Pregnancy five


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Pregnancy five

  1. 1. Five
  2. 2. Welcome back to the 100 Pregnancy challenge! Or Herbal Medicine, since I’m naming all the kids after herbs. Better than fish right? Last chapter Foxglove was the result of Flora’s fourth pregnancy. Her father is a slightly strange young man named Ben.
  3. 3. “Yay! Another sister!” Arnica shouted with glee, “Sisters are better than stinky ol’ brothers.” “Arnica.” Flora chided gently. “Did you do well in school today?” “I got a hundred dollars for being the best Simeralla ever!” She bouced happily, “I get to keep it right, I made a list of the things I want to buy.” “Let me put Foxglove to bed and we’ll talk baby.”
  4. 4. “So Mamma, I want to a pony, and a puppy and a new dollhouse and a…..” “Wait, Arnica.” Flora smiled fondly. “I know a way to turn your hundred dollars into a thousand.” “Really? How? Could I get two ponies?” “One day you could, after you get out of college.” “We’re too poor to go to college, even don’t even have a nice house. I rather have a pony.”
  5. 5. “We may not have a nice house, but we all have each other Arnica.” Flora said pulling her close, “None of us will ever be alone.” “You really think so?” “I know so. Let’s put your hundred dollars in the bank so it can grow.” “Then I’ll go to college, and get ponies.” Arnica said. “If you still want ponies then. Now go get ready, it is your birthday tonight.”
  6. 6. Arnica ran off to play while Flora got the kitchen ready for a quadruple birthday.
  7. 7. Darkness fell and the guests arrived. Arnica, Borage, and Chamomile grew up first. Arnica decided to go the fortune route in life. Though she no longer wanted a pony. Being the head of the SCIA seemed more desirable Borage wanted to go on being surrounded by family. He eventually want six grandchildren. Chamomile just wanted to do whatever was fun. Like have fifty first dates.
  8. 8. Lastly it was Eucaplytus’ turn. Though her siblings were already headed up to bed.
  9. 9. Luckily the guests were still present when Euca blew out the candles. “Momma look!” She clapped her hands excitedly, “Now I can go to school too.” “But first you gotta go up to bed.” Flora said fondly, beginning to clean up the cake plates.
  10. 10. Once everyone was asleep and the guests gone a burglar crept up the lawn. No one in the house stirred, it was his lucky night.
  11. 11. He quickly stole all the dining room chairs. They would go great with the quilts in the thieves den. A thump sounded upstairs and he fled into the night.
  12. 12. Chamomile brought Foxglove down to feed. It took her a minute to realize that the chairs were gone. She fed her sister and shrugged, her mom would figure out something to do about it.
  13. 13. Flora was too tired to be upset when Chamomile came and got her about the chairs. She took out a small loan to replace the chairs. She didn’t know what else to do. The kids dealt without so many nice things the least she could was keep the things they had.
  14. 14. She finished cleaning the kitchen and made herself some cereal. The kids, other than Chamomile, would never know the chairs were gone.
  15. 15. Morning came and it was Arnica’s turn to care for Foxglove. Her youngest sister was cute. But Arnica wondered how long it would take before her hundred dollars became enough to go to college on.
  16. 16. Flora called Amin Chen over. He was almost done with his park project and she wanted to catch him before he moved back to Bluewater. “Hey, Amin before you go, would you like to go on a date?” “Sure, sure it won’t bother the kids?” “They don’t mind.”
  17. 17. Chamomile spent the morning digging the backyard. She heard the treasure rumors. If she could find it if would help her mom a lot. And maybe get her own college fund going.
  18. 18. Flora’s date heated up quickly. She knew almost instantly that she was pregnant. Five down, Ninety-five to go.
  19. 19. Euca took up Arnica’s habit of painting. She was too young to help her sister’s dig for treasure. But she liked painting. Especially kitties. Maybe Momma would get them a real kitty one day.
  20. 20. “Hey Ben? It’s Foxglove’s birthday today, are you coming?” “Oh that’s today, Flora I can’t, I already made plans to go out with friends.” Ben said on the other end. “She’s your daughter, Ben.” Flora said carefully. “She’s too young to remember that I can’t make it, I’ll be at her next birthday, I promise.” “You’d better.” Flora said firmly and hung up the phone.
  21. 21. As evening fell, Arnica was pressed to do one more diaper change before Foxglove’s birthday.
  22. 22. She look a bit like Ben, but with Flora’s mouth. And her eyes of course.
  23. 23. Foxglove wasn’t very hungry, but Flora gave her a smart milk anyway. It was never too early to start the learning process.
  24. 24. Arnica couldn’t sleep. So she borrowed her mom’s energizer and spent the night digging for treasure. It was bound to be around somewhere.
  25. 25. Flora wasn’t really tired either. She taught Foxglove to talk. It wouldn’t be long until she was too big to sit on the floor with a toddler.
  26. 26. After a quick nap and seeing the older kids attended to, Flora also taught Foxglove to walk.
  27. 27. Dill spied someone walking by the house and ran out to greet the boy. “Hi I’m Dill, this is my house.” “I’m Wartortle.” “That’s a funny name.” “So is Dill.” “I have a sister named Foxglove.” “My sister’s name is Squirtle.”
  28. 28. Dill invited Wartortle upstairs for a game of cops and robbers. “Pew pew!” Wartortle laughed pointing his ‘phaser’ “Can’t catch me, I’m space pirate Dill!”
  29. 29. Wartortle even joined Dill and the other Solei kids to hang out downstairs. It was Borage’s idea to get all them together to hangout and bond. Chamomile agreed and rounded up the younger kids. Arnica didn’t want to be left out and joined them.
  30. 30. Early in the evening, Amin’s baby made itself known. “Please don’t be twins.” Flora murmured to her stomach, “The house is getting a little crowded baby.” She was beginning to wonder if she was ever gonna be able to improve the house. Luckily the triplets were helping any way they could. Short of getting actual jobs, Flora wanted them to focus more on their school work.
  31. 31. Borage was the first up the next morning. He moved a hundred dollars into his bank account from the results of his digging. He though a second and moved money into Dill’s and Euca’s bank accounts too. They couldn’t start their college funds quite yet so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a boost too.
  32. 32. The day was quiet. Foxglove was an undemanding child and slept most of the day. Flora had time to check on the fruit trees. Dill was trying to take care of them, but he was just one little boy.
  33. 33. Once Foxglove was awake, Flora spent a little quality time with her youngest. She was going to have over a hundred kids, but she wanted to have special moments with all of them.
  34. 34. The teens finally got home from school and piled on the floor in the living room to do homework.
  35. 35. Once that was done, Chamomile and Borage pooled a little of their college money to buy an old junker. “Once we get this fix, we’ll be able to go to college.” Chamomile grinned, wiping the grease off her hands. “With some left over for Mom.” Borage added. “Of course.” Chamomile nodded in agreement.
  36. 36. Arnica didn’t care to get greasy, but her sister had brought a boy home with her. “Juan I love your hair, it’s so red.” She said in her best sexy voice. “Ah, gee thanks, you really think so?” “Of course.”
  37. 37. “You got something on your shirt though.” “Do I? Where?” Arnica gasped looking down. Only to get her nose tweaked. “Gotcha!” Juan cackled. “You’re an idiot.” Arnica said coldly, turning heel and going to watch her sibling fix the car.
  38. 38. Flora entered her last trimester just as the rest of the family settled down to bed. “One more day.” She said happily.
  39. 39. This is Ben, I’m can’t get to the phone right now. Leave a message. Flora heart sank, it was Foxglove’s birthday, she would remember this one. But Flora couldn’t get a hold of Ben. What a deadbeat, she thought furiously.
  40. 40. The next day Euca brought Wartortle’s sister, Squirtle over. “You like playing with blocks?” “I like the blocks, but drawing is more fun.” “Oh.” “How about you build a block tower and I try to draw it?” “That sounds like fun!” Squirtle grinned.
  41. 41. Dill also had a visitor. “Dad! Guess what guess what!!” “What is it, Tiger?” “It’s my birthday today. It’s Foxglove’s too, but Momma said I can go first.” “Sounds like and a plan to me kiddo, I think she’s lighting the candles as we speak.”
  42. 42. Dill grew up into a strapping young man. He decided to follow the path of Knowledge, though he wasn’t sure what was his goals in life were.
  43. 43. Foxglove grew into a beautiful looking young girl. She mostly favored her mother. Thankfully, Flora thought to herself, it would hopefully lead to less where’s my daddy questions.
  44. 44. The cake had barely been finished when Flora went into labor.
  45. 45. She gave birth to yet another girl. “Hello Ginger.” She smiled. Ginger had her eyes and blonde hair, but then Amin had blonde hair too. “Dill hold her a second.” “Mom?”
  46. 46. The labor pains began again. Another girl was born. Identical to her older sister. “Geranium.” Flora christened the babe.
  47. 47. Aaaanndd that’s a wrap for this chapter. It’s finally down, tooke me long enough right? I may or may not have hit the random button chant trips trips this chapter. I didn’t get triplets, but twins are cool enough right. What’s with this neighborhood and girls. Two out of three births are girls. I like girls so I can’t complain too much I guess. I was hoping for a boy so I could name him Gotu Kola, but that will have to wait until G comes around again. Ginger is excellent if your stomach is upset. Just eat some candied ginger and it’ll hopefully settle right down. Geranium, or in this case apple geranium is used to skin burns, scalds, and shingles. Herb pics are from and Cherry Gal Seeds.