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Elvis 1985


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Elvis 1985

  1. 1. 1985 VALENTINE GIFT FOR YOU (US) RCA AFL 1 5353 (LP) (US) RCA PCD 1 5353 (CD) Released: February 1985 Side 1 Are You Lonesome Tonight I Need Somebody To Lean On Young and Beautiful Playing For Keeps Tell Me Why Give Me The Right Side 2 It Feels So Right I Was The One Fever Tomorrow Is A Long Time Love Letters Fame and Fortune Can't Help Falling In Love RECONSIDER BABY (US) RCA AFL 1 5418 (LP) (US) RCA PCD 1 5418 (CD) Released: April 1985 Side 1 Reconsider Baby Tomorrow Night So Glad You're Mine One Night (Of Sin) When It Rains It Really Pours My Baby Left Me Side 2 Ain't That Loving You Baby I Feel So Bad Down In The Alley Hi-Heel Sneakers Stranger In My Own Home Town Merry Christmas Baby ALWAYS ON MY MIND (US) RCA AFL 1 5430 (LP) (US) RCA PCD 1 5430 (CD) Released: June 1985 Side 1 Separate Ways Don't Cry Daddy My Boy Solitaire Bitter They Are Harder They Fall Hurt Side 2 Pieces Of My Life I Miss You It's Midnight I've Lost You You Gave Me A Mountain
  2. 2. Unchained Melody Always On My Mind (with overdubbed strings) Always On My Mind (with overdubbed strings) My Boy (US) RCA PB 14090 Released: July 1985 Merry Christmas Baby Santa Claus Is Back In Town (US) RCA PB 14237 Released: November 1985 1984 BACK TO DISCOGRAPHY MENU 1986