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TED presentation

  1. 1. Elizabeth Gilbert: TED Speech“ Your elusivecreative genius”
  2. 2. The way she attracted her audience was by started telling a personal story about how the success of her last novel “Eat, Pray, Love” has raised fear among the people around her that believed she wont write anything as successful as that particular book.She maintained the audienceinterested by being consistent withthe flow of her speech, going fromone topic to another in a coherentway.
  3. 3. The best TED commandment that she follows through her presentation is“Thou shall not flaunt thine ego.Be thou vulnerable, speak of thyfailure as well as thy success”
  4. 4. During her hole speech she clearlydemonstrate her fear of failure,her anxiety during the writingprocess and how she still worriesabout finding new success.
  5. 5. From this speech I learned:1. Modesty plays abig part on giving agood speech.Showing your flawsand fears makes youcloser to theaudience and makesthem connect betterwith you.
  6. 6. 2. Body language is a key role of a good speech. ElizabethGilbert posture through her entire presentation wasflawless, her hand gestures were consistent with herpresentation and she avoid passing across the room whichshowed calmness.
  7. 7. Dynamism Rate5 out of 5
  8. 8. Dynamism Body Language Excitement Fluent speech CharismaI feel the only thing that Miss Gilbert couldperhaps do to improve the dynamism on herspeech is to have an entertaining visual aid tosupport her lecture.
  9. 9. Sir KenRobinson VS ElizabethGilbert
  10. 10. Differences: Sir Ken Robinson has more experience by the way he talks ( he looks less nervous, doesn’t move as much around the stageSimilarities: and uses humor to transmit his message.) They both used humor as a way to Elizabeth Gilbert is first andconnect with the audience. foremost a writer, which generally means she is not used They show great comfort in speaking in to give speeches as often asfront of a crowd. Robinson. Elizabeth Gilbert leans more towards telling personal anecdotes, while Sir Robinson uses facts and statistics as a way to demonstrate his accuracy. This is mostly due to the difference between their speeches ((one talks about education and the other about creativity),
  11. 11. My advice to my peers based on what I learned:Share a personalanecdote with youraudience that isrelevant to yourspeech I learn that this will make them understand you in a more personal level
  12. 12. Showing your flawsmay help you seemmore “human” toyour spectatorswhich I think is agreat way to makethem interestedthrough yourspeech.