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The Inbetweeners


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The Inbetweeners

  1. 1. Case Study:IndependentBritish FilmProducers andAudiencesPrepared
  2. 2. Context/History• A movie spin-off from a successful series from E4.• The Inbetweeners enjoyed 3 seasons on E4 and wasthe most successful in terms of viewings for a digitalchannel
  3. 3. The Film• On its first day of release, The Inbetweeners Moviegrossed over £2.5 million in 409 cinemas,outperforming Cowboys and Aliens.[6] The film thenwent on to set a new record for the most successfulopening weekend ever achieved by a comedy film inthe UK, overtaking Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reasonand The Hangover Part II after earning £13,200,000. Itretained its number 1 position in the UK film charts for4 weeks, finally being overtaken by Tinker Tailor SoldierSpy on 16 September 2011. As of November 20, 2011,the films total box office gross is £45,028,695.Taken from wikipedia
  4. 4. • Such impressive boxoffice figures wereno accident: thiswas a well plannedproduction thatrelied upon a loyalfan base andeffective use ofdistribution andmarketing, utilisingmany tie-ins and PRopportunities.This presentation aims toexamine some of thefactors that producers anddistributors would haveconsidered beforeembarking on the project.
  5. 5. Pre-production• The companies involved (detail)• Bwark Films (aquired by Zodiak Media in July 2011)production company• Young Films (joint producer) who had previouslybacked less successful films but always beeninvolved as producer of Inbetweeners TV show.• Entertainment Film Distributors (distributed thefilm in the UK for theatrical release) website• Channel 4 had DVD and TV rights to the film• Film 4 have rental rights through 4OD until the filmis screened on UK TV.
  6. 6. Bwark Films• Advised to sell to Zodiak Media in theinterest of shareholders.• The sale to Zokiak group will allow theproducers/founders of Bwark films toaccess a global network. It will alsoput them in a better position to fundand distribute future comedyshows/films.• A full production breakdown can befound here
  7. 7. Entertainment Film Distributors• The UK’s leadingindependent FilmDistributor.• The company wasfounded in 1978and has showedcontinuing growthand success sincethat timedistributing a widerange of productand building asignificant filmlibrary.
  8. 8. • Whilst Entertainment Film Distributors hadthe rights to the film for cinema exhibition,Channel 4 retained the rights for sales on theDVD market.
  9. 9. Audiences• Participation was widely encouraged amongst thetarget audience to create an online buzz.• Stories – the importance of web 2.0 andinteractive secondary audience appeal.•• Fan Photos – a text that offers verisimilitude?•
  10. 10. Primary Audience• Those that enjoyed the TV series.Mostly 15-25 in age to signify thoseapproaching sixth form and thosewho just left university.• The release date of the summerholidays (and DVD release atChristmas) allowed many of themto go and see the film at thecinema/watch on DVD over festiveperiod. A lack of sporting eventsand poor British summer wouldalso have supported this.• Audience reviews here
  11. 11. Suburban Audiences• The most popular cinemas screening TheInbetweeners Movie did not come from inner citymultiplexes, but cinemas in suburban areas; Kent,Crawley and Romford featured in the top 10cinema revenues for this film. This links to the TVseries, set in suburbia, and the target audiencesidentification with narrative.
  12. 12. International Audiences?• Whilst performing relatively okay in Europe, the filmwasn’t a success across the border, although the seriesTV rights have reportedly been sold to MTV. Thisreview from an American site clearly highlights thecontrasting ideologies of the UK and USA.• Given that Bwark Films has now been acquired byZodiak Media, we may not have seen the last of TheInbetweeners Brand, although not how you and Iremember it. This article might give some clues.• What about Will’s mum?
  13. 13. Marketing and Use of Web 2.0
  14. 14. Trailers• From the E4 Website• The same version or variations of the trailer werealso available across platforms such as Youtube.
  15. 15. Marketing• The role of the marketingdepartment is to:• Create visibility• Generate a buzz (word ofmouth)• Get poster designed• Produce the trailers• Demonstrate a good use ofthe internet.
  16. 16. Audience Consumption• 4OD – also links to the main website•• Triple Play•
  17. 17. Home Exhibition•
  18. 18. • On December 12, 2011, The Inbetweeners Movie wasreleased on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK by 4DVD, withthe latter version sold as a triple pack containing bothformats along with a digital copy of the film. Bothversions include a number of special features, such as amaking-of documentary, footage from the filmsLondon premiere, various deleted scenes, castcommentaries and a blooper reel.[11] The Blu-rayrelease also features an extended cut of the film thatrestores approximately four minutes of materialomitted from the theatrical release, most notably anadditional scene in which Will and Simon encounter adrunken Mr. Gilbert on a Malia stag weekend.
  19. 19. Strategic DVD release• Following its appearance in UK stores, the DVD quicklybecame a major financial success. Within less than aweek, the film became the third fastest-selling Britishhome media release of 2011 after Harry Potter and theDeathly Hallows - Part 1 and Harry Potter and theDeathly Hallows - Part 2, with approximately 575,000copies sold in the first day of its release.[12]• By December 17, estimated sales reached one million,resulting in the film displacing the home media releaseof Paul as one of the five best-selling DVDs of the yearin the UK.[13][14]• Asda released the film with a bonus disc consisting ofvideo diaries from the cast.
  20. 20. Reflection•• Lots of journalistscompared the film tothat of American Pie,somewhat outdatedalthough others say ithas stolen the thunderfor upcoming AmericanPie Reunion (May 2012).•
  21. 21. Synergy•• Year book release.•• Competition entry
  22. 22. Cross Media-Publicity•
  23. 23. Publicity
  24. 24. Tie-ins•• And not toforget . . .