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MedicinMan January 2012 Issue

MedicinMan wishes all Healthcare especially customer-facing field sales professionals a New Year filled with New Learning. Get your January issue focused on Front-line Managers by registering your email ID on

Great articles by industry veterans - Hariram; MD of Galderma; Jolly Mathews; ex Novartis; Prof Vivek Hattangadi; Aparna Sharma ex HR Head of UCB Pharma; Dr. Hemant Mittal and William Fernandes

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MedicinMan January 2012 Issue

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeMedicinMan ~ FIELD FORCE E XCE L LE N CE ~ TM PHARMA | MEDICAL DE VICES | DIAGNOSTICS | SURGICALSVol. 2 Issue 1 January 2012EditorialHow to Get Repeat RxAs we have seen in the past five is- good Design to generate Repeatsues of MedicinMan, most people Rx. CONTRIBUTORSget into Pharma Field Sales by Repeat Rx is the title of my new„chance‟ rather than by choice. But and third book. It is a book by De- JOLLY MATTHEWS 3the Success Stories of Medical Reps sign; to redress the Default settingwho rose to great heights of career K. HARIRAM 4 and give Pharma Field Sales people asuccess clearly point out a „Design‟ new Process for generating Repeatrather than „Default‟. WILLIAM FERNANDES 6 Rx. It is the outcome of my years ofIn Pharma Field Sales there is no work and reading, which will serveDefault setting for success. And as a frame-work but not as rule APARNA SHARMA 8success in Pharma means only ONE book. Of course, you can use it as aTHING – Repeat Rx. Period. Re- rule book if you are a Beginner or VIVEK HATTANGADI 10peat Rx is an outcome of an intelli- Amateur. But as you progress to be-gent design. Most field sales people come an Apprentice and Achiever, ANUP SOANS 12experience sporadic, intermittent you can fine-tune it to suit your spe-prescription because they lack a cific situation. (Cont. on page 2)2012: THE YEAR OF THE FOOT SOLDIER BY DR. HEMANT MITTAL real focus should be on accepting andThe New Year has arrived. The day do best, Being the Foot Soldier!seems new, the week is new and the air is adopting the virtue of success. The virtue This reminds me of an Uncle of minefilled with hope, love and desire to create of success is composed of 4 attitudes that from the Army. A true poster-boy of thehappiness all over again. catapult a foot-soldier to great heights in Indian Army; this gentleman is 6ft, very his career:Professionals all over the world take this well built and extremely fit senior levelas a great opportunity to shed the layers officer, who is not only proud of his rank 1. Firm - A firm person is one who isof frustration and emotional pains that but also fully loaded with discipline and ready to take responsibility.accumulated over the last year, and re- attitude. I remember once as young ado- 2. Endurance - "tough times never last,start in a new way. lescent, he had told me, in true military tough people do". Success and FailureEvery Year, during the last few days of style "A foot soldiers duty is to obey or- will both touch you; dont run away inDecember, I love to read the face, body ders; he doesnt have the right to think." either condition.language, aura and mind-sets of the visit- Years later I found how true it held not 3. Learn - Every day is a new Pharma Sales Executives. only for the army, but also for many Be ready to learn. Not just from yourIts really invigorating to see how slowly Medical Reps with who I interact. Draw- experiences, but also from the successevery single one of them embraces the ing a similarity between these two differ- and failure of others. The more you learn,spirit of New Years. By the last week, ent ends of the social spectrum, I pon- the better your decision making ability.they are all full with positive energy and dered on this statement further, and ana- 4. Modest - Accept Success with grace;eagerly waiting for 1st January to accept lyzed: “what made that one foot soldier dont show it off... being pompous createsand practice a new outlook at profession- or one MR to stand tall in the crowd and, social and personal levels. get promoted to Senior Ranks?” Make 2012 Your Best Year...BEST OFThe great irony is that by the 2nd week of While one should enjoy enthusiasm, LUCK!!! ▌January, all enthusiasm fizzles out and which in most cases is a momentary emo-most of them are back to doing what they tion that comes and goes on its own. The
  2. 2. Coming in the New Year ! (Cont.. from page 1) Repeat Rx is a process guide to transform Beginners into Achievers through the four steps of Calling, Connecting, Consulting and Collaborating. The four stag- es of Repeat Rx and the skills in each stage – Selling Skills, Social Skills, Technical Skills and Business Skills are clearly explained in a simple and illustrated manner for easy un- derstanding. At the end, there is a comprehensive three level Assessment Questionnaire to know where you stand. So as you step into the New Year, discard your Default setting and adopt a new Design if you are serious about getting Repeat Rx. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year full of Repeat Rx. ▌
  3. 3. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1MIND OVER MASALA CHAI A E by Jolly Mathews N XPLORATION OF THE WORLD OF THE FRONT-LINE MANAGER A much more simpler and workable framework that can help while the formal learning processes are formulated and put in place are the old and trustworthy sisters – Com- mon Sense and Uncommon Patience. One very basic ques- tion that should provide a guideline for proper behaviour could very well be: What are the Key Measurable Delivera- bles of this Role in my Organisation? In simple words, at the end of the appraisal period, what am I expected to deliver? Mind you, there is no standard answer to this question since expectations and measurable parameters vary from organisation to organisation and therefore the question behoves an answer from your boss. Expectedly heHurrah ! So you got that much awaited promotion letter? knows the answer, if not, go back to para one and contactYou beat all the traps set in the selection process and best- Bruce Almighty!ed the odds, so euphoria is a natural consequence! Youtread on clouds and walk into the sunrise of your first Jokes apart when you do get an answer on the deliverables,„joint work‟ and that first celebratory masala chai – the the next step is to work out on your own, what needs to beworld is suddenly all pink and blue! You do the rounds of done to efficiently accomplish those deliverables. Eachevery favourite holy place and thank Bruce Almighty and expectation of the Organisation can easily be broken downall His various incarnations – and lo and behold the first to 5 – 6 key activities, so at the end of an introspectivemonth is about to roll by. And then comes the first shock - brainstorming session one will be left with some 30 – 35that accursed word „target!‟ „Key activities‟ which need to be done at increasing levels of efficiency and within a specific time frame – the timeNow you had tackled that dreaded word several times in frame being virtually self driven by the prioritisation ofyour career – that‟s partly the reason why you are now a anticipated and expected impacts. Voila! So simple? AndFLM, but it was always a matter of personal ability and the results follow?personal „contacts‟! The realisation strikes – „target‟ is notthe same singular word anymore! It‟s a word that has mul- No, not at all, nothing is simple when you are dealing withtiple dimensions and multiple challenges and multiple human beings and human interactions. Human beingsconnotations – now it is a „team word‟ and the team is not being the biggest variables, the FLM is actually walking aa like a pet dog prepared to roll over and obey. Thereby mine field. But the Key Deliverables framework has thelies the first shock to the FLMs comfort system and it‟s merit of keeping those Big Hairy Audacious Goals,only one of many future shocks... always in front of you and the wisdom and fuel provided by those goals might be the oars to steer your ship to safeOther scare words enter the FLM‟s domain quickly... ex- destinations.pectations, accountability, planning, implementation,commitment, development. What does one do; wonders While Training, Coaching, Mentoring does go a long way tothe newly promoted FLM. While on-boarding pro- help an FLM find meaning and purpose – one great teach-grammes, hand-holding and mentoring by senior manag- er could be failure and its rightful progeny – lessons fromers, the painful process of reading books and so on offer the failure !some solutions, none of them will by itself provide a com- Ultimately it all lies in the mind! If you have the passion,plete answer to the daily challenges. the patience, the perseverance and the pragmatism, youIf the question is: „Isn‟t there a proper „Competency will soon acquire the penchant!Framework‟ that guides one to mastery?‟ The answer is: Reach for that refreshing cup of masala chai ! At the end of„There is!‟ If the question is : Isn‟t there a framework of an exhilarating day matching wits and wisdom with un-qualities that fall neatly into brackets such as „Must precedented situations and unpredictable responses, youhave‟, „Should also have‟ and „Would be nice tohave‟, the answer is: „Yes, there is!‟ But all that maybe have earned it! 3insufficient against the daily onslaughts. Cheers ! ▌
  4. 4. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 LEAD BY EXAMPLE: RECOGNITION WILL FOLLOW - K. Hari Ram, MD Galderma "The corporate hierarchy is unfair," said Own Up to Your Mistakes: There will be times a fellow passenger in a flight, as an an- when you will goof up. Own up, and set a solid ex- swer to my question, "How is work?" ample of discipline. Even the boss needs to apolo- gize when he is late is setting the standards of He complained that leadership at a higher level is equality. When the senior reprimands juniors for the unjust. "When I make a mistake, it goes into same action that they sanction for themselves, it not my performance sheet, but when my boss only sets the wrong example, but also sets you up for makes the mistake, which is almost every some behind-your-back criticism. day, there is no reprimand.” Walk Your Talk: A lot of leaders follow the princi- I could see the break in professional reality this man ple: "Do as I say but dont do as I do". You need to be had with his senior. As much as his boss may have an example of your principles in action. When you valid justifications he had unwittingly fallen into the chart the rules, you have to be the first in line to put leadership trap. them into reality. "My boss shouts at me for shout- Leadership is a tricky thing. What you say and do, ing at others." I couldnt stop laughing when I heard and how you behave is noted, evaluated and judged someone say this. Do you see the point? Often lead- by your juniors. If you are in a position of sen- ers mistakenly believe their job is to get others to do iority, get one thing straight: everything you the job. In my opinion, the leaders job is to set an do right will be incomprehensible to your example of the attitude of how the job needs to be subordinates and every slip you make, will done. That is best prompted through ones own ex- be noticed, caught and bought by them. A lot ample. of people fall into the trap of their own position of Leadership is hard work. What you do right will be superiority. If you are having a tough time with the looked upon as "He can do so much and I cant do it misinterpretation of your actions, here are some because he is the leader." But what you carelessly leadership traps you need to steer clear from. disregarded as a faux pas will be picked up immedi- Perception is Everything: People will judge you ately as, "If he can do this then I can do it too." at every step and will form their own perception Your juniors are watching you all the time - and if about what you do. Once you understand that, you that is true, your greatest power lies in showing can influence your team‟s perception about you pos- them what will best serve them as future leaders. ▌ itively. "I want people to have a healthy regard for my position and so I dont get too friendly with them," the marketing manager of a pharma compa- ny told me. Decide what you would like your juniors to think about you, then go out and build that per- ception. Take Credit When it Matters: When you do something right, make sure that you make that ac- tion known. Often, people in higher positions dont talk about their achievements. If you dont tell peo- ple about your accomplishments, how will you in- spire them? "I dont take any credit for my achieve- ments," says my friend, who is the HR head of a bank. "And surprisingly, when I dont take the cred- it, no one gives it to me." As a leader, your team looks up to you for inspiration, and your achieve-4 ments provide that. Actions inspire greater than words. Take every opportunity to set a good example for others.
  5. 5. POWERFUL ALGORITHMS. LASTING RELATIONSHIPS.Promedik Algorithms give Doctors an edge by delivering the latest clinical research in an easy-to-use formatleading to better outcomes for patients. Promedik Algorithms include patient education information toensure treatment compliance and quick recovery.Promedik Algorithms are also designed keeping in mind the relationship-building and branding needs ofPharma. Call us now to find out more. ENHANCING PHARMA-DOCTOR-PATIENT ENGAGEMENT “A thought of the future…” - The Times of India ““Benchmarking of care is need of hour. Promedik is a right step ma towards it.” Asth on - Dr. Kameshwar Prasad  Hype rtensi (Director, clinical epidemiology,   Di abetes  StrokeTo find out more call:  EpilepsyDr. Vishal Bansal :+91 97172 18558  Ulcer Rahul Mishra : Glau+91 96118 76767 coma MedicinMan Creatives “A very useful tool for doctors.” - Dr. Hari Goyal - Sr. Oncologist – BL Kapur Memorial Hospital
  6. 6. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 - William Fernandes LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOURS OF FRONT-LINE MANAGERS DEVELOPING Effective Management is all about lel to his own ability is a typical character of a True Leader & in doing so he ensures that Getting work done through oth- & MAKING ers willingly. When it comes to front line management its more than true & the all Replicas are made of him in terms of Ability & Performance. OTHERS Manager with this ability can be truly called a leader. There are certain behaviors which Demanding the best out of others- Demanding best from Self as well as others separates Leader from a Manager which is another behavior of a true leader where PARALLEL can be adopted, learned & developed at any there is no place for Mediocrity & Compla- stage of career for the better results. cency. Expecting the best out of others may TO HIS OWN An effective Front Line Manager will show not be easy as you have to give the best from self. Commitment from self is the im- following behaviors with his team in his ABILITY IS A every action & reaction. portant part which will motivate others to perform consistently. Updating self with TYPICAL Demonstrate- Effective FLM not only gives Sermon or big talks but also demon- knowledge, trying creative ideas, Influenc- ing others to follow may be some of the strates through his own actions. He will CHARACTER demonstrate why he is a leader by his Punc- ways of demanding best output. Problem Solving- If you want to be a OF ATRUE tuality, Good Detailing, Selling Skill, Objec- tion Handling etc. due to which a Sales Rep good Leader you should solve the problems of your followers. Your teammates coming not only learns & develops himself LEADER. but also respects his Manager. Im- with various problems which are not solved at their level. If you cannot solve them you agine a Manager who is rebuking will not be looked upon next time for next his Rep for poor detailing but not problem & this will create piling up prob- able to demonstrate what is a good lems which may be solved otherwise. Many detailing. Or imagine a trickier situ- times a subordinates will rely upon you for ation where a Doctor reserves an even his personal problems & that‟s the Objection or a Query for a Manager kind of faith this problem solving ability when he believes that the Rep may generates in your people. not be able to give proper infor- Being a motivating factor for your mation. If a Manager demonstrates colleagues- Instead of using terms as Mo- his Skills & Abilities he will earn tivate others I have purposely used this respect from his subordinates who statement because you cannot motivate in turn will seek guidance from others by telling stories or giving lectures. him. You have to motivate people by your action. Develop People – Effective FLM Be true to your word, Drive self to the will develop his people as he be- cause, Be a part of the plan always & take lieves that People are his best re- initiative in whatever you are doing as a sources & the other resources are team. Your mere presence should motivate secondary. If he develops people he them such should be impact of your leader- can nurture a talent pool & help ship. them in their career growth. A Delegate after Make people making learning & developing Sales Rep people competent- competent enough to will be hardly bothered by other not so de- delegate as delegating work is a very im-6 motivating factors & may not be lured by portant skill of a Leader. But Delegating is a other organizations & attrition can be under double edged sword if not used with com- control. Developing & making others paral- petent people can destruct morale of the
  7. 7. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 - William FernandesLEADERSHIP BEHAVIOURS OF FRONT-LINE MANAGERSTeam & term you as a mere Delegator. Delegat-ing to under developed & under skilled peoplemay not give proper results & kill the purpose YOUR TEAMMATES WILLof delegation. COME TO YOU WITH PROB-Be a Task master for Procedure & not the LEMS THAT CANNOT BEResult- Focusing on right learning or activityprocedure is very important than focusing on SOLVED AT THEIR LEVEL.end result. Give task & assignment for imple- IF YOU CANNOT SOLVE William Fernandesmenting processes which will facilitate the end THEM YOU WILL NOT BEresult. Giving assignment to develop people,Control them using right controlling tools till LOOKED UPON NEXT TIME DEMAND-objective is achieved are the areas where a lead- FOR THE NEXT PROBLEM &er should always focus. ING THE THIS WILL CREATE PILINGThis is the era of wide opportunities available UP PROBLEMS WHICH MAY BEST OUTfor skilled & competitive people, therefore Itsbecome very imperative for a Manager to be a BE SOLVED OTHERWISE. OF OTHERSLeader where people will stick to you just be-cause of your Leadership. This will not only give - DEMAND-a stable Team to you but also a team which willbe only performing due to the last stage of ING BESTTeam Building Forming, Storming, Norming &Performing. ▌ FROM SELF AS WELL AS OTHERS IS ANOTHER BEHAVIOR OF A TRUE LEADER WHERE THERE IS NO PLACE FOR MEDI- OCRITY & COMPLA- CENCY. 7
  8. 8. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 FORGING STRONG PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN HR AND SALES APARNA SHARMA This is an excerpt of proceedings of a top ranked interactive session led by Ms. Aparna Sharma at the Sales Performance Conference 2011 orga- nized by ITP Publications, a UK based B2B media company at the JW Marriot, Mumbai on 24th and 25th November 2011. – Editor Aparna Sharma began with a provocative 4. Patient: A hunter will sit in the trees for days waiting for question – “Did the audience think that HR & a clear shot. . Sales were at loggerheads with each other?” 5. Customer Orientation: Great Sales People adapt their The audience instantly agreed, since 80% were from sales, products, terms and even their delivery schedules to meet about 15% from finance and 5% from HR. Their view was the specific need of customers. that HR was only interested in recruitment metrics and 6. Relationship: Great Sales People are in this for the long processes but did not understand or appreciate the chal- haul, and getting the order is only the first step. lenges and pressures of achieving sales targets. 7. Measurement: Any behavior that is rewarded will tend Sharing from her personal experience Aparna Sharma, to be repeated, so Great Sales People reward every custom- narrated how having worked as a sales professional helped er for the opportunity to serve them. her in creating a partnership between Sales and HR. She 8. Convenient: Great Sales People are both receptive and advocated cross-functional tenures for Sales and HR people responsive. They know that they have to be "user friendly." to ensure better partnership by understanding and appreci- ating the challenges faced by the other. “Only the wearer 9. Excitement: Great Sales People are enthusiastic, and knows where the shoe pinches" If Sales and HR militantly optimistic. continue to operate as specialists instead of partners, they 10. Commitment: The Great Sales Person is enlisted in a will continue to be perceived as adversaries in disconnected larger mission that just closing the deal and getting the silos. order. Great Sales People are an asset for any company as Sales Likewise Great HR People are also an asset for companies Force is: the Face of the Company; Creators of Top line; as HR People are: Responsible of Right Selection and Brand Builders and Play a Key Role in Employer Brand- Onboarding; Performance Management; Retention and ing. Development; Organizational Culture. 10 Factors That Makes Great Sales People 10 Factors That Makes Great HR People 1. Investment: Great Sales People believe that the differ- 1. Investment: Great HR People also believe that the dif- ence between winning and losing, more often than not, is a ference between winning and losing, more often than not, very slim margin. Companies need to invest heavily in ac- is a very slim margin. So they invest heavily in technology, quiring the latest technology and in developing people. in people, and in themselves. 2. Consistent: Poor selling done consistently will be more 2. Consistent: Poor HR Delivery done consistently will be effective than great selling done sporadically. more effective than great HR Delivery done sporadically.8 3. Confident: Great Sales People believe in their products, 3. Confident: Great HR People believe in their processes, their services, and their people. services and their people.
  9. 9. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 FORGING STRONG PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN HR AND SALES 7. What are the basic HR expectations of a Sales Rep? 8. Who are the talented guys to be retained & developed? 9. Who are on PIP? 10. How does HR impact sales? Top HR contributions to Creating Great Sales Force 1. Right Hire & Onboarding 2. Right Training, Coaching & Mentoring. 3. Compensation & Regular Market Corrections 4. Employee First Policies 4. Patient: A hunter will sit in the trees for days waiting 5. Illustrative Career Paths & Periodic Stay Interviews for a clear shot. . 6. AC & DC 5. Employee Orientation: Great HR People offer a wide variety of benefits and propositions, and adapt their of- 7. Peaceful Exit & Faster Clearance of IR Issues ferings terms, even their delivery schedules to meet the Employee needs. How to Build Strong Sales – HR Partnerships - 6. Subsequent: Great HR People are in this for the long The process of building a collaborative HR- Sales partner- haul, and getting the Employee Hired is only the first ship is multidimensional. It involves: step. 1. Recognizing Opportunities For Strategic Change 7. Measurement: Any behavior that is rewarded will tend to be repeated, so Great HR People Reward Every Em- 2. Mobilizing People And Resources To Create & Drive ployee Action Which Is Worthy Of Recognition. Strategic Changes 8. Convenient: Great HR People are both receptive and 3. Developing A Shared Vision Of Long-Term Action responsive. They know that they have to be "user friend- Plan ly." 4. Seeking Support and Involvement from Diverse and 9. Excitement: Great HR People are enthusiastic, and Non-Traditional Partners militantly optimistic. 5. Choosing an Effective Organi- 10. Commitment: The HR people are enlisted in a larger zation Structure; mission that just closing the Offer and Getting the Person Onboarded. 6. Building Trust Among Collabo- rators10 Questions that Facilitate Sales – HR Partnership 7. Developing Learning Opportu- 1. What‟s the target for the month? nities for the Sales Team. ▌ 2. Which are the priority brands? Aparna Sharma is Director HR at Deutsche Bank Global Services. 3. Which are the top ten performing territories? She has worked with Monsanto, Novartis and UCB Pharma. http:// 4. What is the PCPM for the organization? i n . l i n k e d in . co m / p u b/ ap a r n a - sharma/5/31a/899 5. Whats the current vacancy status & where is Tanaku Credits: Orvel Ray Wilson is an author and speaker 9 & Wardha? on sales, marketing and management, and co- author of Guerrilla Selling: Unconventional Weap- 6. Whats the sales process? ons and Tactics for Making the Sale
  10. 10. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 - Vivek Hattangadi THE IMPORTANCE OF TECHNICAL SKILLS IN BRAND PROMOS In the good old days, „technical skills‟, or what we com- CASE STUDY 1 monly know as „product knowledge‟, played a very im- portant role in communication with doctors. Apart from It is generally assumed that dermatologists prescribe MNCs, even Indian companies spent two to three months moisturizers only in winter. This is not a correct as- during the induction training program for the medical sumption. representatives. This gave them enough self-confidence A client of mine markets a wide range of moisturizers. to speak to doctors and discuss the benefits of their prod- About 60% of the sales were made during the period ucts. November to February after which the sales declined Even today, doctors heavily rely on pharma companies substantially. The brand manager did not have any solu- for information. Therefore delivering scientific communi- tion to this. The CEO of the company approached me. I cation correctly is vital. This is possible only when one studied these products and their promotional strategies has thorough subject knowledge. intensely. I realized that there is a vacant slot, which I confirmed by meeting dermatologists across the country. But sadly, this very important aspect of brand promotion is getting neglected. More time is spent on dubious brand Moisturizers have a very important role to play in chron- promotional activities for quick results. In the process, ic skin conditions like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. brand building activities by displaying technical skills These conditions are generally characterized by sudden takes a backseat. Many companies do not even conduct and severe flare-ups followed by a period of remission induction training programs. The new recruits are and again flare-ups and remission. During the flare-ups, pushed into the sea – sink or swim; “It‟s your headache” doctors prescribe corticosteroids and then stop therapy is the silent message which is communicated. after the severity subsides. Instead, if doctors prescribe a moisturizer along with steroids during the flare-ups and Result? Untrained medical representatives go into the continue with just the moisturizer during the remission field – the brand takes a beating as it is under-used. The period, the patient can be doubly benefitted. hidden losses remain hidden and both, the pharma com- pany and patients stand to lose. The benefits of the brand 1. The severity and the intensity of the next flare-up are not extended to the patient because of lack of aware- will reduce considerably. ness. The limited technical skill of the brand manager, 2. The intervals between two episodes of flare-ups can and therefore the field-force is responsible for this. also be prolonged. In the book „WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM If the brand manager had deep technical knowledge of THE BRAND MANAGER‟, two real-life case studies have moisturizers, these products could have been promoted been cited. These two case studies are reproduced here. in chronic skin conditions – much before my interven- tion! The positioning strategy was changed. With this there was a steep rise in the sales of their moisturizers even during the non-winter months.10
  11. 11. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1THE IMPORTANCE OF TECHNICAL SKILLS IN BRAND PROMOS CASE STUDY 2 UNTRAINED MEDICAL REPRE- Amisulpride is a widely used antipsychotic for treating both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. SENTATIVES GO INTO THE At low dose, it is an excellent drug for treating dysthymia FIELD– THE BRAND TAKES A i.e. low grade depression. It is now conclusively proven that the prognosis of chronic disease like hypertension, BEATING AS IT IS UNDER-USED. gastric ulcers is better when the mind is also treated with anti-depressants or anxiolytics. THE HIDDEN LOSSES REMAIN Low dose amisulpride therefore has a great potential to be co-prescribed by cardiologists, gastroenterologists and HIDDEN AND BOTH, THE PHAR- other specialties treating chronic disease conditions. MA COMPANY AND PATIENTS STAND TO LOSE. THE BENEFITS I recommended this strategy to a client of mine and the outcome was beyond expectations. OF THE BRAND ARE NOT EX- What are the lessons one can learn? Without sound prod- uct knowledge one may not be able to realize the full poten- TENDED TO THE PATIENT BE- tial of the brand. With poor product knowledge, one can only see boundaries and limitations of a brand. With good CAUSE OF LACK OF AWARENESS. technical skills, all these limitations disappear, because now, we see with our mind which does not see the limita- THE LIMITED TECHNICAL SKILL tions. ▌ OF THE BRAND MANAGER, AND THEREFORE THE FIELD-FORCE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. 11
  12. 12. MedicinMan Vol.2 Iss.1 MRS & FLIGHT ATTENDANTS – FATIGUED AND FLOPPY Medical Reps and Flight Attendants - It‟s about time that Airlines reinvent their job profiles have many similari- and make themselves attractive before it ties. They are the front-end of their businesses goes the Pharma way. BTW, it would not and customers form their opinion about their com- hurt Pharma if it took steps to rethink panies based on their interactions with these brand and retool the front-line before it be- ambassadors. comes the last option of the unemploya- bles. ▌ I was returning after a long hard day‟s work on the field with Med Reps to assess their learning and development needs. As I boarded the airlines of the EVERY PROFESSION “King of Good-times”, I couldn‟t help noticing the GOES THROUGH THE tired and floppy demeanor of the twenty some- thing pretty but dispirited face. She went through CYCLE OF RISE AND the motions of the statutory announcements with EXECUTIVE TEAM an air of resignation. Her heart was not in it, nei- FALL, MUCH LIKE ther was her mind as she stumbled over the EDITOR „detailing‟ talk. The fizz was just not there and I NATIONS, POLITICIANS, Anup Soans began to see the similarities between the Med Reps and the Floppy Flight Attendant – both going BUSINESS AND PROD- EXECUTIVE EDITOR through the motions – they were there till some- Joshua Soans thing else came up; the waiting had been more UCTS AND UNLESS REIN- than they anticipated. COO VENTED FALL BY THE Arvind Nair The Med Reps job was once high profile with few ADVISORY BOARD MNC vacancies available and some Indian compa- WAYSIDE. nies with good global collaborations. It had fallen Prof. Vivek out of favor with the mushrooming of pharma Hattangadi companies since the 90s and too many drugs chas- ing too few prescriptions. Were the Airlines too falling into that rat race, making this once glamor- Jolly Mathews ous job a mundane waiter-in-the-sky? The doc- tors were spoiled for choice and demanded every- EDITORIAL BOARD thing from durables to durex. Is the Airline indus- Shashin try too on its way to becoming generic – a big fall Bodawala from the heady days of brand image? Anup Soans, Editor Every profession goes through the cycle of rise and Salil Kallianpur To receive the latest fall, much like nations, politicians, business and products and unless reinvented fall by the wayside. issue of MedicinMan Dr. Shalini Ratan Medical profession is no longer the exclusive do- every month in your main of the noble; air travel is now within the mailbox, visit Prabhakar Shetty reach of the trader who carries an extra sack of goods as cabin baggage to make up for the differ- Varadarajan S and enter your email ence between air and rail fare. Consequently both Med Reps and Flight Attendants have lost their ID in the “Subscribe to Dr. Mandar Kubal glamour. The train TTE on the other hand seems to MedicinMan” widget CONSULTANTS have regained lost ground and is in most cases below the latest12 Amit Shekhar well groomed/behaved and takes pride in his well issue. paid and secure job.