Goal: 50 and healthy!


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Understanding health habits and longevity goals for the baby boomer generation.

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Goal: 50 and healthy!

  1. 1. Goal:50 AND HEALTHY! Katherine Chen / kchen12@stanford.edu
  2. 2. 50+Healthy
  3. 3. That was Lydia. She’s 59, works a 9-5 officejob, and has high-blood pressure and highcholesterol.She walks the family dog about once aweek...and that’s about it.She’s also my mom.
  4. 4. That was Lydia. She’s 59, works a 9-5 office job,and has high-blood pressure and highcholesterol.She walks the family dog about once aweek...and that’s about it.She’s also my mom.
  5. 5. She’s not the only one in that situation.I surveyed 42 parents, ages 46 - 65.7 had high cholesterol6 had high blood pressure5 had high cholesterol and blood pressure4 were overweight3 had body pains and aches1 had diabetes1 had depression1 had a heart attack in 2006
  6. 6. That’s 28 people, 67%, with a healthcondition who don’t feel healthy. Fairly healthy Very healthy 12% Existing health issues 21% 67%
  7. 7. But instead of making lifestyle changes tofight those conditions, they are takingprescription medications and maintaining thesame diet and level of exercise.
  8. 8. Insight #1:Medicine is an effective fix for conditions likehigh cholesterol. Unfortunately, it becomes ashort-term replacement for changes to dietand exercise.How might we encourage older adults tosolve the problem and not the effect?
  9. 9. On average, those 28 people are doing 30minutes or more of physical activity 2.2 daysa week.But they’d like to do so 5.6 days a week.
  10. 10. “HelpBJ Fogg once said,people do whatthey alreadywant to do.”
  11. 11. For exercise, survey participants currently...walk, jog, gym, lift weights, and garden.
  12. 12. But they also enjoy...yoga, zumba, hiking, tennis, swimming, golf,kickboxing, and biking.
  13. 13. Insight #2:“Dancing isn’t exercise, it’s fun.”
  14. 14. Key to longevity?EXERCISE FUN
  15. 15. Hypothesis:Older adults are only exploring traditionaltypes of exercise, like walking, stretching,and weight lifting.If we introduce them to unconventionalactivities, they are more likely to exercisemore often.
  16. 16. Test trial:I copied messaging for 6 real events onMeetup.com and asked study participants toRSVP to ones they would like to attend.
  17. 17. Test trial:I copied messaging for 6 real events onMeetup.com and asked study participants toRSVP to ones they would like to attend.
  18. 18. Trial gives us information on:Activity preferencesInterest in social componentLevel of comfort with online grouporganization site like Meetup.com
  19. 19. Walking: Yes Maybe No 0 4.25 8.5 12.75 17
  20. 20. YES:More funExercise, enjoy the scenery and meet new peopleI will join if I have the timeIt sounds like a good opportunity to meet peopleEasy form of non-impact exercise & socialI enjoy walking with other peopleI would love to. The more moral support the better.I like to walkenjoy sceneryEnjoy walkingeasy going none performance based funTakeaways:Would be fun to meet new people and sharemoral support. Non-impact exercise. Canenjoy the scenery.
  21. 21. MAYBE:Depends on the groups common interests and goal to get out of the activities and atmosphere.Prefer walking or hiking with spouse or aloneA little skeptical about meeting people over the internet. Maybe if everyone met in a large group in a public place first.Depends on the people. Do they look like, fun, sucessful, healthy, attractive people....or losers.Similar interest... But I dont know these people.depends on my timetime constraintsGroup is pretty large but I guess if your goal is to meet people would be good.I am usually busy with work or family on the weekends. Depends on my schedule.I dont have enough time to participate. Should be an activity for the hole family on Sundays afternoons. (and my family should agree to do it)Depends on my schedule, if it was convenient. Also I dont like the heat so in the warm months, I prefer to go outside at 6 AM to garden. Hard to find groupsof earlybird recreational walkers.Takeaways:Depends on the people and my schedule.
  22. 22. NO:I walk very slowly and would be unable to keep up.I enjoy hiking to relax and not interested in interacting with others during this activity.Because of my schedule which is determined by my performance schedule, it difficult to commit to a group activity.A little skeptical about meeting people over the internet. Maybe if everyone met in a large group in a public place first.Want to do exercise on my own timeTypically workout early mornings on my own schedule which can sometimes be random.I like to walk very quickly to get aerobic exercise and I find most recreational walkers go too slowly for meI like to walk in silencestrangers can do strange thingsDont like to exersize in a groupI live to far awayPrefer to walk alone and think.due to tight scheduleI am not comfortable meeting new peopleno timejust not interestedTakeaways:Want to walk at my own pace, prefer soloactivity, can’t commit because of timeschedule, not comfortable meeting newpeople.
  23. 23. Hiking: YesMaybe No 0 7.5 15 22.5 30
  24. 24. YES:Scenic and limited time and durationExercise, view, and company could be interestingI like hiking as long as it is a trail that has varying degrees.Good experience. Attend the Golden Gate Bridges 50 yr anniversary walk across the bridge but it was too crowded. Couldnt walk across.meet peopleSounds like funI like hiking and there is no mention of meeting new people so it takes the pressure off.Sounds interestIf my schedule allowed, it would be fun to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge.Takeaways:Interested in the novelty of the activity itself.
  25. 25. MAYBE:It provides full description for the level of walking. It is also a plus for the social event to be optional - flexible and not easygoing atmosphere would be a plusfor me.Sounds great but the first day of the year I may be tired and also I dont know if I have the level of resistance neededSounds like a good "plan" but what is the profile of people attending? Teenagers, retirees, singles, families?Love GGB and the great scenery in that area.Seems to be interesting and fun if not taking care of the date. For me is a family date.time constraintsIf I was already part of the group but maybe not for a first outing.Takeaways:Time constraints. Social pressure. Who else isattending? Uncertainty of level of fitnessrequired.
  26. 26. NO:too strenuousToo far from my residenceDont want to spend time with strangersLike to do stuff like this with own familySimilar to previous answer -- when hiking, like it either to be very vigorous for exercise or to a destination that I am especially interested in. When I do thingsfor social purposes, I would rather be with small group of friendsToo far from homeSan Franfreeko is a scary, but beautiful city.too farI dont live in the cityprefer to go in smaller group or with spouseI work that dayI am workingtoo farI will be out of town.Out of town that dayToo crowdedno timeTakeaways:Too far from home, prefer to hike with family,spouse, or small group of friends.
  27. 27. Yoga: Yes Maybe NoTest trial: 0 7.5 15 22.5 30
  28. 28. YES:Always wanted to try yoga but didnt know best way to startLove Yoga.....and Yoga is kind of an individual type thing so it doesnt matter who is there.Enjoyed yoga the few times I participated.Heard yoga was good forn of non-impact exercise and want to learn moreThis would assist with my back problem.Sounds interestinglove yogaIve never taken a Vinyasa yoga class and I would it to try it epecially since its freeTakeaways:Would be fun to meet new people and sharemoral support. Non-impact exercise. Canenjoy the scenery.
  29. 29. MAYBE:Not too enticing as it sounds more commercial and promotional than a community building low-key exercise opportunity. One would see that sort of postingin Daily Candy or Groupon.time constraintswilling to do yoga in a group with an instructorMy wife would enjoy it. Have not tried yoga myself.Takeaways:Possible female bias.
  30. 30. NO:too far from homeI would like to have a flexible scheduleNot interested in yogaI do a specific type of yoga: Trul Khor (tibetan) and Im not interested in another typeDont like yogaNot into this exerciseI do not like to do yoga at storesYoga sucksI dont like yoga.dont like yogaNot a yoga practitionertoo far. If it were in my neighborhood, yes.no timewhere is this?A little oddTakeaways:Some people have 0 interest in yoga. If theywere to try, it’d have to be nearby.
  31. 31. Dancing: YesMaybe No 0 4 8 12 16
  32. 32. YES:I love to dance but I dont have a partner so because this class doesnt require to have one is just perfect for me except I live in FloridaInterested in ball room dancingWould love to learn to Salsa dance with my wife.Same reason: great opportunity to have fun and meet peopleI can still "cut the rug" or at least think I can.Love dancing & socialI enjoy dancing and would allow to be with other people.Invite gave out more info of what to expect.Love to dancelearn to dancea chance to exercise while learning to dance.sounds very funit sounds funSounds funTakeaways:Love to dance, fun, meet new people.
  33. 33. MAYBE:Always wanted to learn how to ballroom danceit might be fun to learn something newI will go if my husband goes too.i like dancing, but not familiar with the venutime constraintsIf my husband would go with me I would attendTakeaways:Would go if significant other went as well.
  34. 34. NO:I dont danceNot coordinated or interested in this activityNot a dancer...I have no interest in learning.spouse would not be interesteddistance to eventcant danceI am not a dancer.Dont like danceTakeaways:0 interest or 0 ability.
  35. 35. Zumba: YesMaybe No 0 5 10 15 20
  36. 36. YES:I can use the exerciseCurious to learn moreWho doesnt like free.As long as its free, I will attend. Have tried it before.good exercisefunwant to try itTakeaways:Would be fun to try it as long as it’s free.
  37. 37. MAYBE:Again, it might be fun to try something new -- would probably go if it fit with scheduletime constraintsmight be fun?Ive taken zumba classes before and I dont like them (too choreographed - I spend too much time trying to learn the dance and dont feel like I am getting agood workout) but I would try this one becasue its freeTakeaways:Might go because it’s free.
  38. 38. NO:too strenuousI dont dance in a groupNo dancing....sorry.Dont like zumbaUncoordinatedNot a Zumba fanaticToo many Zumba show offs!Im not ready for Zumba yet. Need to start with something calmer and easier.Curious to learn moreTo hard on the lower backI am not a dancer.Not my cup of teaHave tried Zumba and didnt care for it, but if I hadnt tried it before, the event seems like a no cost way to try it.Takeaways:0 interest or 0 ability. Too strenuous.
  39. 39. Meditation / Tai Chi: YesMaybe No 0 4 8 12 16
  40. 40. YES:Its probably a good pace for me.Enjoy meditation and slower pace and calmer exercise. But if it were too much of an incent burning meditation, that would turn my interest off.Interested in Tai Chi.always wanted to try tai chiIve tried it before and enjoyed the activityHave done some tai chi before and again good form of non-impact exercise for body & mindThe type of activity deals with the flow of energy in the bodyGood especially if you are just beginning.I wish it would be in my area.Learning Tai chi now.always wanted to learn Tai Chi.Ive never taken a tai chi class and would like to try it.I like Tai Chi.Takeaways:Would enjoy slower pace. Have alwayswanted to try. Good for body and mind.
  41. 41. MAYBE:Curious about but not certain I would want to do it.Sound interesting.Maybe interested.I should learn more about these activities, but I like when I see usually Asian people practicing it in the public parks. It seems to be something very rhythmic,interesting, free, and democratic.sometimes oktime constraintswould need instruction but interested in learning tai chiTakeaways:Interesting. Interested in learning.
  42. 42. NO:Tried matial arts before and not too crazy about it. Like kick boxing exercise classes though.Too slow of an exerciseNot into thisdistance to the eventnot intestedToo busy with othersTakeaways:0 interest. Too slow of a pace.
  43. 43. Insight #3:Traditional activities are done not for lack ofcreativity, but because of low cost,convenience, and a low barrier to entry interms of ability.
  46. 46. Conclusion:Walking may not sound exotic or exciting butit is free, flexible to schedule, can be social,and is not high pressure to perform.
  47. 47. Conclusion:Dancing = pure fun. It seems to be more of asocial skill than an exercise skill, one thatolder adults are eager to learn in a low-pressure environment. The existinginfrastructure of free community dancenights makes this activity more cost-effectivein the long run.
  48. 48. Conclusion:Activities like meditation require instructionfor beginners but even a one-touch trainingsession can have lasting impact, on the mindand body.
  49. 49. Next steps:Piloting walking groups in workplaces andneighborhoodsRaising awareness of free dance communitylessons and dance nights, get buy-in fromspouse or close friendIntroducing people to the meetup.complatform, empowering people to findactivities they enjoy
  50. 50. Thank you!I’d love to hear your thoughts: kchen12@stanford.edu Katherine Chen / @kchen247