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Back to school presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to 8th Grade English
  2. 2. Please make sure to register yourself and your student on Power School and the classroom blog. Because of the limited nature of Power School, the blog will be used to elaborate on class and homework assignments, post informational articles, videos, and extra credit.
  3. 3. Outline of Curriculum Writing Our goal is to prepare students for high school English as well as reviewing specific genres and technical writing skills. Annotative Journal: Analyzing specific and relevant quotes. One formal essay per semester. Chunk Paragraph (short, concise written responses).
  4. 4. Examples: Research Paper: Daughters of the American Revolution Contest (English and History - Project Based Learning) Written literary analysis of short stories, books, poetry and informational reading. Speech: End of the year promotion speech. * Plagiarism will automatically result in an F and an Honor Code violation.
  5. 5. Daily Writing, Reading and Vocabulary/Grammar Journals
  6. 6. Students keep a writing journal where they are assigned topics that pertain to the current unit of study. Reading journals will be used to respond to literature. Vocabulary/Grammar journal will purely concentrate on vocabulary and grammar studies. *These must be brought to class everyday.
  7. 7. Reading Schedule (Schedule Subject to Change) September - Review Summer Reading Books October/November – The Outsiders December/January – Animal Farm January – The Diary of Anne Frank (Play) February/March – Soldier’s Heart April/ May – Flowers For Algernon Note: We will also read various short stories, news articles and other informational materials throughout the year.
  8. 8. Homework
  9. 9. Homework is posted on the homework board every Monday, Power School and blog site. All major writing projects are (usually) due on Fridays. I will call or email you if your student does not turn in his/her homework in a timely manner but please remember that it is always the student’s responsibility to keep track of his/her homework assignments.
  10. 10. Late Assignments Late assignments will be accepted for most projects. Ten percent will be subtracted for each day work is missing. *Late reading journal entries are not accepted.
  11. 11. Writing Contests and Publishing Over the past ten years, our 8th grade students have won multiple writing contests and/or have been published in literary magazines and online journals. We will continue the tradition. All writing contests and publishing opportunities will be posted on Power School and the class blog site.
  12. 12. 8th Grade Team Communication: Due to our schedules and school commitments, we cannot accommodate drop-in conferences. To schedule a meeting with a teacher, please email a brief message and we will schedule an appointment that will include our team of teachers, you and your child. *We will respond to all emails within
  13. 13. Finally… Please do not forget to register yourself and your student on Power School (if you haven’t already). Visit the class blog (the site address is posted on Power School) and register your email address for instant updates. Let’s have a great 2013-2014 school year!