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Chunk Paragraph Template and Examples


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Chunk Paragraph Template and Examples

  1. 1. Template  Follow this pattern to complete the CHUNK paragraph assignment:  T.S. - Topic Sentence  L.I. followed by a substantial C.D. – Lead in and concrete detail  C.M. – Commentary  C.M. – Commentary  C.S. – Concluding sentence
  2. 2. Step by Step THE QUOTE  Begin by deciding which quote to use as the center of your CHUNK paragraph.  Make sure the quote is meaningful and substantial.  Remember, as instructed in class, start from the middle out. The quote is the center (literally and figuratively) of your paragraph.
  3. 3. STEP BY STEP The Lead In  The function of the lead in is to put the quote in context.  The lead in may inform the reader of a few of the who, what, when, where, why and/or how of the quote.  The lead in is placed before the quote and ends with a comma. (See example)
  4. 4. STEP BY STEP The Topic Sentence  Now that you’ve chosen a meaningful and substantial quote, let it guide you when writing the topic sentence.  Remember that the topic sentence works as the thesis of a CHUNK paragraph.  The topic sentence needs to tell the reader what the subject/topic of the paragraph will be.
  5. 5. STEP BY STEP Commentary/Analysis  The commentary/analysis should simply and concisely explain the quote.  Discuss the quote within the context of that particular moment. Don’t write about what will happen far into the future or what has already happened.  Focus on explaining and analyzing only what the quote is trying to convey.
  6. 6. STEP BY STEP Concluding Sentence  The concluding sentence should not be a summary of the paragraph. Instead it should explain the result, consequences, or what occurred immediately after the scene described in the quote.
  7. 7. CHUNK PARAGRAPH EXAMPLE Auggie believes that true friendship is unconditional and he must help Jack even if it might put him in danger. In the woods, while at camp, Auggie thinks, “This was the point where I knew I should runaway as fast as I could but Jack was still on the ground and I wasn’t about to leave him.” (pg. 266) Jack and Auggie are being bullied by seventh graders after theY see Auggie and begin to make fun of him. Jack is on the ground because he defended Auggie against the seventh graders; in return they push Jack. As a result, Jack tells Auggie to run so that he doesn’t get hurt, but Auggie, although he might be risking his health, he believes that he must stay and help defend Jack.
  8. 8. CHUNK PARAGRAPH EXAMPLE The mask that Auggie wears is a symbol of his need to be normal. On the morning of Halloween, Auggie thinks, “I get to wear a mask, I get to go around like every other kid, and nobody thinks that I look weird. Nobody takes a second look and nobody notices me.” (pg. 73) Auggie has a facial deformity and longs to be accepted by his peers. Wearing the mask allows Auggie to be that normal kid at least one day of the year. As a result, no one stares at Auggie and other students high-five him in approval of him because he is hiding behind his Halloween mask.