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How to slideshare


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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How to slideshare

  1. 1. How to use
  2. 2. Create an account Click Sign up
  3. 3. Fill out the needed information Click Join Now
  4. 4. Fill out info and click sign up Sign Up Pincode use zip code or password
  5. 5. Once signed in click start uploading or upload
  6. 6. Click Browse and Select Files
  7. 7. Choose the file you wish to upload
  8. 8. Insert description then click publish
  9. 9. Click “Here” to view your video status
  10. 10. Click to view
  11. 11. Now you can see your presentation online
  12. 12. How to put your slideshow on my-ecoach
  13. 13. On slideshare when you view your video copy the embeded code
  14. 14. Log into my-ecoach. Then go to my locker
  15. 15. Go to my projects
  16. 16. Find your project and click edit (the red box with a page on it)
  17. 17. Click on ‘Contents’
  18. 18. Click Add New Page
  19. 19. Insert a new category
  20. 20. Scroll down and paste embedded code in embed section then click save
  21. 21. Click preview project to view your project
  22. 22. Click on the tabs to view your categories