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How to Embed PowerPoint Presentation Using Slideshare


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How to Embed PowerPoint Presentation Using Slideshare

  1. 1. How To Embed A PowerPoint Presentation Into Your Blog (Using SlideShare and Scribd)
  2. 2. Using SlideShare
  3. 3. First, Create the PowerPoint you want to embed on your blog and save it to your hard drive.
  4. 4. Next visit SlideShare (link below) which is a site that allows the upload and sharing of presentations free of charge.
  5. 6.
  6. 7. Create a free SlideShare Account
  7. 8. Create One
  8. 10. Follow the instructions on the site to upload your presentation file to SlideShare.
  9. 11. Upload
  10. 12. Fill out the information for the SlideShare including whether you want the presentation kept private or allowed to be viewed by anyone.
  11. 14. After uploading, go to the presentation. In the presentation's SlideShare settings, be sure to check the box that says, "Allow embedding outside SlideShare"
  12. 16. Go to the presentation you've uploaded, copy the Embedding Code provided (similar to embedding youtube videos), and paste it into the HTML code for the post on your blog
  13. 17. Embed Copy
  14. 18. Copy and paste the embed to your blog.
  15. 20. Preview the blog post to make sure the embed worked and the size is appropriate before posting it to your blog.
  16. 21. Preview
  17. 22. After checking, You can now click the publish post Icon.
  18. 23. Publish post
  19. 24. Next slides I will be showing a tutorial on How to Embed your PowerPoint Presentation using Scribd
  20. 25.
  21. 26. Create your PowerPoint presentation and save it to your hard drive.
  22. 27. Go to
  23. 28. Click on “LogIn” in the upper right hand corner login
  24. 29. You can use your Facebook login Or use your Scribd account login if you Already have one.
  25. 30. Just click “Allow” so you can have an access to Scribd
  26. 31. Click on “upload documents”
  27. 32. Click on “Upload”
  28. 33. Click on “Browse” and find your PowerPoint presentation where you saved it earlier. Double click on your presentation.
  29. 35. --Click on “Save” to save your PowerPoint. --Click on your PowerPoint presentation. --Click the “Approve” button. --Toward the bottom of the page you will see an EMBED CODE. Click on “Copy
  30. 38. Look for the EMBED Code Click on Copy.
  31. 39. Copy
  32. 40. Open a new window or tab and go to , login and click on “New Post” New Post
  33. 41.   Type your title in the “title box”.In the box hit “ctrl V” - a bunch a typing will show up (it is what you copied from scribd)
  34. 42. Click on “Preview” and double check your documents. Preview
  35. 43. Click on “Publish Post” Click on “View Blog” to see your PowerPoint in the Blog.