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Nirbhay english


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nirbhay english

  1. 1. Nirbhay English Talk fearlesslyNirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.
  2. 2. Why Nirbhay English Provide Spoken English Training through Mobile Phone.Nirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.
  3. 3. Where Is the Problem ? • Speaking in English makes a lot difference. • How many go for spoken English Institute? • How can I go for it? • It is OK, I can manage. • Distance of Institute from home. • Mismatch in Timing.Nirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.
  4. 4. Nirbhay English Model • User register online without reveal identity. • Each user get 2 hrs free talk(User Call) • Each user book the slot for talk after ward. • Tie up with mobile service provider. • Advertisement between the talkNirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.
  5. 5. Nirbhay English Features • No need to reveal identity • Hassle free • Availability • Economical • Time Saving • Phone Vs Internet reachNirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.
  6. 6. Alternate Available • Spoken English Institutes • Spoken English CD/ Cassette • Television Shows • Online trainingNirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.
  7. 7. THANK YOU.Nirbhay English || By- Jubanashwa Mishra.