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Allie's NB Presentation


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Allie's NB Presentation

  1. 1. A Visit to the BestLandmarks in Town With your Tour Guide Allison Funkhouser
  2. 2. Faust Hotel The hotel opened in 1929 by Walter Faust and was originally called TheTraveler’s Hotel. It was known as one of the best hotels in Texas. Because it was so close to the train station it became a popular place to stay for businessmen and soldiers on their way to war. The hotel was renamed TheFaust Hotel in 1936 and registered as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1985. The Faust is also well known for being haunted.
  3. 3. First Protestant ChurchThis building sits on the spot where the German Protestant Church was built in 1846. It was the first church of New Braunfels. The current building slowlystarted in 1875 and was added on through the years. My parents were married in this church in 2000 with a ceremony that was half English and half German.
  4. 4. Naeglin’s BakeryNaeglin’s began in 1868 in the spot where Liberty Bistro is. It has been at thecurrent location since 1870. This is the oldest operating bakery in all of Texas. It was run by the same family for three generations. Even though it is no longer owned by the Naeglin’s family it still makes great German treats.
  5. 5. Downtown Gazebo This landmark was built in 1905 as the Music Pavilion. Many concerts havetaken place over the years here. It was renovated in 1926 so that a women’s bathroom could be added underneath. It is one of the most well known buildings in town and is considered to be the center of New Braunfels. The gazebo was registered as a Texas Historic Landmark in 2003.
  6. 6. Comal County Courthouse The courthouse was built in 1898 to replace the original courthouse from 1860. It is made of native limestone and has pink granite columns and a bell tower that rings on the hour. The builder saved money by making copies ofblueprints from the Giddings, TX courthouse built in 1897. It has been changed and added on over the years, but it is currently under construction to make it as close to original as possible. It became a Texas Historic Landmark in 1983.
  7. 7. Landa ParkThis was a popular Indian campsite before the Europeans settled. The land was first purchased in 1860 by Joseph Landa. The city later bought it in 1936 for$80,000. The park contains the Comal Springs, which come from an opening inthe Edwards Aquifer, and has 96 different species of trees. It is considered one of the most beautiful parks and is a popular place for summer concerts, 4th of July fireworks, parties and Wurstfest.
  8. 8. Lindheimer’s HomeHome of Ferdinand Lindheimer. He was a local botanist as well as the editor of the NeuBraunfelser Zeitung from November 12, 1852 until August 30, 1872.He published the newspaper in the back of this house. It is now a museum run by the New Braunfels Conservation Society. The house was registered as a Texas Historic Landmark in 1936.
  9. 9. Schlitterbahn The name means “Slippery Road” in German. The park was built in 1979 onthe Comal River. It only had 4 water slides around a small version of the guard tower of the Solms Castle in Germany. Over the years the park has gottenbigger and added many more rides. It is now 65 acres and is the#1water park in the world.
  10. 10. Brauntex Theatre Built in 1942. It operated as a movie theatre for 50 years. Over that time it became run down so a group decided to restore it into a performing artstheatre in 1998. The theatre reopened on April 29, 2000 with a performance by the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra. In February of 2012 it ran the production of the Aristocats starring Allison Funkhouser.
  11. 11. Seekatz Theatre It was built in 1901 by brothers Otto and Louis. It would hold the Kindermaskenball, Firemen’s Ball, Fourth of July dances and theatreproductions. It later became a movie theatre. A fire destroyed the building in1941. It was renovated in 2004 so that it could reopen as a beautiful place to host parties and events.
  12. 12. Phoenix SaloonConstructed in 1871. It was a brewery, saloon and restaurant. The cook, Willie Gebhardt, made hamburgers and chili seasoned with a mix that later became famous and sold as Gebhardt’s Chili Powder. In 1922 it became a departmentstore and later a copy store from 1997-2007. The building was then reopened using the original name The Phoenix Saloon in 2010.
  13. 13. Auf Wiedersehen. Tschüss!