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Longrun-Healthy Planning App


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LongRun is a smartphone application that helps people plan, manage, and maintain a running schedule to so that they can live a healthier life- style by providing support and motivation when runners encounter obstacles in maintaining their running plan.

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Longrun-Healthy Planning App

  1. 1. Run To Healthy LifestyleXIE BinhuanMDes Interaction Design 2012Exercise Management2012. 05 - 2012. 07
  2. 2. Designed by:XIE BinhuanSuperviser:Micheal LaiTequila ChanAll Rights Served.Thanks to:ContentProblem StatementResearchInsightsProject StatementDesign StrategyInteraction ModelTask AnalysisInformation ArchitectureInterface DesignConclusion01020304050607080910
  3. 3. Problem StatementSedentary LifestylePeople sitting infront of computer all time, whichcause them a lot of healthy problems, but they arenot exercising due to some barriers and motivationconstrains.Sedentary activities include sitting, reading, watching television, playing certain video games, and com-puter use for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise.The health effects of sedentary lifestyle including:1. Back pain, neck pain caused by sitting position2. Obesity3. Depression4. Cardiovascular disease5. Anxiety6. DiabetesAccording to a statistics on behavioral risk factors, most Hong Kong people aged 18 to 64 had a long sit-ting time and more than 55.7% of them set at least 6 hours per day on average.Exercise is a good way to help people reduce risk of getting all kinds of health probllems.But, in Hong Kong, over half (54.6%) of adult aged 18 - 64 had not done any moderate physical activityfor at least 10 minutes at a time and only less than two-fifths (38.4%) had done some vigorous physi-cal activity during the week by April 2010.Studies revealed that there are certain constrains and motivation for people to participate physical activity.Constrains:1. Personal constraints ( bad body image, lack of knowledge, health problems and fatigue)2. Practical constraints ( lack of money, lack of time and facility consistency)3. Social constraints (lack of role models, social pressures, and lack of parental encouragemen)Motivation:1. interest and enjoyment2. social motives3. Appearance and fitness improvementPeople Are Not Exercising01source:[1] “Prevalence of Sedentary Lifestyle”. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 1991. Retrieved January 24, 2010.[2] “Physical Activity”. World Health Organization. Retrieved January 23, 2010.[3] Daniel M. Landers. “The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health”. President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Retrieved February 05,2010. “The research literature suggests that for many variables there is now ample evidence that a definite relationship exists between exerciseand improved mental health. This is particularly evident in the case of a reduction of anxiety and depression.”[4] “Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases”. United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Retrieved January 22, 2010.[5] “Physical inactivity a leading cause of disease and disability, warns WHO”. World Health Organization. Retrieved January 23, 2010.[6] “Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms”. Mayo Clinic. Retrieved January 22, 2010.[7] , Centre for Health Protection[8] , Department of Health, 2008.[9] Lam Yuet Ming (April 2009), Constraints and Motivations for Physical Activity participation in Sedentary Working People in Hong Kong ,[10] Andajani-Sutjahjo, S., Ball, K., Warren, N., Inglis, V., & Crawford, D. (2004). Perceived personal, social and environmental barriers to weightmaintenance among young women: A community survey. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity[11] Anderson, C.B. (2003). When more is better: number of motives and reasons for quitting as correlates of physical activity in women. HealthEducation Research[12] Brown, P. R., Brown, W. J., Miller, D. Y., Hansen, V. (2001). Perceived constraints and social support for active leisure among mother withyoung children.[13] Brehm, B. A., (2004). Your role in the exercise adherence story. Successful fitness motivation strategies
  4. 4. ResearchConsiderations of an exercising plan One Running ExperienceWhole Running Experience02Personal AbilitySkills, experience, fitness, tactical knowledgeDecide Placeand Time to goMake a Plan accordingto Schedule, Ability andInterstsChange Clothand Shoes,get Stuff(timer,phone, ipod)Stick to a PlanGo to PlaceChangehappensBody Preparationbefore RunAdjust and Update PlanRun (With Music,counting Timeand Miles)Failed to Stick to a PlanGo back homeChange Cloth,Take a ShowerMark or ShareToday’s RunIndividual FactorsAge, gender, body shape, culture, raceHealth ConsiderationsHeart conditions, asthma, special needs...ResourcesMoney, time avaliable to spendSocial SupportAbility of friends, family and significant others to offer encouragementSource:“Barriers and enablers to people’s involvement in physical activity” in Physical Education, ESA Publications
  5. 5. Interview:Woody ,Graduate StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“I have done exercise regularly, jog every morning inpark nearby, even when I go to Human for a project forone month, I keep the plan. I also swim for a period oftime, when I am work in Tong Ji University, becausethere is a big swimming pool close to where I work.”Why you exercise?“to keep healthy, and when you started running plan, Iwill have the tendency to run.“Are you still exercising now? why?“No, since I came to Hong Kong, I give up my exerciseplan, at the beginning, I swimmed once or twice, butbecause my time schedule is totally changed,it is veryhard to find a time to do exercise, and I don’t knowwhere I could run at first, even now, I know where torun, but the place is too far away and because I don’thave a routine now, so I don’t want to run.”Grace ,Graduate StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Not regularly.”Why you exercise?“Usually I exercise with my friends, like my roomateswho used to run, so I run with her for a time. If myfriends ask me to run with she, I would certainly go, butif only myself, I’m less motivated.”Are you still exercising now? why?“Not really, no one ask me, and I’m lazy, I don’r feel theneeds.”Cindy ,Graduate StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes, back in my home town when I have a long holiday.I do yoga and dance in gym class”Why you exercise?“Because a lot of people doing it with me, I think it isfun.”Are you still exercising now? why?“No, I don’t have time, and I don’t know where to exer-cise”Nicole ,Graduate StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes, I did some exercise before, four years ago, afterGao Kao, I run and sometimes climbing with my friendsabout one or two months.”Why you exercise?“Because I suddenly had time and all my friends werestarting exercise...”Are you still exercising now? why?“No, because after I get into college, then I becamebusier and stopped, after I stopped for several weeks, Ican hardly continue again. ”Iris ,Graduate StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes, I used to run with my roommate and my boyfriend, almost every day.”Why you exercise?“Because I like to do exercise with other people, and ithelps me with neck pain.”Are you still exercising now? why?“Not regularly, because of time and weather I guess,but sometimes I still play tennis and table tennis withfriends. ”Tao ,Government workerHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes, in college, play basketball.”Why you exercise?“Because I like it, I think it makes me feel good.”Are you still exercising now? why?“No, I married, moved to two cities, I want to exercise,but I’m tired, I’m too lazy in the weekend, I just want tolay on sofa... but I skip dinner to avoid big belly. ”Vivi ,Graduate StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes, I used to do yoga with my roommate, we havea plan for one hour in every night, we have done it forabout one year. and I also run on running machine hereat PolyU, but not for long, about one or two weeks ”Why you exercise?“Yoga is because I can do it with my roommate, runningis because I feel I have gain weight here, I want to loseweight.”Are you still exercising now? why?“No,Yoga is because I’m not with my roommate now,running is because I don’t feel fat after two weeks,although I know I’m still gaining weight, but I’m gettingused to it ”Joe ,Part time StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes, I used to run in Canada every morning.”Why you exercise?“To keep fit, I feel fat when I am not running.”Are you still exercising now? why?“No, I tried to run at first, but I don’t like to go out inHong Kong, it is too humid and hot, so I just don’t runnow.”Cedric ,Part time StudentHave you regularly exercised before?“Yes.”Why you exercise?“To prepare for marathon”Are you still exercising now? why?“No, because I’m lazy, and I guess because of HongKong’s weather, it is too hot to run”Card Sorting:Motivation1. Intention to keep healthy and good shape2. Release pressure and have fun3. A good way to enhance relationship4. Have or show off good skill1. Lack of time2. Laziness3. No right partnersCard : Watching television, playing computer and video games , not having the right equipment to use , lack of en-ergy, lack of time, sweating/ messy hair, live far fromrecreation facilities, afraid of getting hurt, laziness, being injured or ill, no right person/partners;Card : Keep health, be slim, be sexy, play with friends, family support, everyday routine, can improve self-esteem,make friends, good skill, handsome coach, feel relax, hobby, rewarding, having fun, easy to find, enhance relation-ship, walking a pet, good shape;Card sorting combine with interview, interview is for a deeper understanding of their choice of card, interview ques-tions are asked according to how they sort cards. Such as if people chose keep healthy is important, then their expe-rience of exercising before and how it helped to keep health.7 People3 Sets of Card: Motivation, Barriers, and Ideal Experience.1. Healthy2. Sweaty (sweaty make them feel healthy and relax)3. Show off skills and beauty4. Exciting and happyCard : Breakthrough, sense of achievement, satisfactory, competition, teamwork/ team spirit, freedom, strength,speed, beauty, show off(skill, figure), exciting, happy, healthy, sweaty, comfortable;BarriersIdeal ExperienceReferences:[1] Principles and labs for fitness & wellness / Werner W.K. Hoger, Shron A. Hoeger. Hoeger, Werner W.K. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth, c2012 11thed.[2] Physical fitness : training, effects, and maintaining / Mark A. Powell, editor New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2011.[3] Research methods for the behavioral sciences / Frederick J. Gravetter, Lori-Ann B. Forzano. Gravetter, Frederick J. Belmont, CA : WadsworthCengage Learning, c2012. 4th ed.
  6. 6. Insights03:: ::Ever-changing daily lifeprevent people from sticking to their planLack of motivationprevent people from sticking to their planLazinessSocial Support“I want to exercise, but I’m too lazy in the weekend, I just want to lay on sofa... I skip dinner toavoid big belly… ”-----Government Worker, Tao-- No goal and determination-- No right attitude, and scientific approach-- Lose interest-- Lose enjoyment“If my friends ask me to run with she, I would certainly go, but if only myself, I’m less moti-vated.”-----Graduate Student, CraceChange of TimeChange of PlaceChange of WeatherGeneral Impression form ResearchGeneral Impression form Research“I did some exercise before, about one or two month, then I became busier and stopped, afterI stopped for several weeks, I can hardly continue again.”----- Graduate Student,Nicole“I used to run everyday... but since I come to Hong Kong, I stopped, first is because I don’tknow where to run.”-----Graduate Student, Woody“I used to run in Canada... but I don’t like to go out in Hong Kong, it is too humid and hot, so Ijust don’t run now.”-----Part time Student, JoeIt is important for people to make exercise a routine and get used to it. People who makeexercise a routine will be more likely to exercise, but this kind of routine is also easily be dis-rupted by other major issues like work or play.Once people give up the routine, people will get used to it and hard to started a new routineagain.Many people have a high health consciousness, but it is still not enough, it is important tomake them deeply understand how exercise promote health and make them more beautifuland happier.People says it is difficult to be self-motivated and keep motivated, they think partner is impor-tant for physical activity, especially those girls like social activity more.Exercise can help promote social relationship, and vise veser.
  7. 7. Short timeLong timeLong timeHealthierLifestyleLogo: App Icon:One sentence about LongRunLongRun is a smartphone application that helpspeople plan, manage, and maintain a runningschedule to so that they can live a healthier life-style by providing support and motivation whenrunners encounter obstacles in maintainingtheir running plan.LongRun is a management tool that may be used anytime and anywhere by the user, which alsorequires the ability to access internet information and the ability to combine canlendar, providesmart advise and suggestions, so overall the requirements, smartphone is the best plateform torun LongRun““Why choose smartphone:Project Statement04 Design Strategy05AimValueMake exercising a Routing:1. Overcome barriers2. Strengthen motivationMake exercising a way of living:1. social support add more interest and enjoyment2. education on right attitude and scientific approach to exercise
  8. 8. Exsisting products focus on running experience Overcome Barriers:Focus on Desirable Experience of Running:1.Visualize and track running routes, time and miles2. Music3. Connect to shoes, nike fuelbandFocus on Social motivate Running:1. A running community, follow, share, comment onother people2. tutorialsFocus on Logging Running:1. Daily progress data visualization2. ReviewHigh MotivationMarket Positioning:Less MotivationMaintain ScheduleNo ScheduleChange time Change location Change intensityChange typeof activityChangewhole plan1. Time been occupiedby other plan, caused byboth work and play2. Not in good conditionAlternative time periodis based on the informa-tion pulled from existingcalendarAlternative activity isbased on location andactivity information pro-vided by gym.Alternative locationinformation is based onuser’s locationAlternative intensity isbased on user’s situa-tion, like ill, travel...1. Weather is not goodfor exercise outdoor, sochange it indoor.2. Every three weeksprovide a different activ-ity for user to keep funand interest.1. Travel to other place,both work and play2. A new life stadge, likemove to another city tohave a new job, family orstudy1. A new life stadge,more related to bodysituation, like pregnant,intern another age pe-riod...2. Goal changed, likelose weight to preparemarathon.3. Skip exercise for onemonth, which means theplan no longer fits user,need to be changed.1. Time been occupiedby other plan, work orplay2. Not in good conditionThe main barriers are change of schedule, location, weather, body situation and personal goals. So LongRun providefive solutions to each of these changes.
  9. 9. 1233?FailedPartner SNS FriendsSocial SportingActivityStories GuidanceInteraction Model061. Share each other’sprogress and daily plan2. Compete accomplish-ments with each other3. Cheer for each other’sachivements4. When one is not doingwell, partner will get theupdates and suggestions1. Stories of role mod-els, famous person toachieve goals by exer-cise2. Stories about hownormal people achive thesame goal3. When not doing well,give good examples1. Share running events,achivements and photoson Renren, Weibo. Getcheers and other com-ments from online friends2. Chooes regularly up-dates on Renren, Weibo,more people can followuser’s running progressand give cheers1. Scientific approach tokeep fit or achieve othergoals2. Right attitude to keepfit or achieve other goals3. When change plan,provide necessary guid-ance to keep exercising1. Join interesting socialsporting activities in city,like climbing, skating,tennis, bascketball...2. Every three weeks,a push message fromActivity Center to providesuggested opportunities3.When user is not doingwell, provide sugestionswith activity opportuni-ties.Strengthen Motivations:The main motivation is come from social support, partner, social platforms, social activity, another motivation sourceis come from the system, system will provide right guidance and stories when user need.GoalToachive hisExerciseHe wants toSedentary LifestyleKevin lives a
  10. 10. PartnerBad Weather TravelObstaclesCauseProblemsUpdateSuggestionsNewsEnableChangesSocial SupportInspirationsSystem giveright push byunderstandSituationSearchJoinShareCompeteCheerSickBusySNS FriendsSedentary LifestyleKevin lives aExerciseHe wants toGoalToachive hisSocial SportingActivityStories GuidanceChange time Change locationNew LifestadgeChange intensityChange typeof activityChangewhole planLongRun
  11. 11. Task Analysis07Manage planPush Message4 ways to trigger changes 5 Reasons to trigger changes1. Push Messeges 1. Time Changed2. Change Plan Button 2. Bad Weather3. Daily Items 3. Location Change4. Change Calendar 4. Sick5. Skip Plan for 1 monthA Running FlowCreate planReminderOK Set UpChangeRecordNew AchivementsShare CheersProgress Change History ChangeEvaluationAdjust PlanTimeLocationTypePlan ChangeCalendar ChangeBefore A Running EventRight Before RunA Running EventRight After RunRunningSet GoalGenderAgeWeightHeightRacePersonalFactorsType of ExerciseLocationPartnerFrequencyIntensityGalendar DataChoose TimeNew PlanMessage PartnerSuggestIndoor ActivityAlternative timeAlternative typeSocial ActivityPush MessageReminder Befor Run Not Run1 Time 1 monthNot Much ProgressLocation ChangeChange PlanCalendar ChangeBadWeatherRainingToo HotAir Qulity BadToo HumidStoryQuotesSuggestPlaceFrequencyIntensity
  12. 12. Information Architecture08LongRunSet GoalGenderAgeWeightHeightRacePersonalFactorsType of ExerciseLocationPartnerFrequencyIntensityPull Galendar DataChoose TimeNew PlanGoalEdit GoalGoal HistoryUpdate ProgressExchange ProgressSet Progress BarProgressProgress BarAccount LogoutPartnerSNSLocationReminderStyleRun NowL atest NewsMessage PartnerSocial ActivityNext EventsCheck One EventNext EventChangeTimeLocationTypeSetupStartFinishRecordRouteTimeDistanceSpeedReviewAnalysisRouteTimeDistanceSpeedNew AchivementsShareG et CheersLocationTimeDistanceTypePartner SNS ActivitySortAddShareReviewCheer CheerCompeteSharePush MessageReminder Befor RunNo Movement 1 TimeNo Movement 3 WeeksNot Much ProgressLocation ChangeCalendar ChangeBad WeatherRainingToo HotAir Qulity BadToo HumidEvaluationUpdate ProgressAdjust Plan SuggestionCreat New Plan HomeNew AccountL oginChange PlanChange TimeChange TypeChange LocationChange intensityChange Whole PlanUnderstand ReasonInspirationStoryQuotesHomePast EventsCheck One EventShareHistorySearchLocationTypeAchives
  13. 13. Interface Design09Simple:No burden on visual part and interactivity.Time management:A Timeline arrangement on homepage for user to easily review and edit.Graphic concerns:routesbarriersgoalsPush message:Weather informationand reminderbefore every runningevent
  14. 14. Home page:Progress Bar showsprogress withincertain periodTimeline unit pastrunning event, startrunning, and futureplanClick one item couldchange single plan,click change plancould change awhole plan directlyClick running eventin the past could re-view achievementsLog in:Show Logo
  15. 15. Run now:Lock screen whenrunningStop immediatelyShow miles andtime and routesShows push infor-mation from partnerand SNSRun now:Press start to recordPreset includetoday’s expectedportion (time andmiles), exercise typeand status, share,music and map
  16. 16. Activity:Check availablesporting activity incity,sort by nearest time,least money andnearest locationActivity News:Every three weeks,or when user didn’tdoing so well, activ-ity will push to user
  17. 17. Change Plan:Understand user’ssituation to providesuitable changesuggestions andchangesPush message:Understand userssituation in timewhen no running, noprogress, or pro-gress become slow
  18. 18. Changes in HomePage:My situationchanges shows onmy future exerciseeventsReschedule:Show data pulledfrom calendarChange time andtype of exercise
  19. 19. Conclusion10Progress Updates:According to goalsExchange progressProgress bar settingAt least, it is a project that convinced me.LongRun is created in one month, because I have spend a lot of timein the begining to search for a proper topic to work on, at first I wantto focus on community, and then I want to focus on family, but for thesake of not enought resources and time I have, I couldn’t get satisfiedwith what I have find out. So then I jump to exercise management.I have done a research project on exercise before, so LongRun savesmy time to do basic background research and it also gives me moretime to focus on analysis to get insights and ideas with additional inter-views that focused on specific barriers and motivations.Finaly, thanks to my friends and family, and special thanks to my su-pervisor Michael and Tequila, who spend a lot of time on our program,provide me a lot of methods and guidances to look at things and todesign things.