmuseet, Museum Nord Lindesnes fyrmuseum, Lindesnes fyr gian Coastal Administration’s departmental museum, Kystverkmusea. Along with the three other museums: Museum Nord-Lofotmuseet, Sunnmøre Museum-Dalsfjord Lighthouse Museum and Jærmuseet-Tungenes Lighthouse, Lindesnes Lighthouse will communicate the history of lighthouses, marking, pilot services and harbour extension along the coast. LINDESNES FYR 17
  18. 18. 18 Miscellaneous THE FOGHORN The foghorn at Lindesnes Lighthouse is no longer in operation. However, once a year you still have the opportunity to experience it. On the last Sunday in July every year, it is “Foghorn Day”. As well as operating the foghorn, there are many other activities for young and old on the day. LINDESNES FYR
  19. 19. Miscellaneous One autumn night in 1942 there occurred one of the worst maritime tragedies in Norway, in the waters just off Lindesnes lighthouse. English aeroplanes torpedoed the German cargo ship M/S Palatia, without knowing that it was full of Russian prisoners of war. Almost a thousand men died. A monument has been set up to remember this tragic event. PALATIA LINDESNES FYR 19
  20. 20. 20 Miscellaneous FYRVENN 2013 Det skjer ALLTID noe på Lindesnes fyr... FRIENDS OF THE LIGHTHOUSE FYRETfyrvenn13–kort 50x85.indd 1 A LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY LINDESNES FYR Lindesnes lighthouse has an arrangement 19.05.13 08:26 for those who would like closer links to the lighthouse. For an annual subscription you can be a FRIEND OF THE LIGHTHOUSE or a LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY, and can come as often as you like during opening hours. You will be sent information and special offers, and a meal at the Fyrgryta restaurant is included.
  21. 21. Miscellaneous GRATIS GUIDE på MOBILEN LYTT TIL FYRFORTELLINGER Laterna Guide Free guide on your mobile ‘phone. When you are by, or inside, the tower, you will find the network Laternaguide I og ved fyrtårnet, kan du få GRATIS informasjon via din smarttelefon. I og like utenfor fyrtårnet, kan du nå få en guidet tur gratis via • Hør fyrvokter Rolf snakke om tåkeluren! din mobiltelefon. • Hør om gamle Mølbach – vårt eget fyrspøkelse! • Hør fyrvokter Rolf snakke om tåkeluren! • Hør den kvinnelige fyrforvalteren Marjorie Laurie fortelle igjen! • Hør om gamle Mølbach som går om fyrdriften på 1700-tallet • Ta del av Marjorie Laurie´s fortelling om hvordan et fyr skal drives ... ja i hvert fall på 1700-tallet. Les, lytt og klikk deg frem! Hvordan? Hvis du har en smarttelefon, nettbrett eller laptop logger du deg på nettverket gratis! LISTEN TO TALES ABOUT THE LIGHTHOUSE At the lighthouse itself, and also near by it, you can now enjoy a guided tour FREE OF COST on your cellphone. • Let keeper Rolf tell you about the foghorn! • Hear about old Mølbach who haunts the area! • Listen to Marjorie Laurie’s advice about running a lighthouse – at least during the 1700s! • Søk etter tilgjengelige trådløse wi-fi-nettverk på din telefon, nettbrett eller laptop. HÖREN SIE ERZÄHLUNGEN VOM LEUCHTTURM • Logg deg på ”laternaguide” og start din nettleser. Durch Ihr Handy können Sie jetzt im Umfeld des • Skriv laternaguide i adressfeltet hvis du ikke automatisk Leuchtturms eineen side hvor du velger språk. Deretter er det bare å kommer til GRATIS Führung mitmachen. klikke seg frem. • Der Leuchtturmwärter Rolf erzählt vom Nebelhorn bruker hodetelefoner! • HörenLydopplevelsen blir best dersom duDet er ikke Internett og du Sie vom Gespenst des alten Mølbach! Mobilguiden laternaguide er gratis. trenger ikke Teil an • Nehmen Sie passord. Marjorie Lauries Bericht über dein ordnungsgemässen Betrieb eines Leuchtturms – jedenfalls trådløst informas- um 1700! in der Zeit betyr at et gratis GRATIS GUIDE på MOBILEN SLIK GÅR DU FREM: • Søk etter trådløse Wi-Fi-nettverk • Logg deg på LaternaGuide • Start din nettleser og skriv i adressefeltet Dette er et gratis lokalt nettverk. Webadressen fungerer også på internett. jonsnettsted finnes på plassen delfinansiert av Lindesnes. Start your web browser and write in the address field. LINDESNES FYR 21
  22. 22. 22 Miscellaneous PRACTICAL INFORMATION WELCOME - Lindesnes lighthouse station is a listed Heritage Site. - Help us to keep the area clean and tidy. - The lighthouse station is manned 24 hours a day. - Visitors are requested not to touch technical equipment. - Taking flowers or plants from the area is prohibited. BE CAREFUL - Sea and wind can come in strong gusts around the point. - Children visiting the lighthouse area must be accompanied by an adult. - All movement in the area is at your own risk. DOGS - Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times within the station area, and may not be taken into the tower, the Mountain Hall or the information building. - Please keep the area clean, and use a plastic bag to remove dog waste. LINDESNES FYR
  24. 24. Foto: Rolf Dybvik LINDESNES FYR, 4521 Lindesnes Telephone: +47 38 25 54 20 Lighthouse keeper: +47 902 07 810 E-mail: Lindesnes lighthouse – the LIVING lighthouse station...