Goal: 50 and healthy!


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Goal: 50 and healthy!

  1. 1. Goal:50 AND HEALTHY! Katherine Chen / @kchen247
  2. 2. 50+Healthy
  3. 3. 50+Healthy
  4. 4. She’s not the only one in that situation.I surveyed 42 parents, ages 46 - 65.7 had high cholesterol6 had high blood pressure5 had high cholesterol and blood pressure4 were overweight3 had body pains and aches1 had diabetes1 had depression1 had a heart attack in 2006
  5. 5. That’s 28 people, 67%, with a healthcondition who don’t feel healthy. Fairly healthy Very healthy 12% Existing health issues 21% 67%
  6. 6. Insight #1:Medicine is an effective fix for conditions likehigh cholesterol. Unfortunately, it becomes ashort-term replacement for changes to dietand exercise.
  7. 7. That’s 28 people, 67%, with a healthcondition who don’t feel healthy. Fairly healthy Very healthy 12% Existing health issues 21% 67%
  8. 8. On average, those 28 people are doing 30minutes or more of physical activity 2.2 daysa week.But they’d like to do so 5.6 days a week.
  9. 9. “HelpBJ Fogg once said,people do whatthey alreadywant to do.”
  10. 10. For exercise, survey participants currently...walk, jog, gym, and lift weights.
  11. 11. But for fun, they enjoy...yoga, zumba, dancing, hiking, tennis,swimming, golf, kickboxing, biking, andgardening.
  12. 12. Insight #2:“Dancing isn’t exercise, it’s fun.”
  13. 13. Key to longevity?EXERCISE FUN
  14. 14. Hypothesis:Older adults are only exploring traditionaltypes of exercise, like walking, stretching,and weight lifting.If we introduce them to activities not seen astraditional exercise, they are more likely toexercise more often.
  15. 15. Test trial:I copied messaging for 6 real events onMeetup.com and asked study participants toRSVP to ones they would like to attend.
  16. 16. Walking
  17. 17. Hiking
  18. 18. Yoga
  19. 19. Dancing
  20. 20. Zumba
  21. 21. Meditation
  22. 22. The winner?
  23. 23. The winner? 60% RSVP’ed
  24. 24. YES:More funExercise, enjoy the scenery and meet new peopleI will join if I have the timeIt sounds like a good opportunity to meet peopleEasy form of non-impact exercise & socialI enjoy walking with other peopleI would love to. The more moral support the better.I like to walkenjoy sceneryEnjoy walkingeasy going none performance based funTakeaways:Would be fun to meet new people and sharemoral support. Non-impact exercise. Canenjoy the scenery.
  25. 25. Runner up: 58% RSVP’ed
  26. 26. YES:I love to dance but I dont have a partner so because this class doesnt require to have one is just perfect for meexcept I live in FloridaInterested in ball room dancingWould love to learn to Salsa dance with my wife.Same reason: great opportunity to have fun and meet peopleI can still "cut the rug" or at least think I can.Love dancing & socialI enjoy dancing and would allow to be with other people.Invite gave out more info of what to expect.Love to dancelearn to dancea chance to exercise while learning to dance.sounds very funit sounds funSounds funTakeaways:Love to dance, fun, meet new people.Would go if significant other went as well.
  27. 27. Runner up: 58% RSVP’ed
  28. 28. YES:Its probably a good pace for me.Enjoy meditation and slower pace and calmer exercise. But if it were too much of an incent burning meditation,that would turn my interest off.Interested in Tai Chi.always wanted to try tai chiIve tried it before and enjoyed the activityHave done some tai chi before and again good form of non-impact exercise for body & mindThe type of activity deals with the flow of energy in the bodyGood especially if you are just beginning.I wish it would be in my area.Learning Tai chi now.always wanted to learn Tai Chi.Ive never taken a tai chi class and would like to try it.I like Tai Chi.Takeaways:Would enjoy slower pace. Have alwayswanted to try. Good for body and mind.
  29. 29. Why not...
  30. 30. can’t keep up Why not... more for womenunsure of level of fitnessrequired more of a novelty, not something i would do regularly
  31. 31. Insight #3:Traditional activities are done not for lack ofcreativity, but because of low cost,convenience, and a low barrier to entry interms of ability.
  34. 34. Conclusion:Walking may not sound exotic or exciting butit is free, flexible to schedule, can be social,and is not high pressure to perform.
  35. 35. Conclusion:Dancing = pure fun. It seems to be more of asocial skill than an exercise skill, one thatolder adults are eager to learn in a low-pressure environment. The existinginfrastructure of free community dancenights makes this activity more cost-effectivein the long run.
  36. 36. Conclusion:Activities like meditation require instructionfor beginners but even a one-touch trainingsession can have lasting impact, on the mindand body.
  37. 37. Next steps:Piloting walking groups in workplaces andneighborhoodsRaising awareness of free dance communitylessons and dance nights, get buy-in fromspouse or close friendIntroducing people to the meetup.complatform, empowering people to findactivities they enjoy
  38. 38. Thank you!I’d love to hear your thoughts: kchen12@stanford.edu Katherine Chen / @kchen247